Refutation: Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, 50 or 5?

Allegation: Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (‘alayhi al-salam) aprantly claimed that he could complete Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya in 50 volumes yet the final copy comprised of any 5 volumes. How can this be?


In this background here I Would like to elaborate some points in detail. Although some of our Scholars elaborated it different points. Hazrat Promised Messiah (as) wrote two main points about Braheen Ahmadiyya:

  1. In this book the truth of Islam will be proved by the three hundred (300) strong and sound arguments.
  2. That book will be published in 50 parts.

In the regard of 300 arguments, the Promised Messiah (as) exclaimed that this purpose was completed.

“We wrote Braheen e Ahmadiyya after observing hundreds of defects and evils in the society. In the mentioned book, the truth of Islam was shinning in fact more than the sun because of 300 strong and sound arguments.” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya 2, Roohani Khazien 1, page 62)

Huzur also wrote on another place:

“People said that the promise of giving arguments mentioned in Braheen is not fulfilled. Though there are millions of arguments in Braheen for the truth of Islam.”
(Badar,volume 6, No. 17, page 7-8, 25 April 1907) (Malfoozat volume 5 page 206, new edition)

The second part of the objection is that the Promised Messiah said that he would write its fifty volumes. In this regard, the critic made the objection that promise was of fifty volumes but told after publishing five volumes that:

“First I intend to write fifty parts but relied only on five and because the difference is only of one dot between fifty and five thus the promise is fulfilled by these fifty parts. ”
(Braheen e Ahmadiyya 5, Roohani Khazien 23, page 6)

Therefore, it is proved that the promise not fulfilled.

By studying the books of Promised Messiah (as) it is crystal clear that this objection is not right. The first thing is that Promised Messiah (as) was working on a vast project of collecting the objections against Islam and the founder of Islam and also for presenting the reality of Islam and Qur’an with arguments before the other religions. For this purpose, he started collecting the unrefutable arguments in large numbers, and started writing the book that was consisted on those arguments. When he completed the four volumes then he wrote a notice separately at the end of the fourth volume under the heading of “we and our book” .

In it, he wrote openly about the future of the book without concealing anything:

“In beginning when I started writing this book, at that time it was in some other format. But after that the sudden light from Allah open the doors of another world on this humble servant like Moses and I was not aware of it before. That is, this humble man was also travelling like Ibn e Imran (Son of Imran) in dark light of his own thoughts then there was a voice behind the veil at once that “I am your Lord”. And such secrets were revealed on me where the wisdom and thoughts cannot reach. So now the owner and manger of this book is the Lord of all the worlds; apparently and internally. Thus, I do not know that what is His intention to complete it at what estimation and quantity. The truth is that the light of reality of Islam He had showed up to the fourth volume is also sufficient for fulfilling the needed arguments.”

Therefore, it is clear from the above writing, that the determination of Promised Messiah (as) about the book was something different, but when the time came from Allah to appoint him as the messenger the all of his services, all determinations and all intentions became under the pleasure of God. That is why he wrote “now the owner and manger of this book is the Lord of all the worlds; apparently and internally.” Similarly, he wrote about its volume “I don’t know that what is His intention to complete it at what estimation and quantity.”
After that Promised Messiah (as) said that the real purpose of his life was to serve Islam that he fulfilled throughout his life. He intended to complete fifty parts of the book about the mission he started to show the reality of Islam. But the matter increases from it far ahead. He wrote more than 80 books in the favour of truth of Islam and refuting the other religions. Those books are waiting yet that someone came and answer them. But the books that are written by the blessings of God have not been replied yet.

The purpose of Promised Messiah (as) to write fifty parts in which three hundred arguments were to given in favour of truth of Islam was fulfilled as he wrote:

“We wrote Braheen e Ahmadiyya after observing hundreds of defects and evils in the society, and in the mentioned book the truth of Islam was shinning in fact more than the sun by the 300 strong and sound arguments.” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya 2, Roohani Khazien 1)

That is the promise of three hundred arguments was already fulfilled in the first four volumes.

Thirdly: the thickness of the essay that Promised Messiah (as) was prepared for this book was published in an English pamphlet, that was published and distributed in thousands of number through out the world. He wrote:

“All these evidences will be found by perusal of the book which will consist of nearly 4800 pages of which about 592 pages have been published” (Majmooa e Ishtiharat, 1, 30)

In short he wants to write the 4800 pages of that book which was published in five volumes containing 1101 pages. But when he observe that the purpose for which he is promised to write fifty parts is fulfilled in five volumes so he did not feel the requirement to complete 4800 pages. So he did not break the promise but in fact he fulfil his promise.

