Debunking the Pseudo-Scientific New Atheist

By Moosa Qureshi

We all seem to be in the mood for some debunking here; that’s good, because I want do some debunking now. Here’s the target of my debunk: the completely ludicrous idea of applying scientific criteria to God.

For hundreds of years, great scientists have confined themselves to doing what they do best: study science. What is science? Here’s a dictionary definition: “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.” Continue reading


The Liverpool View: Islamophobia in contemporary Britain

By Dr Leon Moosavi

In January 2011, Baroness Warsi claimed that Islamophobia had ‘passed the dinner-table test’, meaning that prejudice against Muslims was commonplace in British society. This unique intolerance of Muslims can involve stereotyping, discrimination and even harassment of the significant number of Muslims that now live in Britain. Continue reading

Why the Western media must fight anti-Islam bias

Influential Israeli businessman predicts a Muslim holocaust; surely the time has come to dial down the Islamophobia

Anti-Islam protest, UK 2010

by S. Taalay Ahmed

In 1954, psychologist Gordon Allport devised a scale to measure prejudice and discrimination within a society. The scale was divided into five levels, the lowest of which was antilocution, or the spread of negative stereotypes and propaganda regarding a particular minority. The second level was avoidance. The third discrimination, the fourth physical attack and then, finally, extermination. Continue reading

Luis Suarez, John Terry, and the Issue of Race

As many of you will have seen or read in the news, the Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been banned from playing football (soccer across in the US!) for eight matches because the Football Association (FA) ruled that he abused the Manchester United Defender Patrice Evra on the basis of his race. Similarly, the Chelsea captain, John Terry, is facing criminal charges in February for allegdedly racially abusing the QPR defender, Anton Ferdinand. The attitudes of ‘some’ football fans towards race was then made frighteningly clear by Stan Collymore, the ex-Liverpool and England striker, who retweeted and favourited dozens of shocking racist tweets written by fans who sought to defend Luis Suarez by racially abusing Patrice Evra on twitter. Continue reading