‘O my dear sister in green

by Ibne Khalid

I wanted to share the below ‘poem’ after seeing a very disturbing photo on Twitter that really had an impact on me. It may be seen here (WARNING: very disturbing image which shows women & children after a bomb attack on a Religious ceremony in Kabul on December 6, 2011). I wanted to write a poem in tribute to the little girl in the photo and initially thought about writing rhyming couplets but then decided to just write my feelings freely. I don’t consider it to be the most refined and best piece I’ve written, but it is what it is…I couldn’t think of an appropriate title either, but I’m not sure I can improve on it…maybe over time. But here it is and I hope at least it conveys the message. 

“O my dear sister in green, covered in blood. What is it that pains you so?

Was it the explosion that shuddered your soul? Or was it the loneliness amongst the crowd, being the only one standing while everyone else lay down? Some with eyes open but mostly closed.

Was it empathy with the other child screaming much like you…will the screams…ever…go away? Or the sight of death in the Bloodied and Blackened faces of other children.

I pray it was painless and they meet their Lord, who will open His arms and hug them so tightly to comfort them. They will be handed over to the loving Ibrahim (as) who will nurture them to maturity, and perhaps…remove the pain of this world.

My dear sister, turn to Allah for comfort, for there is no better cure for such demons…the demons who did this and those hiding within you, looking for opportunities to remind you of that hate filled day.

My dear sister, I pray you find peace and happiness once again. I cannot offer anything else, I love you, and I hope this love will comfort you.

To the swine and monkeys, as described in the Quran…have you tasted the blood of these children? Has it satisfied and quenched your thirst? Does it taste as sweet as ice cold juice? Do you lick your lips after and ask for more…I used to think that vampires were fantasy, but, I was wrong.

But I hope you have reached the point where this blood is now making you sick and physically diseased, for surely you are already morally and spiritually dead.

Whether they are of the Ahle Shia or Sunnah, at least they recognise Allah and The Messenger (saw)…do they deserve death for this? Even if they are misguided, why don’t you lovingly advise them as The Prophet did? Are you really that weak, like the wrestler the Prophet spoke of?

All I see is death clinging onto their innocence…but what do you see? Have you covered your eyes with thick veils that blocks the Noor of Allah?

REMEMBER! That day is not far when you will scream like this child…the day when all your acts become manifest to you…either here or there, IT WILL HAPPEN! You too will cry and try to wash off your bloodied hands but perhaps your tears will not be enough.

One life is worth all of humanity…how many have you sacrificed for YOUR weakness? How many will it take for YOUR redemption? You have just one chance!”


5 thoughts on “‘O my dear sister in green

  1. 😦 dont know what to say…. could’nt saw the pic but i can see what you want to show from your words. living in such a peacfull country is a blessing. may Rab e ka’aba bless us all and keep every one in peace.
    thnx for such words..
    if it is possible plz also share with us ” THE WONDERER”

    Farooq(the forgotten one)

  2. My heart trembled….. Did not have the courage to see the picture right now, though it needs to be seen….
    Ya Allah, may peace surrender this little girl’s soul, heart and body, and anyone out there victim of such cruelty! Surely the worst person is the one who tries to come between a human and its Creator!
    Much love needs to be spread, jazakAllah for sharing

  3. That image will haunt all of us, and in particular all in the Muslim Ummah, in whose name the murderous attack supposedly took place.A testament to man’s inhumanity to man – may Allah forgive us!

  4. Painful and beautiful. May Allah shower these children with His radiance and mercy, and may they bask in His glow as innocent children who never left Nafse Zakiiyya. May they be held in the lap of our beloved Master (sa), and may he (sa) kiss them as he (sa) kissed his beloved grandsons, and may they play with Hazrat Ibrahim (rz), insha’allah.

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