Fourthly: the critics says that he promises to publish 50 volumes:
It is a considerable thing that the English translation of (Hissay/ parts) is not ‘volume’ then why it is used. Promised Messiah (as) who is the author of the book used the word “Juzv” for parts. He wrote that book is published up to 37 parts that is, 592 pages. So we come to know that after completing 37 parts (four volumes) he wrote 26 more parts in 428 pages (fifth volume). In short, he determined to write 50 parts of book Braheen e Ahmadiyya and complete and published its 63 parts.

The summary of the discussion is that Promised Messiah (as) not only completed the parts of the book but also fulfil the purpose of the essay i.e., to write the 300 arguments in favour of Islam.

Moreover he also wrote: –

“At this stage it is necessary to inform that this book was published up to 30 to 35 parts and then it is extend to 100 parts. Its price was fixed 10 rupees for the common Muslims and 25 rupees for other nations and rich peoples. But now due to its vast necessities of research and arguments it has been extended up to 300 parts. Due to its expenditures it was necessary to fix its price one hundred rupees. But due to poverty of majority of peoples it was advisable that the previous price, as it is not considerable, must be maintained as permanent price. And people should not suffer beyond their capacity. But people should not be allowed to demand these parts as their rights but they would get these other parts only for the sake of Allah and its reward will be only for those who will help in this job in the name of Allah.” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya, Roohani Khazien 1, Page 135)

Thus if we are talking about the volume of this book so it is clear from the writing of its own author that it is increases up to 300 parts. But due to two apparent difficulties these parts were not published:

  1. Due to disinterest of people (it will be discussed later)
  2. Due to difficulties of press.

As far as the press was related, sometimes it was delayed for long period of time and Promised Messiah (as) told these difficulties in his writings continuously.
As he said:

“ This book would had been published almost half till now, but due to illness of the manager of the Safeer e Hind Amratser Punjab, where it was being published and also due to some other difficulties that were happened suddenly; its publishing was delayed up to 7-8 months.” (Roohani Khazien 1, Page 4)

With reference of the Maulvi Abu ul Hasan Nadvi’s book critic wrote:

“Even then the fifth volume only appeared in 1905, no less than twenty five years later. He had called for pre-publication subscriptions many years earlier for the volume and a number of people duly ordered it. “During this period, a large number of people who had paid in advance for all the five volumes but had received only four volumes had passed away” (Nadwi, Qadianism: A Critical Study, p. 28)”

Before publishing the Braheen e Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah (as) wrote letters to many peoples and publish pamphlets. In which he announced and requested the peoples that he was publishing a book Braheen e Ahmadiyya for spreading the teachings of Islam.

Therefore, for its publishing noble and rich Muslims, who are courageous and determined, should come forward and provide financial help. So the book may be published. And this useful book may go into the hands of the common Muslims and it may not be a burden for any Muslim to buy it.

The expenditure of this book was 25 rupees that was a very big amount. But Promised Messiah’s desire was that it is in access of a common Muslim. For this purpose, the price for ordinary Muslims was 10 rupees and for rich and wealthy peoples it was 25 rupees.

From this, it is clear that purpose of Promised Messiah (as) was not to do any business. But the one and only purpose was to serve Islam as much as he can and he gained this purpose throughout of his life.

In this regard he wrote to Mr. Mir Abbas Ali in a letter:

“You must be careful about its customers that there shall be no one who buy it for the purpose of business. Only those who want to help due to the love of Islam are better and blessed. Because it is not a job of buying and selling in fact, but only an advice for collecting amounts. And I feel it ill from those who buying for the purpose of business. As they always demanded by reminding their money. Therefore, if such peoples do not help in buying and sending money and helping us then it is better than that situation as if they treat suspiciously and badly. (Maktoobat e Ahmadyya 1,1)

Thus, it is proved that collecting amounts is not the purpose of Promised Messiah (as). It was just for the purpose of publishing book not business like thinking.

