“Women in Islam” with Maha Dabbous. Talk + Q&A

Are women treated as second class citizens by Islam? Does Islam consider women to be inferior to men? What rights does the religion give to women, and how does the religion treat the sexes? What is the philosophy behind the Islamic veil? And is the state of many
women in Muslim countries today reflective of the true teachings of the Islam? Imperial AMSA will answer all these questions, and many more, in our next event on Thursday 6th December:

Maha Dabbous is a published writer on the subject, as well as an experienced speaker, having delivered extremely popular lectures on this topic around London universities for the last two years, and beyond for the wider community.This event is FREE AND OPEN TO ALL, with a friendly atmosphere guaranteed for an open Q&A session. So be sure to invite your friends, and join us yourselves!Contact email: amsa@ic.ac.ukTwitter: @ICAMSA https://twitter.com/ICAMSA

Find out more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community @http://www.alislam.org/


8 thoughts on ““Women in Islam” with Maha Dabbous. Talk + Q&A

  1. Jazak Allah khayr al-jazaa’ Peace. Your question relates to an administrative matter. As is the policy of this site, we do not comment on administrative rules and policies unless we have an explicit and official statement issued by the Jama’at on any given matter. To do so could lead to later confusion. If you leave your e-mail address in a comment (it will not be published), we would be happy to briefly outline our internal process.

    As we have always advised, any doubt on an issue can always be sent to our beloved Hudhur (abta) in a letter for further clarification.

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