Inside scoop; the anti-Islam film

What is Paramount?

When the blessed and beautiful personage of the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is attacked, the foremost desire of a Muslim is to readdress the imbalance created so as to present the true image of the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). What many non-Muslims fail to grasp is that the love of a Muslim for the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) is such that his heart feels great anguish at the mere thought of someone misrepresenting the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

In conclusion, of paramount importance to a Muslim is that non-Muslims should know the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) as he had intended himself to be known through his words and deeds.

Who is the catalyst?

If we accept that the goal of the Muslim is to deliver to mankind the pure, beautiful, factually accurate and blessed character of the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), then one must ask if the recent Muslim reaction to the filthy film ”Innocence of Muslims” helps to achieve what is paramount for a Muslim?

I believe that it has not. Not only have the extremists in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Pakistan – the list is still growing – succeeded in multiplying the number of people that have seen the film, but they have again successfully demonstrated to the world that there exists a group of Muslims who follow an image of the Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and version of Islam that promotes violence, anger and cruelty.

Had the said ”saviors of Islam” done nothing at all, the film would have received little attention and the large majority of liberal minded Westerners would have rightly ridiculed it. Instead, the same liberal minded individuals have had their attention magnetised towards radical Islam and some of them, after witnessing the events in Libya, may now watch the film with doubtful minds and think: What if they are right, these Muslims do appear to be backward?

USA, the Great Satan; some perspective

The film is a low-budget, poorly scripted, badly filmed, and all-round crudely made piece of cinematography which would no doubt chart somewhere at the bottom of the dustbin. Despite benefiting from media coverage that even a mammoth Hollywood blockbuster  could only dream of, the film had amassed a ”herculean” number of youtube hits surpassing well over 60,000 by lunchtime today. A large chunk of that could perhaps be attributed to journalists and extremist Muslims – ever ready with gasoline in one hand and the good ol’ red,white and blue in the other! If the sarcasm was not obvious, 60,000 hits on youtube is not at all impressive. To offer some further perspective, far, far more people surfing the internet are interested in, for example, ”N2 the talking cat,” ”The Gummy Bear song.” and the ”Talking twin babies.”

I am tired with the way that extremists amalgamate anything anti-Islam that originates from the USA to form a single narrative. Listening to people on the radio today, some were intent on connecting this story to the Iraq war, Afghanistan and the US master plan to do away with Islam. The issue that arises here is that the Qur’an, the book by which a Muslim dictates his or her life, demands, in no uncertain terms, that a Muslim treats all with equity and justice (See Qur’an, 55:8-10). We could simply ignore this teaching and cast the film into our ”Great Satan” conspiracy, which dictates that the USA is pure evil, or we could act with justice.

The film was funded by an Israeli man who also carries dual US nationality and is said to have been partially inspired by a handful of Egyptian Coptic Christians. Nevertheless, one might be thinking, the cast and crew of 80 were all Americans. While that may be true, we now know that they were all employed to put together a film which had a different title, script, did not contain any Muslim characters or references, and was set at about 2000 years ago (before Islam). One of the leading actresses is even quoted as saying that she feels sick by how they were duped and what subsequently happened. All references to Islam and Muslim personalities were badly dubbed in later.

The point, if it was not already clear, is that being opposed to both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars does not preclude me from treating each US related case of Islamphobia individually and with justice.


I don’t want to linger on this too much, and the post is already far too long, but the Holy Qur’an instructs us to repel others with that which is better – which is goodly. Violence, the murder of diplomats, burning down of buildings, trespass, and violent protest is not better – it is worse. I hate the film and the ugliness that it brings with it, but a great deal of Muslims need to start acting as the the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) did and stop allowing their anger to surpass the fulfillment of their obligations to God and man. The need of the hour is for each Muslim to accept the Imam of the age (‘alayhi al-salam) and return Islam to the religion of peace and submission that it was at its outset.

Please share your thoughts on this subject, Jazak Allah.


6 thoughts on “Inside scoop; the anti-Islam film

  1. First thing I would say about this issue is that there are some people in the West who are only good at inciting others to do evil and then shifting the blame from themselves. Those people do not have any sympathy with others and are totally shameless.

    The second thing I would say is to the Muslims. We have the best example in the Holy Prophet (saw). At the time of Uhud, the Meccans started celebrating their victory and started proclaiming that they killed the Holy Prophet (saw). Can you think of a bigger insult than to say that you killed someone who is still alive? And that you say that within earshot of that person? The companions wanted to haev an altercation and address those people, but the Holy Prophet (saw) stopped them. Then the Meccans started proclaiming they killed Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) and then Hadhrat Umar (ra) but the Holy Prophet (saw) stopped his companions from responding. Then they started praising their god hubal and then the Holy Prophet (saw) ordered his companions to raise the slogan of Allah-u-Akbar.

