Boston Bombings – a perspective

By Fahim Anwer

 So what will people remember most about the current springtime fundraising & marathon season?

No doubt at the forefront of people’s minds is the Boston Marathon. Due to terrorist activities three people were killed and a large number injure; it has set nerves on edge in the US. The London Marathon last weekend had heightened security with several hundred Police Officers drafted in to support the event. The Islamic community in the US are holding their breath in case the anger fallout lands on them despite the bombings seemingly being the act of a couple of insane individuals. Continue reading


Pamela Geller and the war on Muslim women

By Monsura Sirajee


A desire to impose the ‘best interests’ of Muslim women unites anti-Islam activists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Earlier this month, as President Obama signed the reauthorisation of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), prominent American Islamophobe Pamela Geller used the opportunity to promote her crusade against Islam and the Obama Administration. On her blog. Atlas Shrugs, Geller spoke out against VAWA because she believes Islam is the ‘real’ source of violence against women. “Where is the vocal support for anti-sharia bills? Sharia is the most brutal and misogynist system of governance. Where are the bills against honor violence, honor killing, FGM?” Continue reading

The Truth Behind the Untold Story – Explaining the Origins of Islam – Part II of II

 By Asif M. Basit


The Literary Aspect

Now that we have shown that Islam emerged in the early seventh century CE, in the towns of Makkah and Madinah by a man from the Quraysh called Muhammadsa, it will be easier to understand how this change could have come about.  The new faith of the Bedouins of Arabia was transmitted to them through commandments that were revealed to the Prophet from time to time.  Continue reading

The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa) – Hazrat Saudah (ra)

By Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad – Rabwah


 The lives of the Prophet Muhammad (sa), his wives and the women of early Islam are often portrayed by numerous Western historians and scholars in a negative light. This is largely based on inaccurate historical material or without consulting original sources. This misinformation has been disseminated in the media, magazines and news reports forming an adverse image of the women of early Islam to the world. Continue reading

The Truth Behind the Untold Story – Explaining the Origins of Islam – Part I of II

By Asif M. Basit



Recently, British religious historian Tom Holland presented his research on the origins of Islam in the form of a documentary titled: Islam: The Untold Story. The documentary was aired on British terrestrial channel, Channel 4. Unfortunately, the entire documentary appeared to be an effort to undermine Islamic belief by way of scepticism. The authenticity of the history of Islam was challenged and conclusions were drawn such as that nothing about Islam, its origins and early history can be said with certainty. Continue reading