Refutation: Prophecy Relating to Muhammadi Begum

By Imam B. A. Rafiq

One of the objections of the opponents of Ahmadiyyat is that the Founder of the Movement had made a prophecy that Muhammadi Begum, daughter of Mirza Ahmad Beg, would be married to him, but that the marriage did not take place and this prophecy was proved false.

The background of this prophecy was that some of the relatives of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, were atheists and mocked at Islam. God Almighty designed to show them a sign so that those who might take advantage of it may be saved and those who might reject it may be punished. Their condition is depicted by him as follows:

God Almighty found my cousins and other relatives a prey to irreligious thinking and given to misconduct. They were held in the grip of their passions, denied the existence of God and were disorderly. (Ayenah Kamalat Islam, p. 566)

He states further:

It so happened that one evening a person came to me weeping and I became apprehensive and asked him whether he had received the news of the death of anyone. To this he replied in the negative and said that the matter was graver than that. He explained that he had been sitting with those people who have become apostates from the divine faith and one of them uttered vile abuse against the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, such as has not been heard even from the mouth of a disbeliever. He mentioned that these people dishonor the Holy Quran and utter things that one dare not repeat. They assert that there is no God and that the concept of God is an imposture. Having heard him I reminded him that I had already warned him against keeping company with such people. (Ayenah Kamalat Islam, p. 568)

The Promised Messiah, peace be on him, further states:

These people wrote a letter to me in which they reviled the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and denied the existence of God and demanded proofs of my truth and of the existence of God. They published this letter and supported the non-Muslims of India and exhibited extreme wickedness. (Ayenah Kamalat Islam, p. 568)

On their demanding a sign, the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, turned to prayer and supplicated earnestly for a Divine sign to be exhibited in respect of them. God Almighty responded to him and he received the revelation:

I have observed their misconduct and wickedness and I shall soon destroy them under heaven through different types of calamities and you will soon see how I shall deal with them. I have power to do all that I will, I shall make their women widows and their children orphans and shall ruin their homes so that they might be punished for their misdeeds. I shall not destroy them at one stroke but gradually so that they might turn back and repent. My curse will descend upon the walls of their homes, on their elders and their young ones, on their women and on their men and on their guests. All of them will be accursed except those who believe and cut asunder from them and keep away from their company. They will be under divine mercy. (Ayenah Kamalat Islam, p. 569)

About that time the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, was approached by one of these relatives of his to procure his consent on deed of gift, the details of which are set out by him as follows:

At that time Mirza Ahmad Beg, father of Muhammadi Begum, made up his mind to procure from his sister, whose husband had not been heard of for several years, a gift of her land in favor of his son. The husband of his sister was a cousin of ours and under the customary law she could not transfer her land without our consent as we were the collateral’s of her husband. Mirza Ahmad Beg, therefore, turned to me and humbly and respectfully requested me to indicate my consent to the transfer proposed by him and I became inclined to put my signature to the deed of gift. But, as was my habit, I prayed for guidance, whereupon, I received a revelation to the following effect:

‘Tell him to establish a relationship with you by giving his elder daughter in marriage to you and thus to obtain light from your light. Tell him that you would agree to the transfer of the land as he has requested and show him other favors in the event of this marriage taking place. Tell him that this would be a covenant between you and that if he accepts it he will find you the best acceptor on your side and that if he does not accept it and his daughter is married to someone else that marriage would not prove a blessing either for his daughter or for himself. Tell him that if he persists in carrying out any different design he will become subject to a series of misfortunes, the last of which would be his death within three years of the marriage of his daughter to someone else. Warn him that his death is near and will occur at a time when he does not expect it. The husband of his daughter will also die within two years and a half. This is a divine decree.’

I told him that he could now proceed to do whatever he might wish and that I had warned him. (Ayenah Kamalat Islam, p.572)

This was the prophecy, which was conditional upon repentance. In fact every prophecy that warns of punishment is conditioned with repentance. That this was so in this case also is clear from the revelation that the Promised Messiah received on seeing Muhammadi Begum’s maternal grandmother in a vision and in which he addressed her:

Woman, do thou repent. Repent, for misfortune is about to overtake thee and thy progeny and their progeny. A person wilt die but many critics will remain who will indulge in wild language. (Announcement of 10 July 1888)

The real purpose of the prophecy appears from the following statement of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him:

I had no need to request this relationship. God Almighty had fulfilled all my needs. He had bestowed children upon me and had promised that He would bestow upon me, within a short period, a son who would serve as a lamp for the faith and would be named Mahmud Ahmad. He would prove to be of high resolve in his endeavors. The request for this relationship is merely as a sign so that God Almighty might demonstrate His wonderful power to the dissidents of this family; so that if they accept, God might bestow signs of blessings and mercy upon them and might avert the misfortunes that are approaching and that if they reject it He might warn them through His wrathful signs. (Announcement of 15 July 1888)

It is clear, therefore, that the misfortune that threatened Muhammadi Begum’s maternal grandmother and Muhammadi Begum herself could be averted by repentance, as is indicated by the opening words of the revelation: Repent, Repent.

