How an Anti-Ahmadi site made me a better Ahmadi Muslim?

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuhu

Alhamdulillah, the readership of this blog grows with each month. Ramadan has been a particularly blessed month in this regard – as in many other ways. The blog enjoys a modest, yet healthy following on twitter which is bursting with Ahmadis championing the dignity of the Jama’at. One such person felt compelled to send me the below post last night. May Almighty Allah bless him and all those individuals who are constantly e-mailing me dozens of messages literally every day. Such is the love that Ahmadis have for the Imam of the Age (‘alayhi al-salam). I would also like to add that after receiving hundreds of comments, articles, tweets, and e-mails I can honestly say that I have only received one single message which was inappropriate. The adab of the Ahmadi Muslims is quite extraordinary – May Almighty Allah bless you all.

Jazak Allah


By L Ahmed 08

I accidentally stumbled upon an anti-Ahmadi site a few months ago. At first it seemed like just another regular anti-Ahmadi website with hate-filled material, but then I read a few articles and it was clear that someone had done some research using historical articles. Well, to cut a long story short, I was still not convinced by the content. I decided to read some of the comments posted by visitors to the site and it was at this point that my journey to becoming a better Ahmadi Muslim began. The comments were full of hurtful and disparaging remarks about the Promised Messiah (as), my beloved Khalifa (atba) and his predecessors (May Allah be Pleased with them), all people dear to my heart. The comments also claimed that I, as an Ahmadi, was ”brainwashed” and should ”come back to Islam.”

Ultimately, by saying something so negative and rude against the person who I believe to be the Promised Messiah (as), they had already lost my attention. That alone was enough for me to not continue. But hey, I am a curioius person, and so dug a bit deeper. I was led to a video of some Maulvi and on the recommended videos section noticed other less than pleasing and disparaging clips from the same maulvi. Put bluntly, their strategy to convince me I was on the wrong path failed. They can call me ”brainwashed”, but they simply aren’t attracting me to come to their ”version” of Islam. Perhaps those kinds of phrases give the people on those sites some sort of a kick, but to me, it clearly tells me not to join their ”version of Islam” because that would mean that I am required to also hate others and call them and their Holy Personalities disgusting names. As an apparently ”brainwashed” Ahmadi, I simply do not have the capacity for this kind of hatred and bitterness. The reality is, however, that anybody can call me ”brainwashed”, but this doesn’t make it so – in fact, the ancestors of these people have been calling Ahmadis far worse for years.

Another question on my mind was: why are these people stressing so much over the Jamaat? Why not let Allah take care of it, if there is really something to be taken care of?Or better yet, instead of adopting hate and bitterness, why not try praying to Allah (the Almighty God believed in by the Muslims)? Was this their only way of demonstrating how Islam should be spread – I asked myself? As an Ahmadi, I look towards the Khalifatul Masih (atba) for guidance, and he keeps telling us to pray to Almighty Allah and that all our tears should be presented before the Lord of all the Worlds. Our Khalifa (atba) has never asked me to use the internet to write rude and disparaging remarks about non-Ahmadi Islamic societies or scholars. And let’s be honest about this – the amount of negative information that could draw upon in this regard is so much that it would make what they write about Ahmadis seem like nothing at all. Clearly, after being given the choice by Almighty Allah, I chose to stay right where I am in a Jamaat whose Khalifa (atba) guides me properly – in a wholly spiritually manner.
Another set of people I find difficult to understand are those who sometimes claim they are no longer Ahmadis, but choose to remain Ahmadis despite apparently loosing their faith in the Promised Messiah (as). Firstly, I would like to thank them for their continued service to the Jamaat during Jalsa duty and other events. Much appreciated, volunteers are always required. But in all seriousness, I know that sometimes they remain in the Jamaat due to family pressures, but guess what? When they meet their Creator, using the good old ‘family pressures’ excuse simply won’t fly. To me, this kind of behavior invites the title of ”munafiqin” (hypocrites) on them. But hey, I am not one to judge, they are the ones who claim to know more about Islam than ”brainwashed” Ahmadis – so let them decide. As for those few Ahmadi Muslims who are upset for whatever reason, well I can’t make you feel better or heal your wounds, but I know something that can. Read the Holy Quran, read the ahadith, read about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), read about Khulafa-e-Rashideen (ra), read about Promised Messiah (as), read about Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyyat. The Al Islam website is full of all this information – make use of it. Ahmadis read the same Quran and the same Sahih Bukhari that all Muslims read.
Another issue which has me confused is that the anti-Ahmadis do not seem to be united in their beliefs – in fact, what exactly are their beliefs? Do they want me to become a sunni, shia, deobandi, etc? There is no set standard on what to follow if someone leaves the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Sometimes they advise that if we don’t like a non-Ahmadi Mosque then we should just hop to the next one until we find one we do like! That’s pretty uninviting to Islam if you ask me. Why can’t all Mosques spread the same message? Why do I need to hunt for a mosque which spreads the message that I would like to hear? Some non-Ahmadis still believe that Prophet Jesus (as) is alive up there and some that he is dead. Some believe that a Messiah is going to come in the later days and some believe no Messiah will ever come. Another question that follows on from this is: what comes next after they are done with the Ahmadis? Will they target Shias, Sufis, Ismailis? They should really clarify exactly what their intentions are and where they want ”brainwashed” Ahmadis to go – I’m a bit confused by them at the moment. It seems like I have good direction where I am and that they are in fact inviting me to jump into a frying-pan of divided groups. So for the moment, I’m pretty happy with what I follow and where I am, Alhamdulillah.
And so you see, I for one would like to thank the online anti-Ahmadis movements for making me a stronger Ahmadi Muslim. I really appreciate it. I have become a lot more diligent in my prayers and my prayers are full of suplications for the success of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Alhamdulillah, the majority of the credit goes to my beloved Khalifa (atba) and the amazing Ahmadi Ullama, but some definitely goes to the anti-Ahmadis for refortifying my wholehearted belief that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is the only community that follows Islam as it should be followed. They have allowed me to clearly see the contrast between light and darkness. So you see, continued activities and hate campaigns will only make my belief in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community stronger. I will continue to say no thank you to any version of Islam which forces me to spread hatred. Almighty Allah is watching everything they do and He is watching everything we Ahmadis do; and indeed He is the best of Judges. God Bless.
(The author of this post asked me to mention that he refrained from using any Qur’anic quotations and references as he knows that any anti-Ahmadi reading the post will follow the usual pattern of reinterpreting such references to support their own goals.

