Imam of London’s Oldest Mosque Denounces Tragic Murder of 7 year old boy

In the below video, Respected Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Imam of the London Mosque (London’s oldest Mosque), denounces the tragic and deplorable murder of 7 year old Yaseen Ege by his Mother Sara Ege. His mother, who suffered from depression, beat her son to death for not memorising the Qur’an as well as she had hoped. As well as suffering from prolonged depression, she claimed to have been motivated by satanic voices.


3 thoughts on “Imam of London’s Oldest Mosque Denounces Tragic Murder of 7 year old boy

  1. I’m sad to say when i was a child my mother beat me when i couldnt recite the Holy Quran correctly.
    One time i was taken to hospital and had to have stiches in my head. And my mother then proceeded to threaten me saying dont you dare tell the doctor what really happened.
    Now that i am older and wiser i dont like to speak to her. And i dont believe the hadith that paradise is under the feet of my mother.

  2. When I was younger my family used to live in an area where there wasn’t a Jamaat close by so my brother and I used to go to an non-Ahmadi mosque to learn Quran. Mate, they used to beat us for the smallest of mistakes. I certainly at that age hated going to the mosque… My dad finally found out about the beating and told the Imam to stop but I will not be surprised if this is quite common in non-Ahmadi mosques, especially where their teachers are from abroad.

  3. That woman was insane, but beating children for not memorizing the Holy Quran are not uncommon here in UK. I personally knew my non-ahmadi friends who used to get beaten in their mosques for not learning the Quran. If they pronounced any word wrong they will sometimes get punched or kicked.
    Non-Ahmadis must tackle this issue instead of brushing it under the carpet. Unfortunately there is a huge amount of child abuse going on in some non ahmadi mosques.

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