Jihad of the Pen

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh,

There are a number of fantastic articles and answers to allegations which I have come across in previous publications which are no longer in print. Are there any kind souls out there who would be willing to type out one or two if I sent you a scanned copy(s)?

The articles are not that long and should not take up much of your time. If anyone would like to help, please type in your e-mail address below in the comments page and I will send the file to your e-mail (don’t worry, I won’t approve your comment and so your e-mail address will not be shared with the world). Alternatively, drop me an e-mail to: theartofmisinformation@gmail.com

Jazak Allah Khayr al-Jazaa’


7 thoughts on “Jihad of the Pen

  1. If the articles are anything like the ones you’ve published in the past 2-3 days then typing up new ones will surely be a blessing and an excellent source of knowledge for me, inshallah.

  2. I think I did open up a tumblr account about a month ago. I will dig it out and maybe you can advise me as to how I can best utilise it as I have not done much with it. Jazak Allah Khayr al-Jazaa’

  3. Asalamoalaikum!
    When would you like them done by? I can do one or two, just let me know what format you want and what program to use.

  4. AOA

    I can do at least one article InshaAllah. My email . Also, I had a suggestion, I was wondering if you have tried ‘tumblr’ before. I believe if you make a similar account on tumblr, with the help of tags the blog will open up to a much wider audience. InshaAllah.



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