It is also objected that a large number of peoples paid the money in advance. And it was trying to give the impression why that amounts not returned. But the facts are against this.
No such situation came during the whole period of publishing the book when a “large number of peoples” had paid the amounts in advance. Promised Messiah (as) had talked about those “large number of peoples” who paid amounts in advance as:

“Because it was an open victory on the enemies and was a heartiest desire of the believers. So we were expecting the courageous help from the rich Muslims. That they will appreciate this unprecedented book. And they will help in removing the problem that we are facing in its publishing. But what shall I say, write and bring before you; Allah is the Helper and Best and Everlasting” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya 2, 62)

Promised Messiah (as) wrote:

“In spite of helping we are worried and suffered due to the behaviour of some peoples. One fifty books of the first volume of the book that was published, were sent to rich and wealthy peoples, and we were expecting that they would buy this book and send me its price, that is a cheap amount and will send us the money in advance. And due to their help the religious purpose will be fulfilled easily. And thousands of people of God will take benefit from it. At this expectation, we write 150 letters and applications. And told them the whole situation humbly. But only except 2-3 courageous one’s all other remain silent neither they replied our letters nor they return our books. The expenditures of post wasted. But if they did not return our books God forbidden! It will be a great loss. Alas! That we suffered from our respected brothers rather than help. If it is favour of Islam then religious jobs are finished.” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya 2, 63)

What is called “large number of peoples”? They had already entered in Islam Ahmadiyyat at the hand of Promised Messiah (as). Those who were left, for them Promised Messiah (as) announced repeatedly that if they were not satisfied, they could get their money back.

Promised Messiah (as) wrote:

“We are requesting humbly that if it is not possible for them to sent money in advance then kindly send the books back, we will consider it a great gift and think it a great favour. Other wise it will be a great loss. And the missing parts would have to be re-published. Because it was not a newspaper that there will be no loss by its missing. Every part of the book is so necessary that if it damage then whole the book will remain defective. For God sake, our respected brothers don’t treat like coldness and care freely and the worldly carelessness should not be used for religion. And think about our problem that if we not have parts of the book then what will we present to our customers. And how could we demand money from them in advance; on which the publishing of the book is depending. The job will be delayed. And the missionary work that is common for all the peoples will face difficulty unrightfully.” (Braheen e Ahmadiyya 2, 63)

Similarly Promised Messiah (as) wrote:

“Also due to the slogans on the part of some ignorant peoples we publish a pamphlet twice that anyone who wants to take his money of Braheen e Ahmadiyya back, he should send our books back and get his money. So all those peoples who are such ignorance from inwardly they send me the books and took their money back. Also there are some peoples who sent the books in very poor conditions but we returned their money. And we wrote many times that we don’t like to bear the airs of such mean peoples. And always ready to return the money. So we are very grateful to our Lord that we have got rid of such mean peoples. But now we are again writing this notice that if there is any such hidden customer who had complaint of Braheen’s delay then he should sent our books immediately and we will sent him back his money as he will write in letter. If someone have an objection in spite of this notice then he will be answerable to Allah.” (Ayyam e Sulah, Roohani Khazien 14, 422)

Huzur then wrote:

“If I have taken the money of Braheen e Ahmadiyya from you then you are accountable to God, to whom you will be presented, that send me back the four parts of Braheen e Ahmadiyya and take your money. Look, I am publishing this pamphlet openly that if now after this pamphlet you demand your money and show the four parts to any of my friends as value pay able and send them to me, but if after receiving the books I do not return your money back, then God’s curse be upon me. But if you neither stop your objections nor took your money back then God’s curse be upon you. Similarly, you prove them and get all your rights from me. Now tell that what I can say more than it. If any one who is demanding his rights but not take stands for his rights then I make him stand by God’s curse. I already publish three pamphlets for the money of Braheen with same contents that I am ready to return your money back. So you return my books and take that cheap amount which you are demanding from me.” (ishitar 15 December 1900) (Arbaean 4, Roohani Khazien 17, 457)

Promised Messiah (as) challenged that if someone answered his book Braheen e Ahmadiyya, he would be paid 10,000 rupees. Till today no one accept this challenge. This is my request that in spite of counting its volumes, break the arguments that were presented by the Promised Messiah (as) in favour of truth of Islam in it.

Source: Ehsan Ahmad, Rah-e-Huda Forum


18 thoughts on “Refutation: Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya, 50 or 5?

  1. This is a common allegation raised during the lifetime of Hadhrat Aqdas (peace be upon him). He answered it himself in volume 5 and his explanations are more than ample justification for anyone who is not prejudiced and does not have a bigoted nature.