    When these shameless people insult the Holy Prophet (saw), we should face it with steadfastness and instead, send durud on him (saw). If they start insulting God or denying Him, only then do we need to act and oppose them in some way in accordance with Shariah.

  2. It is worth re-emphasising that the film is itself utter filth. It could have no other purpose in its design other than to provoke the anger of the Islamic world. It is beyond belief that Governments cannot do more to educate people as to the the need for conflicts of opinion to be aired in a meaningful and peaceful way.

    One thing is for sure, no worldly reaction could possible match the reaction of Almighty Allah to such a shameless attack on His Beloved (sall Allahu ‘Alayhi wa sallam).

  3. It should be noted that the link between the film and the US Embassy attack in Libya is not confirmed. The article linked below reads:
    “That analysis is supported by U.S. sources who say the attack on the consulate is believed to have been pre-planned. The sources say the attackers used the protest as a diversion to launch the attack, although the sources could not say if the attackers instigated the protest or merely took advantage of it.”

    The overall message of this article still stands. Muslims who try to hold the world at ransom in the name of the man (peace be upon him) who taught us the complete opposite need to, as they say, check themselves before they wreck themselves.

  4. “And good and evil are not at all alike. Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he, between whom and thyself was enmity, will become as though he were a warm friend.” 41:35

  5. Along with Islam being a religion of peace and submission, it is a religion that requires a human being to serve God, and serve humanity. The value of human life is deteriorating in the world (especially in the muslim world). How is any ambassador responsible for the production of the film that he should be killed?
    That being said, I get why people would want to connect this story to the Iraq war and everything else. The middle east is going up in flames and this story is not about protecting Islam’s image or its messenger [Holy Prophet (pbuh)], its a tipping point of something much more deeply rooted (muslims forgetting the essence of islam and all the chaos that has resulted in the middle east, innocent lives lost and yes USA and Nato are responsible for much of it). So I get the hatred as well. It is not a coincidence that violence has erupted in countries where Western authorities have contributed to the chaos and removed leaders by forcefully interfering (minus Egypt I suppose) and why this is not happening in UAE, Indonesia and Jordan etc. (for now). The extremists are using the film as fuel and as an excuse to vent out for the current state of their countries and they need someone to blame (in this case the big bad bully..USA..). That does not make it okay, but reality needs to be faced as well. The muslim world is not about extremists vs. non-extremists (black vs. white) anymore. There is a lot of grey and anyone (any human being) if pushed to their limits can do extremist things. And yes, ahmadis have been persecuted brutually at times and we have kept our fists clenched becaue our imam and Khalifa and teachings of the Promised Messiah require us to do so. But we also are united as a community and support each other in tough and rough times. The muslims of the world need to realize that peace is not about tolerating each other AFTER we have decided to have the same point of view on issues, but rather peace is about tolerance and respect BEFORE we come to a common point of view. Peace is living civilzed side by side while have disagreements. I don’t have an issue if a Sunni or Shia or Ismaili or Bahai or anyone else disagrees with my beliefs and says I am wrong… long as they don’t say it out of anomousity and treat my differeing beliefts with respect and usually the case is vice versa as well. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) did not expel Christians and jews and other worshippers out of Mecca for simply having different beliefs and choosing to do so. If they conspired to kills the muslims, that is another story. Why is the muslim world and each sector obsessed with increasing their quantity, forgetting about quality and making sure they are right and not willing to listen to anyone else? WE CAN HOLD INTERFAITH CONFERENCES WITH CHRISTIANS AND JEWS, BUT HOW OFTEN DO WE HEAR ABOUT AN INTERFAITH DIALOGUE AMONG VARIOUS muslim sectors themselves. We have difficulty getting alogn with people more similar to us?
    That being said, I didn’t know about this film until CBC reported about it and jounalists have contributed more to the film becoming famous than anyone else (and possible protests even spreading out). May God restore sanity in the human world and extra common sense amoung all muslims. Ameen
    I think my comment is longer than your post relatively speaking (sorry about that).

    Anyway, salam and peach out!

  6. It’s so sad when people are slain in their so-called love for the Holy Prophet(saw) when he would have been the foremost in shedding his own blood for the sake of others – something which was so wonderfully demonstrated at Taif, at Uhud and in many other incidents in his life when he was brought to the very door of death out of his solicitude that others may be guided.

    It’s so sad to read about the diplomat who was killed. May Allah efface all his sins and grant him a lofty station as His beloved guest. Ameen.

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