Lajna Ijtema & Sisterhood

By Ahmadi Muslimah


I returned yesterday from Lajna Ima’illah National Ijtema at Baitul Fatuh. What an eventful day! Walking in to the Mosque I am always in awe of it’s beauty, the grounds were filled with Lajna, here for one reason, for the love of Allah Almighty, Islam and to celebrate sisterhood.

It was lovely seeing Lajna I haven’t seen for a while, seeing new faces and listening to eloquent speeches by young Ahmadi Ladies was inspiring. The day consisted of speech competitions both english and urdu, nazms and breaks for prayers and food!
It was brilliant to see an event organised by women running so smoothly even in this baking heat. There were children, young women and elders on duty, all volunteered their time. I was moved by their humbleness and strength, collecting rubbish and clearing up after other Lajna was not beneath them. Standing outside in the heat for security purposes was not beneath them and walking around the hall and pouring water for those who needed to quench their thirst. These are just some examples of the duties Lajna fulfilled with grace.
Some of these duties holders were one of the first to arrive in the early hours and the last to leave in the evening. May Allah Almighty shower them with His choicest blessings.

We had burgers!! Although, for me it was the kulfis that went down a treat in this crazy weather, 30 degrees in October? We just don’t ever get that in the UK.



23 thoughts on “Lajna Ijtema & Sisterhood

  1. Nemo, good luck in your search for truth. We all on the same path. Yep you made it big with your ‘front/back side ways and under’ biting. But hope inshallah through this experience you find the answers you are looking for. I’m rooting for ya!

  2. It would help if you could mention which points you have specific difficulty with. The majority of the book is poor, badly written, full of prejudice and at times near insane. She relies on next to no sources if you go to the bibliography. I am not angry or offended, just stating it how I see it. Through calculations she tries to argue that Ahmadis were behind 911 and also that the turban is a sign of hypocrisy, completely ignoring that we have lots of pictures of Khalifahs wearing turbans before they were elected and not wearing it after. My issue then, is that when a book is underpinned by such white-rage prejudice, how far can you rely upon anything else in there.

    It is, all in all, quite poor in my view. But hey, these are just my opinions. Let me know what is agitating you from it and I will try to address that as best I can with evidence.

  3. Thanks, that’s fine, and I know you have said this time and again. Actually I was hoping rather that you could point me in the right direction of where to get the jamaat view on this (not what your view is but I welcome your view nonetheless)….because I need to get to the bottom of this one way or the other.

  4. I will send you a response, however please keep in mind that I am an individual. This is a private blog and what I write here is what I and other contributors think as Ahmadi Muslims, but not as official representatives. I really was not joking when I said , and continued to say, that this is a blog run by me alone with the support of various contributors who come from various countries, genders and backgrounds. In offering our views we never intend to misrepresent the ”official” Jama’at position, however humans will often make mistakes – and we are human. I cannot, therefore, offer you the official position of the Jama’at.

    You will have seen that I asked readers a few days ago how they would feel if the blog was adopted by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya as an official blog. If it does transpire that it becomes official I will inform everyone of that. As things stand, it is not.

  5. Yes I did say all those things but I am not here to go over what was and wasn’t said. Hopefully you got my message earlier today about the issue I raised re Nuzhat Haneef and you have my email address.
    Apart from that I just wanted to reassure you and the readers that I have no intention of creating a storm out here on this blog now and am quite capable of keeping comments rosy and polite for your blog. I am still one of you albeit have swum out far away. My negativity ceases until I get my answer, however my journey for the truth continues…

  6. Jazak Allah. Let me just tackle the great big elephant in the corner. On the site you used to be on (on which your account has subsequently deleted at your request) you did say some things which many would find quite hurtful. I disagreed with much of what you said, and particularly with your previous methodology, and my personal opinions on that are very clear and a matter of public knowledge.

    What I will say, however, is that you are as entitled as anybody else, including myself, to visit this blog and comment as often or little as you like. Please do keep posting here and don’t ever feel that you cannot share your views and thoughts here. You are welcome to post something about your time as a Cult poster, or can simply move on from that and start afresh here (or both).

    If you still have specific issues which are agitating your mind, then please mention those and I (and I’m sure everybody else) will try our bests to resolve them.

  7. The thing I like about ijtema is the community aspect, and like all jamaat functions being able to meet everyone. It’s also very satisfying when you learn something new from the Islamic perspective e.g. the narration about Hadhrat Talha r.a.

