The real Innocence of Islam and its Holy Prophet (pbuh)

It is with a heavy heart and much heartfelt sadness that we hear again of hypocrisy by both the press and apparent religious scholars.

A small scale American film maker, a convicted Californian fraudster was yet another vessel from which religious hatred has been instigated. Again profit motivated abuses in the name of the freedom of expression have clearly been planned to spiral into incitement to religious hatred. And as such it has naturally lead to a French publication’s attempt to capitalise on the media frenzy and print an equally morally reprehensible caricatures. And now as I write this blog I read a German publication has also followed in these footsteps.

Our Ahmadi hearts grieve at this moral crime, so much so that we can not bear to even view such videos or pictures. Our thoughts only go to those who have lost their lives in futile and pointless retaliations and demonstrations. And it makes every Ahmadi Muslim shudder to think that so many other Muslim denominations throughout the world would gladly wildly demonstrate when such events happen, yet in their daily lives ignore most of the sayings and actions as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). Did any of these demonstrators ever hear of any such behaviour over 1400 years ago?

I find myself asking what response would any of the Holy Prophet’s (saw) companions give if they were here today? And end up thinking about that difficult period in early Islamic history when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his handful of companions were physically tortured and tormented by the Meccans in an attempt to recount their beliefs.

They responded with silence and non reaction and vowing not to recount their belief because they were strengthened by the firmness of their faith in God. There is a well known narration that a particularly zealous Meccan threw the entire entrails of a camel upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) as he prostrated in prayer, and as such he was pinned down for a some time under the sheer weight of the rotting mess. He was only saved when another companion came to his help when he had heard of what happened. When he finally got up and cleaned himself he said nothing to the Meccan but instead prayed to God for moral guidance for all Meccans.

Surely this is the true face of Islam as presented by the Holy Prophet (saw) that the demonstrating Muslims of the world need to embrace. We were recently witness to the government of the Islamic state of Pakistan declaring a state holiday to demonstrate, going to point of damaging their own economy for the sake of appeasing misguided religious scholars and their followers. All they need to do is pray and demonstrate patience and a firm faith in God to protect and provide for them and for God alone to judge and call others to account in His own way – how far they have strayed from the true innocence of Islam and its Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

May Allah enable the Muslims of the world to understated the true teaching’s of Islam and submit wholly to the will of God and that He may straighten all their affairs in the best manner. Ameen.


10 thoughts on “The real Innocence of Islam and its Holy Prophet (pbuh)

  1. the person who wrote this blasphemy about our holy prophet has surely not studied the life history of the prophets of god and is definetly been misguided by satan coz evil has had an enemy ever since god created good by the creation of the first creation of a prophet called adam, so let us join hand in doing good and spreading good

  2. sitting in a dark room of my home astonished and rather in a chaos I wonder is this a civilized and educated era where I am living. Where I can abuse any one even my father and mother with out any hesitation in the name of freedom of speech and can have hatred for any person whom i dislike. My thoughts took me to time when humans were ignorant in every sense of word but they do have respect for elders and would fight for the dignity of their fathers and ancestors. there ignorance sometimes ended in a severe bloodshed.But they always tried to keep things on the way right according to them. But in this age of civilization the people has become more uncivilized.I wonder our liberties will ends in which directions?

  3. Let us fill the air with Durood and salutation for our beloved Holy Prophet (saw). Your post serves a beautiful reminder as to why he (saw) is the mercy to all mankind. I pray that his Ummah can recognise and follow in his (saw) blessed example ammen.For those seeking the window through which they can behold the greatness of RasulAllah (saw), here’s a glimpse through the eyes of his greatest servant:

    I always wonder how high was the status of this Arabian Prophet, whose name was Muhammad, (thousands of blessings and peace be upon him). One cannot reach the limit of his high status and it is not given to man to estimate correctly his spiritual effectiveness. It is a pity that his rank has not been recognized, as it should have been. He was the champion who restored to the world the Unity of God which had disappeared from the world; he loved God in the extreme and his soul melted out of sympathy for mankind. Therefore, God, Who knew the secret of his heart, exalted him above all the Prophets and all the first ones and the last ones and bestowed upon him in his lifetime all that he desired. He is the fountainhead of every grace and a person who claims any superiority without acknowledging his grace is not a man but is the spawn of Satan, because the Holy Prophet has been bestowed the key to every exaltation and he has been given the treasury of every understanding. He who does not receive through him is deprived forever. I am nothing and possess nothing. I would be most ungrateful if I were not to confess that I have learnt of the true Unity of God through this Prophet. The recognition of the Living God we have achieved through this perfect Prophet and through his light. The honour of converse with God, through which we behold His countenance, has been bestowed upon me through this great Prophet. The ray of this sun of guidance falls like sunshine upon me and I continue illumined only so long as I am adjusted towards it.’ [Essence of Islam, Vol. I- Promised Messiah (as)]

  4. In the Quran Allah(swt) tells Hadhrat Muhammad(saw) to say that if you wish to have the love of Allah(swt) then follow me. These people under mullahs have shown they deserve not the love of Allah as they behave opposite to teachings of Hadhrat Muhammad(saw). Unless these people shun mullah and follow the Prophet(saw) they will earn displeasure of Allah(swt) Life has no meaning if we lose love of Allah(swt). I pray the Muslims follow the Quran by personally reading it and by praying to Allah to be able to understand the teachings rightly. For this painful act of people of book and those who make equals of Allah, Quran Kareem says we should show patience and fortitude and act righteously (see verse 187 of Alimran). How our people behaves is shameful to say the least.

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