What is it to Inspire?

by Daud Ahmad Hafiz

Lately many people living in the UK have been concerned by the news that the petrol pumps could soon run dry due to container driver strikes. The country suddenly witnessed mass panic and uproar as many queued for long hours, taking essential time out of their schedules, to ensure that their tanks were full to keep their journeys going.

The progression of the jamaat over the past century has been amazing. Ahmadi Muslims have moved from receiving an audio tape of the Friday Sermon through the post, attentively viewed at family gatherings at the home of a relative with a videotape player, to today watching our beloved Khalifa (abta) in the comfort of every home, courtesy of the MTA revolution. The media revolution has been accompanied by the online advancements we take for granted today as an essential part of our lives; e-mail, alislam, google, youtube, twitter, etc. The result is a truly global and interactive world where, sites like this one, can draw comments and visits from India, Canada, Korea and Nigeria all at once.

The internet, as we each know, houses both virtue and sin, emphasising the persistent need for us to utilise this great tool in order to educate both ourselves and others, and to refuel our love for the Community of the Promised Messiah with the click of a button. The possibilities are endless.

As humans, particularly those who are God-fearing, our nature is such that once we get used to something it remains with us in our daily thoughts and movements. Such a wonder can, however, be taken for granted. When we walk into a room with a beautiful fragrance, it ignites our senses and emotional centre, but if we remain in the room for some time we become desensitized to the sweetness of the fragrance and so its effects can be less notable. One’s faith can be similar in that once our daily lives progress (work, friends, family, etc.), we often become desensitized to what is important – that is, our transcendent goals and priorities in life.

If tomorrow the benefits of modern technology were lost to us and we had to return to the days of one audio cassette arriving every week for that hour of enlightenment and guidance, how would our senses react? How would we long for those days when we had access to endless material at our fingertips and visual media which allowed us to educate and inspire both ourselves and family in our own homes?

With no electricity and the other ordinary modern amenities that Allah has blessed us with, all we are left with are the memories, emotions and reflections within our own human data-banks. We must, therefore, take advantage of today’s resources and flock to them with the same vigor and haste that people are today rushing for petrol during the fuel crisis. If we don’t, then what does that indicate about our priorities?

The Promised Messiah’s (as) loving guidance is clear with regards to the need for us to strive throughout our lives to hold firmly onto the rope of Allah the exalted, cleanse our souls and embark upon the hardest journey of our lives with the hope of reaching the blessed stage of Nafsi Mutma’innah, the Soul at Rest; a station mentioned in the following verse:

“Thou, O soul at peace! Return to thy Lord, thou well pleased with Him and He well pleased with thee. So enter thou among My chosen servants, and enter into My garden.” (The Holy Quran, al-Fajr 89:28-31)

This is and will always be the hardest journey for us all. Each one of us stumbles, falls and feels pain during this journey, but must always view such hardship as necessary hurdles in our path towards achieving our most important goal – the proximity of Allah the exalted. Always keep in mind that it is not how hard one falls, but how quickly we get up. To keep strong to the Rope of Allah and to attempt to climb to reach this goal we must arm ourselves with the tools necessary to achieve it.

The Promised Messiah(as) also taught that what we watch and our actions have an effect on our soul. The human brain is linked to the visual senses and this in turn is linked to our soul and heart. This extends to our families if we are parents. We must, therefore, take time to feed our souls the fuel to ignite our passions and inspiration to do good and to develop ourselves.

On Friday 6th April Hazur(atba), in his Jumma Khutba, stated

“ Ahmadiyyat was grafted by God’s hand and no power can destroy it. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had a revelation: ‘Good news to thee, O My Ahmad, thou art My purpose and with Me. I have planted the tree of thy honour with My own hand.’ [Tadhkirah, p 301].

We have been given this enormous task of being servants of that community which will blossom and take inspiration from every possible route, instilling a feeling of passion within our hearts . We must therefore look to become the protectors of this beautiful faith in which we believe so firmly and guide and inspire each other as we attempt to journey to our final goal. This can only be done if we refuel our own spiritual engines constantly and share our experiences and take from those who are ahead of us on this shared journey, placing their love and guidance within our own selves so that we may improve on our own journey.

Inspirationalstories.org.uk is a spiritual fuel station for the benefit of each one of us and by visiting and utilising it we can embed the some of the sweetness of faith within our hearts and minds. By doing so you can ensure that your spiritual fuel never runs low.



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