  2. Jazakallah artofmisinformation. I know you are spending a lot of your time voluntarily to defend islam and ahmadiyyat from both the non muslims and the jamaat opponents and tackle head on the misinformation out there from both the western opposition to islam and from islamic scholars on other sites. I was thinking about arranging a mulaqat with Huzur-e-Aqdas to personally notify him very politely about the outcome of my journey (as I do not wish for any paperwork on my identity) and I know I can trust Huzur to maintain that level of confidentially. However I will extend my prayers for myself and will wait further to see the responses you and others will be putting together. There is absolutely no pressure on you, you are an individual and in no way do you speak on behalf of the jamaat. However you are my ahmadi brother and are in the perfect position to provide the guidance I so desperately need.

  3. “In many Saheeh Ahadith it is written that the Promised Messiah will arrive at the beginning of a century, and he will be the Reformer of the fourteenth century.”
    (Ruhani Khazain, Volume 21, page 359; lines 11-12)

    could we have a discussion on this please

  4. Rationalist ah you have come to the real site, your not saying much on the other site my ex Ahmadi.
    we seem to forget one important thing in all this. when the Promised Messiah (as) with love and zeal to defend Islam claimed he would write 50 vols of Braheen Ahmadiyya he was not appointed a reformer or Messiah when he was appointed by Almighty Allah (swt) he became very busy defending Islam!!! and you must not forget he produced over 90 books in the defence of Islam which is equal to the fifty he had planned!!! also remember if you ever have read his 5 vols the substance within them is amazing!!! I have never read anybook like them. so please get of these waek arguments and accept he indeed the Promised Messiah (as)

    Kahlid bin waleed (pen name)

  5. 1) difference between 50 and 5 is a dot (or zero)

    with one perspective difference between the 50 and 5 is 45 ,
    and with second perspective difference is just 0
    this is 5 , you add 0 at right side then It shall become 50 .

    Promised Messiah pointed to the second perspective .
    any problem with it xia bro?

    2) is 5 and 50 equal.
    in a hadith of bukhari
    …………………………Then Allah enjoined fifty prayers on my followers when I returned with this order of Allah, I passed by Moses who asked me, ‘What has Allah enjoined on your followers?’ I replied, ‘He has enjoined fifty prayers on them.’ Moses said, ‘Go back to your Lord (and appeal for reduction) for your followers will not be able to bear it.’ (So I went back to Allah and requested for reduction) and He reduced it to half. When I passed by Moses again and informed him about it, he said, ‘Go back to your Lord as your followers will not be able to bear it.’ So I returned to Allah and requested for further reduction and half of it was reduced. I again passed by Moses and he said to me: ‘Return to your Lord, for your followers will not be able to bear it. So I returned to Allah and He said, ‘These are five prayers and they are all (equal to) fifty (in reward) for My Word does not change.’………….(Book #8, Hadith #345)

    the same way 5 prayer became equal to 50 prayers , 5 books were equal to 50 boks.
    5 prayer are equal to 50 prayer not in quantity but due to effect which 50 prayers could have produced , but now the same effect could be achieved by 5 prayers.

    similarly Promised Messiah (as) thought to produce 50 volume to achieve a specific purpose , but the same effect was produced by just 5 books.
    even I believe more powerful effect.
    reason is ordinary books would have become a part of old libraries,,,but the signs which God promised in first 4 books , were completed in the time before 5th volume was written . These signs produces the real believe in the God and truthfulness of his prophets.Such thing could not have been achieved merely by arguments alone.

    Hence if you have not problem with 5 prayers being equal to 50 prayers then you should not have any problem with the 5 books ..

  6. What did I miss…please elaborate….

    Its simple…”Your-founder” claimed to have already written all of these parts and volumes. He said that all he needed was money to publish them. Do you need a reference? Do i have to be your google search engine???

    Have you ever searched Dard? Do you know what Dard is?

  7. Oh…give it a rest mate. He promised 50 volumes. He published 4, dont try to confuse the issue by saying that there were different parts of this book. He took money from people and spent it on his own marriage in 1884. Thats what happened. The people even complained about it.

    Then…Braheen vol. 5 wasnt even published during the lifetime of MGAQ. He died, then it was published. You people should hire me to check out the authenticity of your writings.

    The Rash aka Ahmadiyya Alamanac

  8. Assalamu Alaikum,

    This is one of those really baseless and desparate allegations made by the opponents of Ahmadiyya.

    But jazakallah khair for this detailed response. This question was also asked at a discussion forum once and Laiq Tahir Sahib gave a succint and good answer, coving many of the points that you so eloquently explained. It can be seen here

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