  8. Alhamdolillah, the another Lajna ijtema under the belt. One of my highlights this year was our former Sadr Sahiba Shamila Nagi’s heartfelt speech on Sunday to Lajna and Nasirat. The point that almost bought me to tears was when she reminded us of the incident of Hadhrat Talha (ra) during the Battle of Uhud, where he saw the enemy arrows heading towards the direction of our beloved Prophet (saw). In a bid to protect him he stretched out his hand to shield the Holy Prophet’s (saw) blessed face, and kept it there as the arrows penetrated his flesh, all so he could protect his Master (saw). Sadr Sahiba went on to say how lucky Hadhrat Talha (ra) was – how lucky he had the opportunity to offer his hand in exchange for the protection of the Holy Prophet’s (saw) life! Unfortunately for us, this opportunity does not exist as the Holy Prophet (saw) has passed away. But alhamdolillah, today we have the opportunity to shield and protect the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) honour by defending Islam, removing misconceptions and ensuring we portray it’s true and beautiful teachings to the world.

    Mashallah, this blog is like the hand of Hadhrat Talha (ra): defending Islam from every angle, protecting the honour of the Holy Prophet (saw), removing misconceptions and defending Islam against the allegations of the hypocrites. May Allah bless the author of this blog and every person that contributes towards it abundantly, and may He enable Lajna Imaillah to fulfil our duties and obligations as so eloquently conveyed to us by respected Shamila Nagi sahiba. May Allah also bless our new Sadr Sahiba with strength and guidance so that she may lead us in the best possible way for the next two years, inshallah.

    Lajna Imaillah UK: zindabaad!


  9. Assalamu ‘Alaikum

    MashAllah I could not have said it better! It was a very beautiful Ijtema. One thing I have noticed is that each year, the ijtemas and the Jalsas always leave me with a sense of bettering myself. This is one of the things that our newly elected Sadr Lajna Sahiba said – that we shoudl never be at a standstill. We should always aim to better ourselves spiritually and when we claim that I will do such and such thing when I leave, then we should really follow through with it.

    I also met amazing and very spiritual sisters this year. I will remember this ijtema for a long long time, and I pray that Allah (swt) enables us all to be obedient to those in authority and have respect for all those around us. May we overlook each and everyone’s faults and shortcomings, and may we in turn ask Allah (swt) to forgive us, for without His (swt) forgiveness we are at loss.

    Please remember this humble one in your prayers and forgive me for any shortcomings. May Allah (swt) continue to bless this blessed Jama’ah with more and more righteous and pious Lajna (nasirat, khuddam, atfal, ansar, etc etc). Ameen.

    Lajna Imaillah UK: ZINDABAAAAD!

    Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuhu,

    Your AhmadiSister in Islam

  10. Wow! What a weekend. This has been the best Ijtema experience I’ve had so far, Alhamdulillah.

    These blessed gatherings cultivate the soul in such ways; one actually feels the hunger for more. Once it’s over and we eagerly await for the next year to grace us with its presence.

    Whether they are local meetings and classes; which strengthen bonds of sisterhood on a weekly basis at a local level, or whether they are the gatherings at Jalsas and National Ijtemas on a mega scale, we are greatful to be part of every part of it.

    There was a collective awe and inspiration whilst listening to the speech competitions – we all thought; “maybe I’ll attempt one next year, insha’Allah”. May Allah enable us to do so, ameen.

    The speech of a young convert, at a tender age of 15 – a bright young girl with so much enthusiasm may I add – was enough to inspire us all.

    Then there was obedience to the nizam which was one of the most impressing sights. The last speech was a pre-recorded address ( of our beloved Huzur at the Germany Lajna Imaillah Ijtema, most had already heard the speech, nonetheless there was pin drop silence out of love and respect for our Khalifa.

    And in the end, the emotions which had been welling up inside us throughout this weekend, came streaming down our cheeks with the first speech of our newly appointed Sadar Sahiba, followed by a very moving and uplifting “Naarey Takbir”.

    Alhamdulillah… Alhamdulillah.

  11. Assalamo alikum
    Allhumdolillah our National Ijtema was superb, and successful we had around 5000 people whom attended, we had many guests also. A great example to us all is our Sadr Lajna, she is loved dearly by all young and old .she is highly respected in the ahmadyyat community , her love for the people knew no bounds, her love for islam is in all she does . may allah bless her and reward her for her sacrifices as our pledge says, I solemnly affirm that I will always be ready to sacrifice my life, property, time and chilldren for the cause of faith and community, that is exactly what she has done , the sisterhood in the ahmadi jamat is incredible, no amount of work is too difficult, the hours don’t matter, the days don’t matter because there is so much love and respect for each other we all work in unison, allhumdollilah.

    We are even more fortunate and blessed as we are headed by the Khalifat who constantly guides and reminds us of our responsibilities. We must reform ourselves to the highest standards,
    inspire our children to do the same and serve our fellow human beings by displaying the beauty of islam in our own personalities.
    May we work toghether , being exemplary ladies and men, in doing good deeds to spread the message of islam .ameen

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