Announcement by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association, London Met

On the 7th of March 2013, the London Metropolitan Islamic Society (ISOC) and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) had planned to host a debate on the topic of “Is the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community the Promised Messiah?” between Shaykh Mumtaz Ul Haq (ISOC representative) and Mr. Ibrahim Ikhlaf (AMSA representative). Unfortunately, the event has had to be postponed for various reasons, which are set out in detail below.

The initial proposition for the debate came from the AMSA President to the ISOC President and it was agreed that a debate would be held. To make it clear it was Ahmadi Muslim Students who initiated this debate. Following this, the topic of “What is the True Meaning of ‘Khataman Nabiyeen’ – the ‘Seal of the Prophets’?” was agreed upon verbally after several meetings. At the last minute the topic was changed by the ISOC to “Is the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community the Promised Messiah”, which the AMSA agreed to.

Both AMSA and ISOC presidents signed a contract regarding this topic yet despite this, the ISOC deviated from the signed contract and advertised altogether a third topic on their Facebook page of “Who was the founder of the Ahmadiyya Community?“.  The contract also set out the rules for the debate which both parties agreed to.

Additionally, the ISOC insisted that a Sunni or Shia Muslim must chair the debate. It seemed clear to us then, as it does now, that only a non-Muslim, unbiased chair could be selected, for the interest of both parties to be served fairly. At no point did the AMSA ever seek to impose an Ahmadi Muslim chair on the debate. Finally, despite numerous hurdles, both these issues were resolved through the persistence of the London Met AMSA President and through the support of the Union on the day before the debate. Needless to say these hurdles were significantly damaging to the entire organisation process.

The University of London Metropolitan, on realising the scale of the event, had made the decision – the day before the event to refuse all external guests, which had been previously agreed, from entering the debate and to prohibit all filming or live-streaming of the event.  The AMSA held many meetings with authorities including senior personnel at the university and police and worked tirelessly to make sure the debate took place.

As both parties had external guests attending and with many wanting to view this via the live stream it was clear to all that this was central to the debate.  Despite the efforts of AMSA to compromise further by agreeing to bring even fewer guests to ensure the debate happened, this still was not acceptable.  Had AMSA received concerted support and assistance from ISOC to stick to the status quo i.e. the agreed contract and alleviate the concerns of the authorities, perhaps this debate would still have happened.

This event will however be rescheduled for another time God willing, details of which will soon be available, after due deliberation and further planning with all parties involved. The intention of this is that those pure hearted souls searching for the truth who wish to understand the Ahmadiyya Muslim point of view from our own mouths may do so, instead of hearing a false version of our beliefs from the mouths of others.

In short, AMSA has always abided by the original agreement; in fact it even accepted the demands of ISOC relating to the subject matter and other requirements just to ensure this debate would happen.  It is AMSA which has been forthcoming and worked tirelessly to ensure this debate takes place but there are limits to everything.  A debate has to be conducted in a peaceful and respectful manner. The signed agreement is enclosed so that all can see for themselves.  AMSA has nothing to hide and has been transparent and forthcoming; it is we who initiated this debate and we are still eager to see it to its full fruition.

We hope this debate will still take place and that ISOC abides by the contract ISOC signed up to.

Abrar Baig

London Met AMSA President



8 thoughts on “Announcement by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association, London Met

  1. InshAllah it will happen soon and the pure and innocent souls will come towards the truth. May Be the efforts put in by AMSA was a 1 step forward towards showing good intention . I can not say what the other party was aiming for but NO One in the world can win in the debate with the servants of ardent servant of Prophet Muhammad(saw)- Promised Messiah (as)

  2. Dear brother/sister

    Assalamu alaikum

    It is not a matter of “chickening out”. Just about all of the allegations made by Sheikh Mumtaz have already been adequately dealt with in our literature. We also have a regular show called “Rahe Huda” on the Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) Channel (Sky ch787 in the UK) that directly tackles such allegations. If you do a search on this very site where we are commenting, you will find various responses to the common allegations made and they have been evidenced by the Qur’an and Hadith.

    This particular lecture that has been cancelled was initiated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association (AMSA), which demonstrates that we are not afraid of any of Sheikh Mumtaz’s allegations and can and will confront them head on. The fact is that ISOC did not help to ensure that the debate takes place, whereas AMSA were going to great lengths to face this challenge. So your allegation of “chickening out” does not hold any foundation, in fact perhaps you should be questioning the courage of ISOC?

    The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) was a lion of Islam who stepped up to the plate when all others were unable to defend Islam. It is on the basis of his book “Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya” that the Muslim Ummah was given a new lease of life and the Ummah gained the courage to defend Islam using logical and forceful proofs. Furthermore, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) was also not afraid to discuss his own claims and attended many debates on this subject. Many of those have been preserved in book form such as “Al-Haq Mubahathah Ludhiana” which was a debate with Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi (Head of the Ahle Hadith). Another book “Al-Haq Mubahathah Dehli” details a debate held with Maulavi Muhammad Nadhir Hussain in the Jami’ Masjid in Delhi where a crowd of 5000 was gathered. The Promised Messiah (as) took only 12 of his disciples – not the act of a coward I would suggest, wouldn’t you agree?

    These books are available on I suggest you read them before making further comments.


  3. Very interesting how the ISOC first changed the topic, then insisted on a Sunni/Shia chair. Maybe they were afraid of being outdone in the debate. In their hearts they know who is on the truth. It’s sad that they wouldn’t cooperate and alleviate the concerns of the authorities. If you think about it, it’s quite typical of Muslims these days especially towards Ahmadis. They talk a load of rubbish behind our backs, but when the time comes for them to be confronted and have an open and fair debate, they find some way to back out and seem to be afraid – knowing that our arguments are not only stronger but more logical and far more likely to be deemed reasonable by unbiased third-party observers. .

  4. The fact that you neither have the ability nor desire to see that many of the allegations he raises are answered on this site and all are answered on youtube and other sites is telling. Ahmadis have and will continue to respond. Having said that, even the most skilled human hand and highest human intellect cannot make the blind see, nor the deaf listen. Turn to Almighty Allah with a heart of humility and pray for that which is best. If Allah the Exalted is the source of your spiritual / material sustenance and strength, then leave the matter to Allah the Almighty and have an open heart.

  5. Assalamualaikum.

    “… Our Lord, grant us good in this world as well as good in the world to come, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.” [2:202]

    “Allah burdens not any soul beyond its capacity. It shall have the reward it earns, and it shall get the punishment it incurs. Our Lord, do not punish us, if we forget or fall into error; and our Lord, lay not on us a responsibility as Thou didst lay upon those before us. Our Lord, burden us not with what we have not the strength to bear; and efface our sins, and grant us forgiveness and have mercy on us; Thou art our Master; so help us Thou against the disbelieving people.” [2:287]

  6. Shayk Mumtazs videos on youtube are unchallenged by the amhmediyyah non-muslims. As usual, just like their [deleted] they chicken out!

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