The Tragedy of Pakistan

The below ITN new report is an amazing insight into the history of Pakistan. It has been decades since this report was made, the world has advanced in so many ways, yet one cannot help but feel that, despite the terrible injustice faced by Ahmadis in those days, the situation has not improved and perhaps worsened considerably.

The tragedy of Pakistan…


3 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Pakistan

  1. This is quite an old clip but nothing has changed. Or if anything those bigoted views among Pakistani society towards Ahmadis have hardened. There are so many social and political problems in Pakistan, that which ever one you pick, and there are many, it will be one which threatens to destroy the country.

    The only people who have not given up on Pakistan are the very people that Pakistan has given up on…. the Ahmadis!

  2. “We will eat grass, but we will have atomic weapons.”

    Pakistan will fight, fight for a thousand years. If.. India builds the (Atom) bomb…. (Pakistan) will eat grass or (leaves), even go hungry, but we (Pakistan) will get one of our own (Atom bomb)…. We (Pakistan) have no other Choice!…
    —Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, 1965, statement issued October 1965

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