A Proof of the existence of God



2 thoughts on “A Proof of the existence of God

  1. Inspiring indeed. But in my opinion, we should be careful about using the word “proof”. In fact, I personally don’t think that the Qur’an supports the idea of proof of God in the sense of evidence which would physically prove God’s existence to an atheist. For instance, the Qur’an criticises the demands from the disbelievers for various miracles such as a throne of gold in order to prove God’s existence. Furthermore, my understanding of the Qur’an is that when or if such absolute proof is ever presented, then belief will not be accepted from the disbeliever, because the definition of belief is to belief in “the unseen”. Perhaps I’m confused and I’m open to being corrected on this matter. But in my experience, whenever such incidents of true dreams are presented as proofs of God’s existence in the scientific sense of proof, then they tend to fail as such.

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