Boston Bombings – a perspective

By Fahim Anwer

 So what will people remember most about the current springtime fundraising & marathon season?

No doubt at the forefront of people’s minds is the Boston Marathon. Due to terrorist activities three people were killed and a large number injure; it has set nerves on edge in the US. The London Marathon last weekend had heightened security with several hundred Police Officers drafted in to support the event. The Islamic community in the US are holding their breath in case the anger fallout lands on them despite the bombings seemingly being the act of a couple of insane individuals.

However, in answer to the titled question one would hope that what people will remember about this season is the strength of the human spirit.

Immediately after the bombs detonated we saw spectators and stewards throw down the road-side barriers and run back towards the fires to help the casualties.  Runners crossed the line and kept going until they reached the hospital, queuing to give blood. The London Marathon had a 30 second moment of silence in a show of solidarity and donated £2 for every runner who completes the race, potentially raising over £70,000 for the Boston victims. In one corner of England, over 1000 Muslim youngsters will be taking part in a 10K run or 70K bike ride in and around Milton Keynes at the end of April. The aim is to raise well over a hundred thousand pounds for charity but the majority of the participants, no stranger to being affected by terrorist activities themselves, are also hoping to highlight a firm resolve. As a show of tenacity that stems from a sense of not wanting to be painted with one brush; that all Muslims are people and all people are different. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, the hosts of the charity event in Milton Keynes, is a firm believer in the indomitable strength of the human spirit shown by the residents of Boston and the participants of the Marathon. That no matter what may occur people will take part in noble events and raise funds for noble causes despite the evil nature of those that try to stop them.

We salute Boston and thank them for their inspiration so that many can carry on.

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