Ahmadiyyat Marches On

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Ta’ala Wabarakatuh,

Respected Imam B. A. Rafiq Sahib, formerly the Imam of Masjid Fazl, kindly agreed for me to post some of his thoughts on the advancement and progress of Islam Ahmadiyya which I received in an e-mail message today. I request that you pray for him and his family. A generous portion of the English literature published in defense of the Promised Messiah (‘alayhi salam) was written by him decades ago and stands as powerful today as it did thirty years ago. This Jama’at is blessed that Almighty Allah has placed under the guidance of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya so many great servants of Islam, Alhamdulillah. For me, this post raises a serious question, posed by the author himself at the end, for the anti-Ahmadi elements of the world to reflect upon – if only they would.

Jazak Allah Khayr al-Jazaa’ 

By Imam B. A. Rafiq

Majlis Tahafuuz Khatme Nubbuwat UK organised a public meeting in London which had very poor attendance, in spite of their huge publicity campaign through the Urdu news media. Maulana Fazlur Rehman was invited from Pakistan to address this meeting. There were other speakers also from the UK.

In their speeches the speakers including Maulana Fazlur Rehman told the audience that Ahmadiyyat will, God forbid, be destroyed by their efforts in the near future. They even asked the British Government to declare Ahmadis as non Muslims.

Let us look back into the past hundred years history of Ahmadyyat and the opposition of the anti Ahmadiyya maulvis and see on whose side was the hand of God working. We all know that from the very inception of Ahmadiyyat these bigoted maulvis have been trying their best to disrupt the onward march of the Ahmadiyya Movement but they met with utter failure and the march of Ahmadiyyat went forward from strength to strength. Every year hundreds of thousands of new converts join the movement all over the world. The seed of Ahmadiyyat has so far been planted in more than one hundred and fifty countries of the world. Thousands of new mosques are being built by the Jamaat in various countries of the world. Dozens of new Missionary colleges have been opened in Africa, Europe, Canada and Indonesia. Thousands of parents are devoting their new borns for the service of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Hundreds of new books and magazines are being published all over the world by the Jamaat. Millions of needy and poor people are being helped by HUMANITY FIRST, a social welfare wing of the Jamaat. This help is given to all, irrespective of their religion, race or colour. The Ahmadiyya Jamaat has opened dozens of hospitals, hundreds of schools and thousands of free Homoeopathic clinics all over the world.

Is this the destruction of the Ahmadiyya Movement by the Maulvis in Pakistan? Have they been able to stop the onward march of the Movement? In fact the more they oppose us the stronger we get. They tried to close a few of our mosques in Pakistan forcefully and Allah gave us thousands of mosques all over the world. Inspite of their severe opposition and the help of Pakistani officials that they get from them, Ahmadiyyat is marching forward in Pakistan. Every year a large number of their flock are converted to Ahmadyyat.

When I look at their defeat it reminds me of an incidence that took place sometime in the early thirties. The All India Ahrar movement had started a compaign in India to wipe out Ahmadyyat from the face of the earth. Their leaders were boasting in their public speeches that soon Ahmadyyat will be a legend and there will be none practising it. Large Anti Ahmadiyya public meetings were held all over india and in Qadian also. Many Ahmadis were killed and hundreds of Ahmadi properties were set on fire.

When the situation got worse and was getting out of control, some non Ahmadi dignitaries decided to get the Ahmadi and non Ahmadi leadership together for discussion to difuse the situation. A meeting was convened at Lahore which was attended by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II and some Ahrar leaders. At the end of the meeting,an Ahrar leader addressing Hazrat Khaliaftul masih said, that the Ahrars had decided to destroy the Ahmadiyya Movement and that this will be done sooner than later. He boasted that no one can stop them from achieving this object and that they would be triumphant in the end. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II replied by saying, that if Ahmadiyyat was a false movement than there was no need for Ahrar to try to destroy it, Allah will never let it prosper as he never let false claimants to flourish. But if Ahmadiyyat had been planted by God Himself, and we believe that it was a God planted tree, then even if the whole world was on the side of Ahrar they would be defeated and all their designs would be frustrated. The meeting ended.

Within one year the Ahrar Movement was utterly defeated all over India and it lost public support. Ahmadiyyat was triumphant and gained strength through the introduction of Tahrik i Jadid scheme which established Ahmadiyya Missions in most countries of the world. How many people are there today who are even familiar with the name of AHRAR, while the Ahmadiyya Movement had developed into a huge tree with its branches extending all over the globe. Millions of people are taking shelter under this blessed tree and enjoy comfortable and blissful life under its shade.

I wish these misguided and bigoted maulvis of Pakistan would watch the MTA, the Ahmadyya TV and see for themselves the progress and triumphant march of the Jamaat. The question for them to answer is, why is Allah helping Ahmadis and not them? Why are they losing so badly against Ahmadis?


