Sayings of Prophet Jesus (as) in Muslim Tradition

by Hand of Talha Admin

Hadhrat Jesus (as) was exceptional in both his charachter and nature; a role model for all mankind. Many of our Christian friends do not realise that Jesus (as) is not only considered a Prophet of God in Islam, but that there exists a rich tradition of Muslim literature, dating back centuries, which records the sayings of Hadhrat jesus with the intention that Muslims could benefit from his Prophetic wisdom. Under the current climate, I thought it right to compile of few of these sayings for our collective benefit. They are as follows:


“They asked Jesus, “Show us an act by which we may enter paradise.” Jesus said, “Do not speak at all.” They said, “We cannot do this.” Jesus replied, “Then speak only good.”

“charity does not mean doing good to him who does good to you, for this is to return good for good. Charity means that you should do good to him who does you harm.”


”What is forbearance if one is impatient with ignorance? What is strength if one cannot restrain anger? What is worship if one is immodest before God Almighty? When fools come to worship, they come at an inopportune time and sit above their station. When a crisis occurs, wise counsel departs.”

”He who prays and fasts but does not abandon sin is inscribed in the Kingdom of God as a liar.”


Jesus said to his companions, “If you are truly my brothers and friends, accustom yourselves to the enmity and hatred of men. For you shall not obtain what you seek except by abandoning what you desire. You shall not possess what you love except by tolerating what you hate.”


Jesus prepared food for his disciples. When they had eaten, he himself washed their hands and feet. They said to him, ”Spirit of God, it is we, rather, that should do this.” He replied, ”I have done this so that you would do it to those whom you teach.”


A man said to Jesus, ”Instruct me.” Jesus said, ”Take heed of where your bread comes from.”


Jesus sent forth two of his companions on an errand. One of them returned looking like a withered water-skin, while the other returned fleshy and fat. Jesus asked the first man, ”What is it that reduced you to this state?” The man said, ”Fear of God.” He then asked the second man, ”What was it that brought you to this state?” The man replies, ”Trust in God.”


Jesus said, ”A Ruler should not be vicious, since it is to him that mankind looks for self-restraint ; nor should he be tyrannical, since it is from him that mankind demands justice.” 

“Blessed is he who sees with his heart but whose heart is not in what he sees.”


The above translations are taken from a book written by Professor Tarif Khalidi, a renowned scholar of Islamic studies. An Amazon review of the book reads as follows:

”Tarif Khalidi has written a book that won’t be given the acclaim it deserves; it won’t be read by the people who should read it and it won’t (barring a miracle) have the impact on the World that it should. His book turns the light on in the no man’s land between Islam and Christianity. It shows how the two religions are closely connected and how our long gone ancestors treated the other with respect, dignity and even friendship. It’s not for me to promote the content of this book, it’s just there and it should be read by as many people as possible. It really could have a colossal impact on the world if this, the truth, were widely known.”


5 thoughts on “Sayings of Prophet Jesus (as) in Muslim Tradition

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  2. That was very enriching, dear Brother Tayyab. May Allah reward you for this; and may He grant us all the strength and wisdom to act upon these priceless words of wisdom of Seyyiduna ‘Isa, may peace be upon him and upon those who truly follow him. Ameen.

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