Islam is Not a Religion of Terror

By Maulana Ataul Mujeeb Rashed – UK

Imam of the Fazl (London) Mosque



 The following article is based on a keynote speech delivered (and subsequently revised) by Maulana Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Imam of the London Mosque, at the 47th Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Mauritius on 13th December 2008. This was a special gathering held during the Khilafat Ahmadiyya Centenary year. Among the several respected dignitaries present on this occasion was His Excellency Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, President of the Republic of Mauritius. Continue reading

Islam and the British Dream: A Response to David Goodhart

David Goodhart in the Daily Mail

On 24th March 2013 David Goodhart wrote a piece in the Daily Mail titled, “A mega mosque in a suburb that was 90 per cent white 30 years ago and the polite apartheid dividing Britain.” [1] In the article he stated that “for many of the white people who have remained as the area’s personality has changed, the disappearance of familiar mental and physical landmarks has happened too fast – symbolised by that giant Ahmadiyya mosque with its capacity for 10,000 worshippers.” In looking ahead, Mr Goodhart argues that a “new patriotism can unite our nation again” through which a “confident and inclusive national identity can emerge.” Continue reading

The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa) – Hazrat Saudah (ra)

By Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad – Rabwah


 The lives of the Prophet Muhammad (sa), his wives and the women of early Islam are often portrayed by numerous Western historians and scholars in a negative light. This is largely based on inaccurate historical material or without consulting original sources. This misinformation has been disseminated in the media, magazines and news reports forming an adverse image of the women of early Islam to the world. Continue reading

Refutation: What’s the deal with Spiritual Pregnancy?

By Anser Zafar

 ‘The soul of Jesus was infused in me as it was infused in Mary and, in an allegoric sense, I was stated to be pregnant. Thereafter, after many months, not exceeding a period of ten months after this revelation, I was, through a revelation recorded at the end of Braheen e Ahmadiyya on page 556, named Jesus and hence I came to be the son of Mary.’(Kashti Nuh, p. 47; Ruhani Khazain, vol. 19, p. 50) Continue reading

REFUTATION: Is the name ‘GHULAM AHMAD’ a form of Shirk?

By Umar Nasser

Some of the opponents of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community allege that the very name of the Promised Messiah (as) i.e. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is an indication of shirk (associating partners with Allah). This is because names such as Abdul-Rahman (Servant of the Merciful), Abdullah (Servant of Allah) and the like symbolizes the servant’s attachment to his Lord in the aspects of worship and submissiveness. These opponents therefore suggest that a Muslim may not be called “Servant of the Messenger”, or the like, as it entails Shirk. Continue reading

Refutation: Corruption has appeared in land and sea… Ahmadiyya Cult ?

Below is a post kindly sent to me by brother Abdullah.

To: Talib al-‘Ilm From: Abdullah

Re: Cousin Mumtaz

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

Dearest brother Talib

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Now, now brother there is no need to be upset. I know that the shenanigans of our cousin, the erstwhile Mullah of Streatham, Shaykh Mumtaz-ul-Haq have hurt. Rest assured I am sure that he will not have impressed anyone remotely concerned with the family name. True it was an incendiary and vitriolic speech merely aimed Continue reading