Youth’s Questions Addressed (Must Watch)

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allahi Ta’ala Wabaraktuhu

I stumbled upon a great question and answer session with Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Imam of Fazl Mosque, London. It is particularly useful for young Muslims. Let me know your thoughts?

May Almighty Allah bless you


Part 1

  • 22:46 What is wrong with chatting to girls on MSN or texting girls on their mobiles?
  • 27:06 What is wrong with using facebook?
  • 30:52 Why can’t I try a little alcohol just to see how it tastes?
  • 36:50 If someone is selling an iphone4 on the street corner which looks stolen, can I buy it?
  • 39:24 I find it too difficult to pray 5 times a day & fast in these long, hot summer days. What advice can you give me?
  • 46:35 Can we celebrate wedding anniversaries & things like Mother’s Day/Fathers Day?


Part 2

  • 00:00 If I have the choice of attending a university lecture or attending Juma prayers, which shall I do? (Question is answered)
  • 01:29 Fasting – The Western calendar and work times do not accommodate Islamic needs. What advice can you give to work around this while trying to keep fasts over long days?
  • 04:48 Benefits – Many people claim benefits. Many work and do not reveal their true earnings to the tax man and still claim benefits. This brings up the issue of being truthful. What is the Jamaat’s stance on this? Is this wrong and is it acceptable in certain scenarios?
  • 07:20 If you’ve been invited to a Muslim wedding and you know it’s not segregated, can you still attend? Also, if you know there will be music and dancing at that wedding, can you attend?
  • 12:26 In Islam, a hundred stripes is a punishment of doing bad deeds, this is to humiliate and punish the people who commit such crimes (Qur’an, Chapter 24 (Al Nur), verse 3). Why are prophets put through similar punishments through their trials by God? Prophet Jesus was given stripes, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was stoned in Taif. Both these prophets have a high status, so why were they subject to such humiliating treatment even when God loved them so much?
  • 15:58 In Islam do the same rules apply to the upbringing of girls as boys? If so then why do some parents conduct sexism? Boys are allowed to go out more often and can stay out for a longer time? Also, why can’t Ahmadi girls attend concerts when boys are allowed to attend concerts?
  • 22:50 Can girls get a part time job as a waitress whilst they are studying? If not what would be a suitable part time job for a girl while she studies?
  • 24:07 Why can’t we pray behind the imams of the Kabaa?
  • 25:30 According to Islam we have to respect our elders. What does Islam say about respect to relationships with a person who is not an elder but in a cultural way the relationship is higher? So for example what if your brother’s wife is younger than you? Obviously you respect her but does that mean you can’t call her by her name and have to treat her like an elder just because in relationship she has higher status or does she?
  • 27:31 What is the definition of money and why is life not possible without it? If wealth is said to be a ‘trial’, then shouldn’t we struggle for a life without money?
  • 29:34 When it is time for Namaz some non Ahmadis pray wherever they are, like in a library, McDonalds, etc. If it is the time for Namaz should you just pray anywhere you want even if it is a lively restaurant or if you know you will get home or get to a proper praying place in an hour, should you wait?
  • 31:42 In the Holy Qur’an it is mentioned when a women gives a witness there has to be two women but a single man is sufficient for the same witness. (2:283) Science has shown women are just as capable and intelligent as men. Therefore why is there such a difference? I understand that some tasks women cannot do for example construction work etc. but giving witness is just being truthful.
  • 34:01 What is the ruling for a practising Muslim wife whose Muslim husband does not pray except occasionally. He has tried intermittently to establish Salaat but it was not consistent. Otherwise he is a good husband and a good father. He encourages his children to pray and is helpful to his wife in gaining knowledge of her faith and never stopped her from her prayers or wearing hijab etc. She believes that he wants to pray but is probably lazy and only Allah knows what’s inside a heart. She has tried to make him pray but her efforts have been counter productive. She wants to know what are her obligations in this situation: Is it okay to stay with him (they have kids, and she wants to preserve the relationship)?
  • 39:33 Lots of non Ahmadis ask this question: Why did Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad die with diarrhoea? This is a humiliating death? 
  • 41:17 Why can’t a woman touch the Qur’an during the menstrual time? In this day and age, it is possible to keep clean.

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