Response: Meaning of Khatam (Seal) When Used for a Group

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh,

I am going to add some responses concerning the Finality of Prophethood. As this subject is a very sensitive one to all, and requires deep understanding, I am going to take a quite different approach. I will break down the argument and present it in various parts so that the concept is understood bit by bit. As always, anyone wishing to understand this subject is best served by the explanation of the Imam al-Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam) himself in his book ”A Misconception Removed.”

Jazak Allah


[The author of this post is attempting to show how the word khatam is understood when it is pre-fixed to any group (i.e., Seal of the writers / poets, etc.)]

1. خاتم النبین as the best of the Prophets and as the prophet who has the perfect qualities of the Prophethood

When ever خاتم is used for the group of a people (مرکب اضافی کے طور پر)، then it is necessary that the person who is entitled with the term خاتم becomes best of that group .

It is because; you cannot produce the impression of something over the other, until that thing has perfectly and flawlessly acquired all the characteristics of that thing in it. When it has the perfect pattern (engraving, marking, impression) of something. then and only then that thing will be able to produce the impression perfectly in other things.

Similarly when a person becomes a خاتم of some group , then he must acquire all the qualities of that group fully and perfectly .

خاتم الاولیا , will be a person who have attained the quality of the ولایت perfectly in himself, then and only then he will be able to produce this quality in the other persons , thus meaning of خاتم in the term خاتم الاولیا , necessarily requires that خاتم الاولیا is the best of the all اولیا.

خاتم المفسرین , will be that who has fully and perfectly acquired the property of the group of مفسرین. Then and only then he will be able to transmit his knowledge and makes his students to become like him.

خاتم الشعرا, will be a person who have perfected himself in making poetic verses and have attained that quality fully in himself , then and only then he will be able to produce other poets .

This suggests that when the term خاتم النبین is used, then prophet hazrat Muhammad (saw) cannot become a خاتم النبین , until he (saw) has attained all the qualities of the prophethood(نبوت) perfectly, completely and absolutely in himself (saw). And as hazrat Muhammad (saw) is the most perfect prophets and all the qualities of the prophethood in him (saw) and each quality have reached to its zenith, in the pious and glorious personality of the hazrat Muhammad (saw). That is why , hazrat Muhammad (saw) is the best and superior to all the other prophets.

Our above discussion is to show that خاتم, when used as the مضاف in مرکب اضافی, then it will definitely have the meaning of
Best of that group. That is the reason you will find so many usage of the خاتم for a group of people in the meaning of BEST.

The usage of خاتم in the meaning of the BEST is the logically outcome of the fundamental meanings of the word خاتم , that is producing the impression of something on the something else. It is not listed in the dictionary meanings of the word خاتم but it will be a necessary consequence of the usage of the خاتم when it is used as the مضاف for a group as a مرکب اضافی

Hence first associated meanings of the term khataMunabeen (خاتم النبین)are the best of the prophets

Source: Ehsan Ahmad, Rah-e-Huda Forum


11 thoughts on “Response: Meaning of Khatam (Seal) When Used for a Group

  1. Jazak Allah. Brother Khalid has written a very comprehensive article on this which must be 30-40 pages long. May Almighty Allah bless him. He did send it to me a couple of mnths ago and I intend to upload it in parts.

  2. Err, have you even read his reply?

    Not to be confused with Khatum, which is used numerous times, [b]such as in the opening verses of Surah al Baqarah.[/b]

    if you want to believe Khaatama (خاثم) in 33:41 is “exactly the same” as khatuma (ختم) in 2:8 it is upto you sir, but do not insult others without even reading what they have written.

  3. well Mr rationlist , this should not be your problem at all that what is being written and by whom.
    Well let me tell you that the above answer is a part of my long article which I wrote in response of Mr Farhan so called research regarding the Khatim.
    I waited anxious that Mr Farhan shall try his best to answer it , but to my surprise , he did not allowed my post to be published on thecult blog. I have the back up copies , want to see it ?

    anyway , how many times a word is repeated and in what sense is a flawed argument.
    When a word has many usage in lexicon , then we are to check what is the meaning which are suited best according the context.
    If your “rationalist thinking” cannot understand this little fact then what else we can do for you …. nothing.

    your remark about the Promised Messiah (as) being inconsistent is also due to your so called “rationalist thinking ” and nothing else.

    Promised Messiah (as) clearly indicated the conditions under which tawafi will have the meaning of death and only death , however if your “rationalist research” failed to read that , then it is not our fault.

  4. To be sure, Khatam, as used in 33:41, is the only time it is used as such in the entire Qur’an. Not to be confused with Khatum, which is used numerous times, such as in the opening verses of Surah al Baqarah.

  5. Didnt he say that Mutawafeeka could only mean death? Do you need a reference?

    Have you read the occurrences of Khatam in the Quran? I wrote a detailed article on this once.

    Have you studied egyptology and ancient languages?

  6. Two words which are interpreted differently in accordance with lexicon and usage. No inconsistency here. Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) did not say that all words will only have a single meaning. Your point has no value. Please do continue to share your views here.

  7. Why do you keep posting other people’s answers to this question??? Have you ever read the Quran??? How many times does the word Khatam/Khatim appear in the Quran?? Have you ever checked?

    And….are you saying that Quranic words mean different things or have different interpretations?? Please dont tell me that…you are essentially calling Mirza as inconsistent.

    The Mirza [Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian] said that Mutawafeeka could only mean death. We say, that is CAn mean something like DEATH. Do you see the inconsistency?

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