22 thoughts on “Ahmadiyyat Marches On

  1. “General feel” and “state of peace and tranquility” – if only we could box these products! Religion inspires people with that ‘feel’, and people are intoxicated (in a good way) with it. Other religions however leave gaps in this ‘feel’, but people are so happy with the inner happiness it brings them that they choose to ignore some of these gaps. Gaps that sometimes take them away from God. Alhamdullilah it is only Islam Ahmadiyya that does not leave any gap in the ‘feel’.

    This blog mostly deals with the “logical research” you have mentioned, but you are too right, the “feel” is such a key factor. A bigger factor in my opinion. It baffles me how some people who were born into Ahmadiyyat managed to not pick up this ‘feel’ and choose to move away from the Jama’at.

  2. I’ve seen those references myself but those books are either in Urdu or Arabic and I cannot seem to verify the references for myself. In the Kitab al-Aqdas however he does claim to be God at one point, but when I asked about this to Baha’is themselves, they told me it was just the application of the Sufi concept of Wahdat al-Wujud and he was not claiming to literally be God in actuality.

    I’ll take their word for it. But there are many other reasons I cannot believe in Baha’ Allah as the Messiah.

  3. I came across the following regarding his claims

    “He who is at the moment speaking from prison, is the creator of all things,
    and the originator of all names. He has borne great hardships in order to give life to the world”
    Majmu‘ah Aqdas, printed Bombay, page 286.

    “Other than myself, who am in prison, alone at the moment, there is no God”
    Mubin page 286

    On the other hand he never claimed to be a Prophet, according to Bahais themselves.

    For more information..

  4. @cylindrical

    sorry .still I do not agree with you. but first let me clear my stance.
    I feel that you are taking my view wrong Or I was unable to let you know what I wanted to convey.

    The verses we quote i.e.

    [69:45] And if he had forged and attributed any sayings to Us,
    [69:46] We would surely have seized him by the right hand,
    [69:47] And then surely We would have severed his life-artery,
    [69:48] And not one of you could have held Us off from him.

    are about such people who forged the false revelations and say to the world that God is talking to them . They ask peoples to join them and lead all of them to go astray using the name of the God.

    every such claimant who publishes the false revelations towards the God comes under above ayyat .

    When I wrote that such a lie attributed towards the God almighty is get punished in this world , I was pointing to above ayyat which is dealing with false attribution of revelations towards the God.

    now the ayyah you quoted is of totally different context ..

    [10:69] They say, ‘Allah has taken unto Himself a son.’ Holy is He! He is Self-Sufficient. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. You have no authority for this. Do you say against Allah what you know not?
    [10:70] Say, ‘Those who invent a lie against Allah shall not prosper.’
    [10:71] They will have some enjoyment in this world. Then to Us is their return. Then shall We make them taste a severe punishment, because they used to disbelieve.

    here such peoples are mentioned who wrongly consider that what they believe is indeed what God has told .

    Christians , who are mentioned in the above ayyat, believes that God has himself made jesus a son of the God. this is a lie , but this is the result of wrong conclusion ………

    this is a lie, but point is do anyone of them claims that God sent on them revelations and talked to them and ordered them to worship Jesus(as) as son of God.
    as the religion progress , many human believes are get enter in to the religion and peoples start considering it as the commands of the God.

    such false lies as a result of misunderstanding of words of the God are not those lies about whom these verses are talking

    [69:45] And if he had forged and attributed any sayings to Us,
    [69:46] We would surely have seized him by the right hand,
    [69:47] And then surely We would have severed his life-artery,
    [69:48] And not one of you could have held Us off from him.

    in this time , non-ahmdies believe that Jesus (as) is alive on sky and they consider it as a believe made obligatory on them by the God almighty.
    we , on the other hand , believe that this is false believe and God has not told any where that Jesus is alive on the sky.

    for us non-ahmadies are attributing a false thing towards quran and God and they allege us of the same thing.

    but we do not consider such people comes under the wrath of the God mentioned in the ayyat [69:45-48].

    the verse [69: 45-48] are about those false claimant who lead people to go astray by falsely attributing revelations towards the God and then they publish such lies on the name of the God.

    God also mention in another ayyat

    [5:104] Allah has not ordained any ‘Bahirah’ or ‘Sa’ibah’ or ‘Wasilah’ or ‘Hami’; but those who disbelieve forge a lie against Allah, and most of them do not make use of their understanding

    here again God mentions those disbelievers who have considered their self made believes as if God commanded them to do so. But none of they claim that God talked to them and ordered them to do so.

    and we are not talking about such peoples who falsely consider their view as of ordered by God , but we are considering such peoples who claims that God has talked to them , and they publish their revelations to the world and lead the peoples go astray.