So it happened that Muhammadi Begum’s father gave her in marriage to another person and in accordance with the prophecy died within six months of the marriage and his death deeply affected the other members of the family. Muhammadi Begum’s husband repented and turned to God and thus his death was averted. As the prophecy was conditioned with repentance and on his repenting, the death of Muhammadi Begum’s husband was averted, her marriage to the Promised Messiah was canceled and did not take place.

It might be asked what is there to show that Muhammadi Begum’s husband, Mirza Sultan Muhammad, had really repented and had turned to God. In reply to this the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, states:

The determination of this is quite easy. Ask Sultan Muhammad, the son-in-law of Ahmad Beg, that he should publish a denial. Thereafter, if he should not die within a period that God Almighty might specify, I would be proved false… Such death would be withheld from him till he becomes defiant. Thus if you are in a hurry then arise and make him announce his denial and then witness the power of God Almighty. (Anjam Aatham, p.32)

If, after this challenge Mirza Sultan Muhammad had exhibited any defiance or had, at the urging of others, announced his denial, his death within the period that might have been appointed would have been absolutely inescapable and Muhammadi Begum’s marriage to the Promised Messiah would have taken place.

On the publication of the challenge of the Promised Messiah set out in Anjam Aatham, some Christians approached Mirza Sultan Muhammad and promised to pay him a large amount of money so that he might prosecute the Promised Messiah, peace be on him, in respect of his challenge. But they were unable to persuade him to take any such step, despite the tempting offer made to him.

In 1912 Mirza Sultan Muhammad wrote in a letter, a photostat of which has been published several times by the Ahmadiyya Community:

I have always held the late Mirza Sahib, and still hold him, as a righteous and respected person who was a servant of Islam, had a noble spirit and was constant in his remembrance of God. I entertain no opposition to his followers and regret that for certain reasons I was not able to have the honor of meeting him in his lifetime.

Hafiz Jamal Ahmad Sahib, a missionary of the Ahmadiyya Movement had, on one occasion, an interview with Mirza Sultan Muhammad, husband of Muhammadi Begum, which was published in the AI-Fazal of 9-13 June 1921, in the lifetime of Mirza Sultan Muhammad. Hafiz Ahmad Sahib states as follows:

If you would not mind, I would like to ask you about the prophecy of Hazrat Mirza Sahib concerning his marriage. He replied: ‘You can ask me freely’; and on my putting the question to him he stated: ‘My father-in-law, Mirza Ahmad Beg Sahib, died in accordance with the prophecy, but God Almighty is Forgiving and Merciful and hears the supplications of His servants and has mercy on them.’

He was asked: ‘Have you any comments on the prophecy of Mirza Sahib, or did it raise any doubts in your mind?’ to which he replied:

‘The prophecy raised no doubts in my mind. I state on oath that the faith and belief that I have in Hazrat Sahib are, I conceive, stronger than that of those of you who have entered into a covenant of allegiance with him.’

Thus the turning back of Mirza Sultan Muhammad Sahib is clear and obvious. As the prophecy was conditional, its remaining portions were averted through repentance after the death of Mirza Ahmad Beg. These included Muhammadi Begum’s marriage to the Promised Messiah after the death of Mirza Sultan Muhammad. As his death was deferred, the question of any other marriage did not arise. As the Promised Messiah has stated:

When these people fulfilled the condition and the son-in-law of Ahmad Beg became afraid and repented, the marriage was canceled or postponed. (Tatimmah Haqeeqatul Wahi, p.32)

He has stated further:

Everyone is aware of the events of the people of Jonah where there was no condition and yet the punishment decreed for them was averted by repentance and asking of forgiveness. In the present case there was the clear admonition: ‘Repent, repent, for the calamity is on thy heels’; which meant that everything would be averted through repentance. They were put in fear and thus a part of the prophecy was averted. (Badar, 13April 1908)

