Charlie Hebdo & the right to insult

Yesterday, Charlie Hebdo, a French publisher, launched a comic which they ”hope” will educate the masses on the life of the Holy Prophet (saw). This is, of course, a fallacy. Below is a snippet taken from an article published by the Independent on this subject.

Kindly read through the article and offer your comments on the issues raised.

While the author does make some interesting points, both the title and opening advocate that to offend is perfectly reasonable and within an individuals rights with no accompanying responsibilities. Unfortunately, the article lacks some important words like ‘respect’, ‘dignity’, ‘responsibility’, etc.

It’s Charlie Hebdo’s right to draw Muhammad, but they missed the opportunity to do something profound

As the French magazine publish a comic depicting the Prophet Muhammad, could they have taken a different approach?

What a missed opportunity to do something interesting.

First things first – Charlie Hebdo are perfectly within their rights to publish a comic book retelling the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Even though Muslims find any depiction of Islam’s founder to be wrong, they have the right to draw pictures of Muhammad if they choose to.

They’re also entitled to be irreverent, shocking and – yes – even offensive. It doesn’t achieve much but if that’s what they want to do then that’s their prerogative because Charlie Hebdo publishes in a liberal democracy where free speech (which includes the right to be crass) is treasured. Read more…


3 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo & the right to insult

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  2. Its really sad to see such publications going on especially when they are offensive. I hope the author will reverse his decision as it will noy benefit him nor any instituation.

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