Innocence of Muslims: Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

Below are links to some excellent video produced showcasing the aspects of the life of our master, Muhammad (saw).

Muhammad & Women’s Rights

Muhammad: Forgiveness (Part 1)

Muhammad: Forgiveness (Part 2)

Muhammad: His Marriages

Muhammad: In the eyes of Western scholars


2 thoughts on “Innocence of Muslims: Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

  1. JazakAllah for your message. In all honesty, we try our best to avoid promoting things which are not in the public eye and have the potential to falsely draw negativity over Islam. Our approach to this film was no different. Our responses were only issued once the video had gained millions of hits, was used by Islamophobes to spread mistruths against Islam in the mass media and after it generated the violent and reprehensible response from a minority of Muslims in some countries.

    In such instances, it would be wholly improper for us to remain silent and say nothing.

  2. Salam why we as ahmadi have promoted the horrible film against our Prophet with false history and satanic action portrait Astachfar

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