The effect of the prophecy was that God Almighty delivered a large number of the members of that family and brought them into the Ahmadiyya Movement and made them devoted Muslims. Out of a long list of those members of this family who have joined the Movement, we call attention to a statement made in a letter by Mirza Ishaq Beg, son of Muhammadi Begum, who, by God’s grace, is a member of the Ahmadiyya Movement. He has said:

In accordance with this prophecy, my maternal grandfather, Mirza Ahmad Beg, died and the rest of the family was put in fear and became inclined towards reform, the irrefutable proof of which is that most of them joined the Ahmadiyya Movement in consequence of which God Almighty, being Forgiving and Merciful, changed His wrath into mercy. (Al-Fazal, 26 February 1923)

One objection that is raised in connection with this prophecy is that the Promised Messiah stated in Izalah Auham in 1891:

God Almighty will in any event bring Muhammadi Begum to me as a virgin or a widow and will remove all obstructions. He will certainly fulfill this and no one can obstruct Him. (Izalah Auham, p.296)

Then how is it possible that God Almighty did not remove the intervening obstructions and the marriage did not take place? The answer is that this statement was an interpretation of the prophecy, though it does not mention the condition to which the prophecy was subject. This condition was expressly laid down as has already been pointed out, If after his repentance Mirza Sultan Muhammad had rescinded from it then all intervening obstructions would have been removed. But, as in the event, Mirza Sultan Muhammad fulfilled the condition of repentance and adhered to it throughout, the remaining portions of the prophecy could not come into operation.

Source: The Truth About Ahmadiyya, Al Islam


15 thoughts on “Refutation: Prophecy Relating to Muhammadi Begum

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  2. well do not you worry , I shall try my best to address as many allegations as I can .
    however, can you be mores specific to what allegation has not been addressed in alhafeez’s article, which, in your opinion, must have been addressed ?

  3. With reference to all the quotes on Al-Hafeez, it seems to me that not all of the allegations have been addressed. I see the arguments on Al-Islam and from Ayyaz Mahmood Khan sahib, on Faith Matters (that as the husband and family repented the fulfilment of the prophecy was no longer required and therefore the lack of the fulfilment didn’t go against Hadhrat Masih Maud’s (as) claim). However, what about the manner in which the opponents claim that Promised Messiah (as) went about the whole saga? I read all of the quotes on Al Hafeez. Are the quotes incorrect translations? At the moment the only thing that seems like the opponents have not clearly outlined is what the other family were really like towards Islam and how they then started to repent. But what about all the other quotes on there? Have they really twisted everything?

    Al Hafeez
    Faither Matters 13:00

  4. unfortunately none of non-ahmadies tried anything to prove the arguments of the authour of this post wrong.
    I wonder if someone really wish to add comments to any post then why he himself do not do some research and comes with good arguments against the article under discussion .But alas , mr rationalist did not say anything frutiful which could take the discussion to next level.

    it must be kept in mind that God almighty told before hand to promise Messiah (as) that is

    “A person will die but many critics will remain who will indulge in wild language”. (Announcement of 10 July 1888)

    if I be allowed do the interpretation of above revelation then I shall say that
    this revelation was very clear that one person will definitely die among the two , and after his death remaining party shall repent and will save themselves from the wrath of the God.
    However, their repentance and subsequent God’s change of wrath in the form of death of Mirza Sultan Ahmad, will give rise to many critics who will spend rest of their lief in speaking against of this prophecy.

    So Mr rationalist should ponder over this part as well and instead of asking us to do research should spend little bit time in pondering that to which group he is associating himself …. believers OR those who will indulge in wild language.

    One last thing … as a counter argument
    when these non-ahmadies rasis objection that why the Promised Messiah asked for a marriage to a young girl and use foul language againt promised Messiah (as) then they must keep the following ayyat in the mind.

    It may be that, if he divorce you, his Lord will give him instead wives better than you — resigned, believing, obedient, always turning to God, devout in worship, given to fasting, both widows and virgins.
    [66:6] قریب ہے کہ اگر وہ تمہیں طلاق دیدے (تو) اس کا ربّ تمہارے بدلے اُس کے لئے تم سے بہتر ازواج لے آئے، مسلمان، ایمان والیاں، فرمانبردار، توبہ کرنے والیاں، عبادت کرنے والیاں، روزے رکھنے والیاں، بیوائیں اور کنواریاں۔

    In this ayyat God tells clearly to the Hazrat Muhammad (saw) that if He (saw) divorce his wives then his Lord will give him wives
    1) resigned
    2) believing
    3) Obedient
    4) turning to the GOD,
    5) devout in worship
    6) widows
    7) virgins

    here in this ayyat there was the promise of the GOD for the hazrat Muhammad (saw) to get nearly 9 wives in place of every wife.
    but after this ayyat hazrat Muhammad (saw) were married not to a single woman.

    the reason was simple ….. the condition of divorce was not fulfilled hence no marriage took place.