    Can you name a single such person who falsely published their revelation and survived the wrath of the God almighty ?

  5. And sorry, that is factually incorrect. Mirza Husayn ‘Ali never claimed to be God.

    He claimed to possess union with Allah in much the same way as Mansur al-Hallaj or even the Promised Messiah (‘alayhi al-salam) himself when he saw a dream in which he was Allah and created the Universe.

    It is called Wahdat al-Wujud I believe, and is a mystical Islamic concept not understood by the simple-minded. It does not in any way mean they claimed to be God.

  6. The number of Ahmadi Muslimeen does not matter, the quality of eiman does.

    Also, I have done quite an in-depth study of the Baha’i Faith, to which I was at one point considering joining. I have met many Baha’is and visited a Mashriq al-Adhkar (Baha’i Temple), and have deeply prayed over the matter whether it is the true faith or not, because Mirza Husayn ‘Ali al-Nuri made very similar claims to Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam).

    Rest assured however, that under the criterion set by Allah Himself of not allowing a false claimant to be safe or to live after making his false claim, the Baha’i Faith fails in that respect.

    ‘Ali Muhammad “al-Bab”, the precursor to the founder of the Baha’i Faith – Mirza Husayn ‘Ali al-Nuri “Baha’ Allah” – claimed to be the Mahdi and a Prophet. He was originally an Ithna ‘Ashariyyah Shi’ah under the Shaykhi school of thought, which held heavy emphasis on the concept of al-Bab (the Gate), a special individual who has spiritual converse with Muhammad, the 12th Imam, whom the Shi’as consider as the Mahdi who went into hiding within a cave.

    ‘Ali Muhammad originally claimed to be another Bab (with 4 Babs preceding him) ie. a man with spiritual converse with the Mahdi who was hiding in a cave, according to the Shi’as.

    Later he claimed to be the Mahdi himself, and a Prophet bringing a new law because he felt Islam had become obsolete. This law was written by himself in a holy book known as al-Bayan (the Explanation), in which he also preached violent jihad against non-Babis (I’m serious), to burn all books that are not al-Bayan, and that there must be 19 months with 19 days in each instead of the 12 months of 30 days according to the Qur’an. The Babis did indeed assassinate many political leaders and ‘Ulemah who were opposed to the faith.

    Needless to say, ‘Ali Muhammad al-Sherazi, was eventually shot by firing squad by the Iranian government within a very short period after claiming to be the Mahdi and a Prophet. “He shall be cut off at the jugular vein.”

    Now, Mirza Husayn ‘Ali al-Nuri was never killed by another human, but was imprisoned many times. While many people constantly tried to put Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) in jail but failed every time.

    The Sign of the Eclipses as mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) for the Imam al-Mahdi was also never fulfilled for “al-Bab” nor “Baha’ Allah”. The latter stated it was only a metaphor.

    Mirza Husayn ‘Ali’s book of shari’ah, the Kitab al-Aqdas also contains many suspect teachings.

    Also, regarding movements/faiths in which a claimant of Mahdi/Messiahship started it and they still flourished, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) himself addresses this in his book, Tohfah al-Nadwah (A Gift for Nadwah). In this short and incisive tract, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) responds to the contention made by the then ‘alim of Nadwah, Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf that even false claimants of Prophethood can establish successful missions.

    I suggest you read it here: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Tohfa-Nadva.pdf

    The Promised Messiah (‘alayhi al-salam) states in that book that:

    “How can a false claimant of Prophethood be likened to me? I have been supported by numerous miracles… My success is from God and is a fulfillment of His promises. It is not within the control of any human being.”

    Jazak Allahu ‘Khayr

  7. Say: “Those who invent a lie against Allah will never prosper.” A little enjoyment in this world!- and then, to Us will be their return, then shall We make them taste the severest penalty for their blasphemies.


  8. @cylindrical

    I disagree with you. you are mixing things.

    we are not saying that lie does not get spread , we are just saying that a lie attributed towards the God cannot spread.

    we are not saying every liar will be punished in this world at once.
    we are saying that any liar who attributes lie towards the God will be punished and cannot survive for a long time.

    in case of bahai faith , the founder of bahai faith was portraying himself a GOD .

    and In quran we find that punishment of such person will be in next world.

    but for those who attributed their false claims towards the God , surely get destroyed in this world and their existence in this world cannot be very long.
    please read this thread as well.

  9. Other false religions have survived as well. Take the Bahai Faith for example. According to Mr. Rafiq’s logic they are truthful since they still exist and are represented in 218 countries (wikipedia). The truthfulness of a religion is determined by its theology, not by its ability to adopt and spread.

    Oh btw, how many million Ahmadis are there?