15 thoughts on “How an Anti-Ahmadi site made me a better Ahmadi Muslim?

  1. I am so happy with this article I’m Ahmadiyya and I will never be discouraged by Anti-Ahmadi may ALLAH Protect and help all Ahmadiyya worldwide.

  2. AA

    There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, if you disagree with something, present facts in an appropriate manner.
    Abusing Promised Messiah (AS) is a cheap shot, if you want to defend Islam (as you say) defend it with knowledge not by getting carried away with passions of a personal vendetta and cursing.
    As for calling Ahmadi’s “misguided muslims”, who gave you the authority?
    Brother Rease Khan I humbly request you do your research with an open heart and pray to Allah that He guides you. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had advised that when the Messiah comes, take my greetings to him even if you have to crawl over glaciers to reach him. This was to strengthen belief and to take part in the final struggle for triumph, which was to be made with proofs and reasoning and to be among those who are true believers.

    You mentioned Promised Messiah (AS) was a supporter of the british government. If you did your own research you would find that these are baseless allegations.
    When you stand before Allah Almighty on the day of judgement, it is Allah who you will be answerable to. Could you honestly say that you did all you could to among the true believers? Allah knows best.

    I hope and pray that when we recite ihdinassirätal-mustaqïm – Guide us on the right path during prayer, that it is a sincere plea.


  3. I am sorry, but this blog is a place for reasoned arguments – regardless of anyone’s affiliation. You are more than welcome here and I will not delete or edit any comment of yours provided it does not insult others. When the Imam al-Mahdi will come / has come he will be the Hakam ‘Adl. That position, by its very nature, has serious implications on differences of opinion. Please present your arguments here and people can judge them based on their merit.

  4. This is funny more than anything else. Your messiah was a [deleted]. We have exposed him over and over again.

    Guess what…in Islam, we can have differences of opinion on almost every topic. Its not a big deal. Ever heard of the 4 schools of thought? Ever heard of protestants and Catholics?

    Ahmadiyyat has been bashing Islam for 120+ years. We are here to defend it.

    I am approachable, I am an ex-Ahmadi.

    The Rash aka Ahmadiyya Alamanac

  5. I am a sunni muslim and I feel ahmadi muslims are my brothers, however they are to be called as misguided muslims.

    They offer daily prayers and fast during Ramadhan and read Shahada but they consider a common man to be a prophet. How is it possible?. Have you not read the Quran, have you not read the hadiths our great prophet.

    Allah says Jesus (PBUH) was raised up on to the heaven and will return to earth before “Qayamat”. Don’t you remember when our great prophet went with angel “Gabriel” on Shabb-e-miraaz and informed us that Jesus (PBUH) is on fourth sky.

    This clearly states the Ghulam Mirza Ahmed was not a prophet but a common man who was a supporter of British government. Ghulam Mirza says that Jesus (PBUH) died natural death. However, Quran says that Jesus is still alive and will return to earth and that he was raised on to the heaven alive.

    And our great prophet also said that Jesus (PBUH) is on fourth sky. I don’t understand how can you deny what Quran says and what our great prophet says.

    Imam Mahdi is yet to born and he will come with all clear signs.

    There were many a people who claimed to be Imam Mahdi and wrote their own verses. They can’t be considered as a prophet but as “kuffars”.

    Also Ghulam Mirza has wrote in his book many bad things about Jesus (PBUH) and yet my brothers are following him.

    I request you to read Quran once with its meaning and hadiths and you will understand what is right and what is wrong.

    Ghulam Mirza is nothing but a [deleted] and should be treated as those false prophets who claimed to be prophets.

