The Big Question: Evolution (video)

Please find an interesting debate below on evolution. It is an episode of the BBC’s flagship religion show the ‘Big Question’. Five Ahmadis were present on the show.


11 thoughts on “The Big Question: Evolution (video)

  1. Although I believe that the universe is 14.7 billions years old, we evolved from lesser species, the earth is billions of years old etc etc There is one thing that the Islamic gentleman in the front had implied that I don’t really agree with. The man appears to suscribe to the views of other theistic evolutionists, that God did not really partake in the creation of life, I see it a little differently. I think that natural selection working on random mutations is not a very effective mechanism for generating biological novelty, there is a scientists by the name of James Shapiro who wrote a book called, Evolution in the 21st century which describes the various biological software and programming that life has to direct it’s adaption and evolution. These mechanisms are purpose driven by internal programming and make much more sense of the evidence, and are purpose driven which stands in direct contrast with the chaotic elements of natural selection and random mutation. I think looking at the history of life on earth, there are certain elements that make bare chance and necessity look inadequte, and intelligence and creativity a much better candidate for an explanation. Obviously, I think that such intellgent workings were done is a sophisticated way, instead of the superficial and crude way some other theists seem to think.

    Kuhda hafiz

  2. Yes, the Ahmdies were great, but please don’t forget or deny, that the muslim scientist in the first row spoke in favour of Islam too. He ruled the show defeating the orthodox not reflecting muslims.

  3. Alhamdulillah, the guys presented very reasoned arguments which were, sadly, lacking from the show otherwise. How they chose to dress as members of AMYA UK was entirely their own personal choice provided that modesty prevailed. I am quite sure they wore very smart and dignified clothing as they do in their everyday lives.
    Members wishing to do so, are more than welcome to wear turbans and jinna caps – as some in fact do.

    The substance of what any member says is of the utmost importance as speaking in the best of ways is an obligation upon all Muslims. Having written that, most will be aware that to take care of one’s appearance, for the sake of Almighty Allah, is also a duty upon each Muslim. In conclusion, it does not have to be either or, but should be both.

  4. @anon
    why just Jinnah cap why not a turban??
    Your attire is not at question although modestly clothed individuals are appreciated. And yes knowledge, 100% counts if you have any! Your appearances cant just win the debate. The media will always twist the things this is how they sell, but what Ahmadi boys MashAllah showed, was that Quranic teachings is not against science , in fact science is also from God and is not something which has happened out of God’s law, which I believe the individuals on the “Front Row” lacked to explain.

  5. You are right they do plan it as such to ensure Islam looks weak, and their scientists strong. However the two Muslims on the right in the front row were invited speakers, hence why they were front row. The man you were referring to was an Imam I believe, the other the founder of the Islam channel or something.

  6. The clear winner was science exactly as was planned by the creators of the programme. If we note the countless programs on tv are all aimed at degarding all religion. Prof Brian Cox is the new poster boy for this just watch his programs closely to see what the powers that be want the masses to believe. In this media war on the Sovereignty of God, we need to be smart, next time any Ahmadi is on such a program let him wear a full white shilwar kameez with beautif sharwani and jinna cap etc. We must stand out fron the crowd to be heard. The Bengali boy wearing half Arabic dress was a picture of Islam that the others were not, no matter what knowledge he had. Thats why he was in the first row and contributed more.

  7. I feel really guilty when I call these ignorant maulwis Scholars. What on earth were they saying it felt something out of this world. They were given such a golden opportunity but all in waste as they have no knowledge of Quran, it’s teachings and they let people mock about God and Islam. It was interesting to see that all of them jumped up when our Mashallah first Ahamdi Scholar spoke, now that’s scholarly. Mashallah. Well done Ahmadi Scholars.

  8. Man, these Muslim “scholars” really need to accept that the laws of Nature are the laws of God too. Then a whole new world of understanding of the wonders of Allah will open to them, which will further strengthen the miracle of the Quran.

  9. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth (quoth John Keats). The beauty of truth is like the sun, when it comes out only a retard can say that it is still night.

  10. The two Maulvi Muslim panelists were out of their depth and totally ignorant of the facts of Science and the wisdom of the Holy Quran. While Ahmadi audience members were given only two opportunities to speak, when they spoke they spoke with the force of the truth of Holy Quran.

  11. The Muslim Imam and the islam Channel founder did such a dis-service to Islam. Thank God for the Ahmadi boys for shedding some true light.

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