    I wonder why these non-ahmadies ( proudly representing themselves as rationalist) do not think rationally that
    1) as the Sultan Muhammad repented and got saved himself from the death penalty
    2) hence the marriage with Muhammadi Begum did not took place.

    May God show them right path.

  5. @islamicknight

    Why do you ask that? Did I ask you to refer to Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)”? Please read before you comment.

    You don’t read the blog post, within your questions you raise assumptions and that is no way to pose a question even if they be rhetoric. E.g

    ” Why did “your-founder” behave the way he did???”

    Notice here you have taken your assumption that he(as) proposed a marriage for some un Islamic reasons. That is no way to ask a question. Anyway the main point is you don’t read the blog post or at least you don’t take on board what has been said before you raise any criticism it raise a question.

    E.g ” What kind of Muslim, when approached by relatives for land, asks them for their daughter in marriage??? Is that even fair???”

    If you attempts to read the blog post with an open and thoughtful mind you will realize that this question has already been answered.

  6. I certainly do think aloud, but you are asking questions that do not interest me. Talk about the Finality of Prophethood or the death of Hadrat ‘Isa (as). Those subjects interest me. Talk about the Mahdi and Messiah claims.

  7. @ artofmisinfo…

    You tell me…when did “Your-Founders” family snitch on him to the press about this incident with Muhammadi? Do you answer questions? Do you do independent research? Are you allowed to think openly?

  8. @ Peaceworld

    Do you refer to Krisha as Lord Krisha when you talk to Hindus? Your logic is non-sensical. Are you asking me to refer to “your-founder” as (as)??? That will never happen. Why dont you refute my statements?

    What kind of Muslim, when approached by relatives for land, asks them for their daughter in marriage??? Is that even fair??? The Quran teaches fairness and equity in rules of inheritance. Why did “your-founder” behave the way he did???

    Then…when was this saga published by “your-community”? Can you people answer these questions one-by-one??? If not….then whats the purpose of this blog??

  9. ” There is no reason to engage with non-Muslims”

    I wonder why non-Ahmadi Muslim engage in Dawah…

    “subsequently tell them that thier families will die.”

    Hmmm. Utterly wrongly worded. If you have a read, the prophecies (wrath of God) are conditional upon repentance. This remind me of the story prophet Noah (as).

  10. Please state the full name of the Promised Messiah (as), it is “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad” not “MGAQ”. We regard him (as) as a Prophet, show some respect.

    I know you don’t consider Promised Messiah (as) as true, but notice that on many forums you find Hadhrat Muhammad (saw), our beloved prophet of Islam, name being shortened by non-Muslims. E.g. “Mo” Due you consider that disrespectful? If so please stop abbreviating at least publicully.

  11. Again, the author has been kind enough to provide references. Please present your argument and also refute his argument. Anything less is just moot. If you are true in your desire for Ahmadi Muslims to leave Islam Ahmadiyya, then you must understand that they will not do so purely on the basis of moot.

  12. @ Tiger

    The Quran says for me my religion and for you your religion. There is no reason to engage with non-Muslims and subsequently tell them that thier families will die.

  13. What a farce! You people actually believe this stuff?

    The article is totally incorrect because the timeline of events is backwards. it was roughly 1887, when MGAQ made this death threat to his relatives. At the time he never said anything about their attitudes towards Islam.

    After MGAQ claimed to be a Messiah in 1891, his fmaily leaked this info to the press, who published the data. Then….MGAQ gave his answer. Which was totally wrong.

    Do some more research. This policy of issuing death threats is totally un-islamic and is simply childish.

    The Rash aka Ahmadiyya Alamanac

  14. Excellent article. Detractors of the Jamaat with their shallow understanding of prophecy fulfilment and the import of repentance will continually harp on about those portions which state the marriage was a certainty. They fail to acknowledge this was all dependent on continuous rebellion from the family. They repented hence the rest of the prophecy was averted. Unfortunately some of our literalistic brethren create strawmen standards of fulfilment based on nothing but their own bigoted conjecture with no other aim except to discredit.

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