  10. God almighty says in holy quran regarding hazrt Muhammad (saw)

    [69:45] And if he had forged and attributed any sayings to Us,
    [69:46] We would surely have seized him by the right hand,
    [69:47] And then surely We would have severed his life-artery,
    [69:48] And not one of you could have held Us off from him.

    Why the same GOD did not destroyed Promised Messiah (as) if these non-ahmadies believes that (God forbade) Promised Messiah (as) attributed lies on the God .

    میں اگر کاذب ہوں ، تو کذاب کی پائوں گا سزا
    پر اگر صادق ہوں تو کیا عذر ہے روز شمار

    ہے کوئی کازب حہاں میں لائو لوگو کچھ نظیر
    جس کی تائیدیں ہوئی ہوں میری جیسی بار بار

    پر اگر پوچھیں کہ ایسے کاذبوں کے نام لو
    جس کی نصرت کر سالہا سے کررہا ہو کردگار

    مردہ ہو جاتے ھیںاس کا کچھ نہیں دیتے جواب
    زرد ہو جاتا ہے منہ جیسے کوئی ہو سوگوار

    if i am a liar, then punishment of the liars will surely strike me
    but If I am a truthful , then what justification you will give on the day of Judgment.

    is there any liar in this world, whom God helped like me .
    If its true , then bring the examples of such liars.

    And when we ask to tell us the name of such liars
    Whom God protected and helped for years

    they become dead and do not answer at all
    their face become as pale as the face of mourning person

  11. I also have to add that despite all the hostility and gigantic efforts to obstruct it,s passage has progressed in the last 100 years so rapidly and widely that one is amazed.
    In a short span of 100 years , that one man has grown into 10 million, and has firmly rooted in 120 countries of the world , that one man is The Promised Messiah (as). This reminds one of a promise given to him by god , when the world at large seemed to have rejected him. god promised.

  12. When you are looking for the truth and seeking God you undergo a logical process which takes the form of research though reading and seeking the truth. Another key factor is looking at the progress and a general “feel” of whether a community which automatically from its speeches and method of dialogue and radiance shows you the truth.

    The human mind makes the differentiation from chaos to promotion of peace . When you flick through many channels that are now broadcasting and you firstly look at them from this view point MTA shows you how Ahmadiyyat fits this model of radiance. Speeches made by certain channels are done at a fever pitch which can only send shivers through a person rather than instill him or her with peace and tranquility

    The opponents of Ahamdiyyat in all there own correspondence always seem to show this “fever State ” This is the difference between right and wrong and truth and falsehood. The truth is always pure and radiant and peaceful where falsehood is angry , bitter and mislead. For those looking for the right path an excellent entry point is to begin your research where you find this state of peace and tranquility.

  13. Assalamoalikum
    A statement by sir Zafrulla Khan, my allah bless him.great word,s from a great man.

    No amount of misrepresentation or vilification or persecution has ever succeeded in destroying a community, a religious community. Remember this that whatever circumstances a man passes through, those are meant for his preparation and training. I firmly believe that our community is passing through a course of tribulation and obligations that are bound to be laid upon our shoulders as time passes. In order that we should carry this message to the ends of the earth, we must be tried.We cannot fit ourselves for the task until we pass through that fire. Persecution will purify us and outward good work help us to serve the best interest of mankind as torch-bearers of enlightenment for the human race

    thought I would share the wise words of a wise man

  14. The Promised Messiah (as) says:

    “Harken, all ye people. This is a prophecy of Him Who had created heaven and earth. He will spread this Community of His in all countries and will make it supreme over all, through reason and arguments. The days are coming, indeed they are near, when this will be the only religion which will be held in honor. God will bestow extraordinary blessings on this religion and Movement. He will frustrate everyone who seeks to destroy it. This supremacy will last till the Judgement Day.”
    (Tazkaratush Shahadatain, p. 64)

  15. Asalamoalaikum,
    This is true, these people never stop and think for a moment. They are continuously meeting failures and all their endeavours bring them only more misfortune. I cannot express my gratitude to Allah (SWT) for being born in an ahmadi family. The ocean of humanity is lost in the storm of sin and bidah, except the vessel of Hazrat syedna Masih Maud (as).

  16. Masha’Allah – a very good read. The progress of Ahmadiyyat can be gauged from the following:

    Ahmadiyyat is now established in 200 countries (Huzur Aqdas(Atba) speech Jalsa Salana 2011). Yes that is 200 countries with Chile and Barbados joining last year.

    Since the promulgation of anti-Ahmadiyya laws in Pakistan 1984, 109 new countries have become the branches of Ahmadiyyat.

    Oh Anti-Ahmadi elements – show me one year, just one year where Ahmadiyyat the march of Ahmadiyyat was reversed! And if you can’t show it then question whose side Allah really is on.

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