The way an Ahmadi should react

In light of the recent publishing of a comic strip caricaturing the life of our Master, the Holy ProphetMuhammadsa it was felt appropriate that we remind ourselves of some of the guidance issued by our Imam, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V, Mirza Masroor Ahmadatba. Huzur gave a series of Friday Sermons when the issue of cartoon caricatures was first initiated back in 2006. These were thereafter published in the form of a book called “The Blessed Model of the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and the Caricatures”. We have presented below a few extracts in which Huzur issued guidance to the members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at on how we should react in response to the vile abuse of the freedoms granted to people in the West.  (NOTE: All page references given are from the link given above)

Friday Sermon delivered on 10th February, 2006 (Pages 10-11):

As I said, possibly, rather certainly, our hearts are the most aggrieved at this act. However, our mode of response is different. I would mention here that it will not be far-fetched, that as before, they will continue to make similar mischief time to time; that is, they will do something or the other that would again cause hurt to Muslims. Another objective behind this could be to use this as an excuse to put legal restrictions on Muslims, in particular those who have emigrated from the East, from the Indian sub-continent. Anyhow, despite the fact whether they put restrictions or not, we should formulate our responses according to the Islamic values and teachings.

As I said, from the very beginning these conspiracies have been carried out against Islam and the Holy Prophetsa. However, as it is Allah’s promise to safeguard Islam, therefore, He has been protecting it, and all the opposing efforts are met with failure.

Ahmadi youth should enter the field of Journalism (Pages 20-22)

Another suggestion is that the Community should plan for the future in that young people should try to go into journalism as much as possible; those who are more inclined this way, so that we may have our influence in newspapers and such places. For this kind of mischief is going to continue to emerge from time to time. If the maximum links can be made with the media these matters can be stopped, these vulgarities can be stopped. If after all this, someone is still obstinate, they would come under the category of those upon whom is Allah’s curse in this world and the Hereafter. God Almighty states:

Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messengers – Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them an abasing punishment. (Surah Al-Ahzab, 33:58)

This commandment has not ceased, our Prophetsa is a living Prophet, his teaching is eternally life-infusing, his Sharia is one that can solve problems of all time and era, and following him grants nearness to Allah. For these reasons, the hurt and pain that is inflicted on those who believe in him remains true to this day in each and every way. Allah is a Living God and He is watching over their misdeeds.

It is our obligation to inform the world. We will have to communicate to the world that Allah the Exalted has the power, even today, to punish the pain and torment you inflict. Therefore, desist from hurting Allah and His Prophetsa. However, while we have to impart the teachings of Islam and the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsa to the world, we also need to reform our deeds. It will be our deeds alone that shall silence the world and will play the most significant role in silencing the world. As I mentioned in the report, duplicity is being alleged against a Muslim scholar, in that he says one thing here and goes there and does the opposite [incites people]. Maybe, I did not read that report. So we need to present practical models of our outer-self and our inner-self, corresponding with each other, and also harmonization in our words and deeds.

Friday Sermon delivered on 17th February, 2006 (Pages 33-34):

Anyhow, as I said the reaction of the rest of the Muslims is up to them. However, the response of an Ahmadi Muslim should be to make them understand and to warn them about the Wrath of God. As I have said before, present the beautiful picture of the Holy Prophetsa to the world, turn to the All Powerful God and seek His help. If these people are heading towards destruction, then God, Who has His own sense of honour, and a sense of honour for His dear ones, has the power to manifest severe chastisement. He is the Master of all powers and is not restricted by man-made laws. He has power over everything, when His Wrath comes, the human mind cannot encompass its full scope, and none can then evade it.

In light of the attitude of certain people of the West or certain countries, Ahmadis should further turn to God. The Messiah of God has also warned Europe, as well as America. The earthquakes, the storms, and the calamities that are occurring in the world are not specific to Asia. America has had a glimpse of it. Therefore, O Europe! You too are not safe. So have some fear of God and do not challenge the sense of Honour of God. I will also add here that Muslim countries, or those who are known as Muslim, should also reform their ways. Adopt ways and responses that present the high station and the good manners of the Holy Prophetsa to the world. This would then be the correct and befitting response of a believer.


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  1. Why cant u dislike anything here?
    Its not a true reflection of peoples like and dislike…propoganda and hypocricy alert!

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