The Face Veil, it’s My Choice

The ongoing debate surrounding the face veil and Muslim women’s dress is still a widely debated topic. Take a look at the latest viral ”The Face Veil, it’s My Choice” produced by the AMYA virals team. If you like the video, please support it by sharing the video with your friends via e-mail and social media, clicking the ”like” icon and commenting.


5 thoughts on “The Face Veil, it’s My Choice

  1. … but very powerful Mashallah. I like the emphasis on the fact that it’s your decision as an individual to observe parda, based on your own understanding and faith.

  2. A powerful video, however its seems to place a lot of importance on the covering of the face, which as far as I understand is not really an essential requirement of parda in Islam?

  3. Excellent viral with a clear message: ”It’s my choice”. Would love to see more similar virals on other topical subjects.

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