    May Allah show us the right path.

  6. AA,

    I am also a convert myself and am very thankful to the anti Ahmadiyyah websites. Through their hate they have kindled the fire of love for my beloved jamaat – which is latent within every true Ahmadi Muslim.
    There may have been a period when this fire laid dormant but Alhamdulillah it has been reignited and I am ever more steadfast and more active as an Ahmadi woman.

    Alhamdulillahi Rabbil-A’lamin

  7. wow
    its good to read devoted Ahmadi’s view here.the way i see the things is that when no one has beat and no one will inshaAllah us by debate or Hujjat thay now creating blogs and sites to attack on personalities. its not to be worried of cause it happens always. when jews and Christian saw muslims are winning then thay start attacking on Rasool e Maqbool (S.A.W)..i.e why did He had so many marriages.
    islam spread by sword etc
    it makes me so happy to see that so many enmies of Ahmadiat the real Islam having their whole attentions on us. :d
    and as Hazoor(atba) has said many time..
    ye dushmany to jama’at k liye khad ka kaam deti hai jitni ziyada hogi Ahmadiyat utni hi ziyada ho gi..inshaAllah
    as he already mention in todays khutba jhumma about a Christian army man..:D
    and yes
    these blogs and sites will make us a better ahmadi inshaAllah
    so let them come as many as possible…

    btw Eid mubarak to everyone..


  8. Excellent website and a great post!

    May Allah grant us the steadfastness to stay connected with Khilfat and may He eliviate the suffering of our Jamat members across the globe – Aameen

    To the administrator of this website – Please keep up the good work in propagating the true message of Islam.

  9. Great job on the article! yes, the same question has run through my mind that if they call Ahmadi Muslims a “small” group, then why go through all the trouble? plus also that Allah will take care of the rest, cult people need to save their time by supplicating in prayers. Those who use foul language shows they have no religious knowledge as according to Islam one is supposed to respect the leaders and members of all religions. Truly said, their work makes one more steadfast in our religion as NONE of what they post is actually true. The one who searches for the right path goes for the true and simple.

  10. I completely agree – discussion with these people, at least the notorious ones, is counterproductive. Anyone is more than welcome to put forward their views on any issue here on this blog. Lots of the members across at anti-Ahmadi sites, particularly the notorious one, visit here regularly. Interesting that they visit here, often, but choose not to comment. I suggest that many only enjoy commenting where there is controversy – and there is none here, apart from maybe the odd suspect blog design I adopt!

  11. I whole heartedly agree with this post. However, I would remind readers to avoid the main anti-Ahmadi website that br. L Ahmed refers to in the future as recommended by this blog. At one time, it may have been worth engaging in debate with those individuals regarding religious teaching and interpretation of Islamic teaching and Qur’anic verses, but now? The filth, hatred, racism and bitterness that spews freely over there about the Promised Messiah (as), Huzur (aba), our Jama’at leaders, and other Ahmadis with zero respect for people’s privacy or dignity has pretty much become the main topic of discussion there, and it is probably best to just stay away.

    Eid Mubarak to Ahmadi Muslims and all other Muslims worldwide. May Allah (swt) accept the prayers of and continue to shower blessings on the Jama’at, and may Allah (swt) guide all Muslims to accept the Imam of the time (as) Inshal’lah.

  12. Great read. Masha’Allah. This anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda will only strengthen our resolve.

    I agree with the writer above. These people should focus more on their relationship with Allah and leave Ahmadiyya Jamaat – if it is false then they don’t have to do anything, Allah would be enough to destroy it. I guess these Munafiqeen have nothing else to do other than ‘always remain in the fire of envy’ – I am not saying this, read Surah Al-Falaq.

    [113:5] ‘And from the evil of those who blow into knots to undo them,
    [113:6] ‘And from the evil of the envier when he envies.’

    Eid Mubarak to all Ahmadis. May Allah protect you all.

  13. AoA
    Eid Mubarak everyone!
    its so true! These websites have made me into a better Ahmadi Muslim. I am a convert (Alhumdolillah) to this beautiful Jamaat. When I was researching about Ahmadiyyat a few years back, I came across the cult website. It was full of hate and to be honest at that point being told about jamaat proceedures was pointless and the rest was just gossip.
    I then turned to and found the true teaching.
    I am a proud Ahmadi Muslim and there are many more out there, this event will strengthen our faith, InshaAllah!
    I hope everyone enjoyed the blessings of Ramadhan!

  14. Assalamu Alaikum
    Sweet, simple and concise. Jazakallah!

    I was in the process of writing an article to submit to the owner of this blog for posting.
    Hopefully insha’Allah, I can finish that soon.

    Eid mubarak to you all (I know it’s tomorrow, but better early than late aye?). I hope and pray that Almighty Allah accepts our sacrifcies, supplications and spritiual endeavours made during the month. May He teach us the ways of worshipping Him in the manner He pleases and may He give us the strength to continue to strive for the betterment of ourselves. Ameen, Allah huma ameen.


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