Islam: Ahmadi Mosques

Nusrat Jahan Mosque, Copehagen, Denmark


Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh,

I came across a list of Ahmadi Mosques and Mission Houses across the world on Wikipedia. The original source of the list is this book published by the Jama’at. The length of the list simply blew my mind away. What is even more astonishing is that I know that the number of buildings listed in the UK and a couple of other countries is not up to date. Please let me know if you know of any Mosques / Mission Houses which are not listed here. No need for any addresses, just the town and name of the house of worship (i.e., London, Masjid Fazl).

Alhamdulillah, all blessings are from Almighty Allah and this list is a clear demonstration of the blessings of the Jama’at of the Imam al-Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam) which was foretold by the Holy Prophet (sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). I am going to add some pictures right at the bottom (I came across this great Flickr account with loads of Photos of Ahmadi Mosques).

Jazak Allah


Rabwah (Pakistan)

  • Masjid-e-Aqsa which is the largest mosque in Rabwah in March, 31st 1972.
  • Masjid Mehdi.
  • Yadgar Medhi. marks the location where Khalifa-tul-Masih II of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community first offered prayers upon arrival to Rabwah from QadianIndia.
  • Hasan Iqbal Mosque.
  • Construction of Fazle Umar Hospital 1956
  • 13 mosques torched, destroyed or forcibly occupied in 1974.
  • 20 mosques demolished.
  • 25 mosques sealed by authorities.
  • 11 mosques set on fire.
  • 14 mosques forcibly occupied.
  • 35 mosques barred from construction.


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1912.
  • The Bangali Ahmadiyya Community currently has 103 local chapters across the country, in 425 cities and villages.
  • There are 65 missionaries, an MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) studio in Dhaka and a Jamia Ahmadiyya (Missionary Training College).
  • Maharajpur Mosque in the Natore District
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Khulna
  • Galim Gazi Mosque in BetalKishoregon
  • Madaratek Mosque in Dhaka
  • Darrut-Tabligh in Dhaka
  • Danut-Tabligh Mosque in Bangladesh


  • An Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque was constructed in Bhutan in 2008.


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 2001.
  • At-Taqwa Mosque
  • Baitul Awwal Mosque
  • In 2001, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was introduced to a small village in Cambodia called Minchey, which is 70 km fromPhnom Penh. All 252 residents of the village converted to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
  • Nooruddin Mosque inaugurated on March 14, 2004


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1889.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in SrinigarKashmirSrinigarKashmir is the site of the tomb of Jesus as according to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Simliya RanchiJharkand
  • Noor Mosque in Andhra Pradesh
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in AhmedabadGujrat
  • Jamay Mosque, built in 2003 in Andhra Pradesh
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Melapalayam, Tamil Nadu South Zone
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Sattankukam, Tamil Nadu South Zone
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Kottar, Tamil Nadu South Zone
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Soorankudy, Tamil Nadu South Zone
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Virdhunagar, Tamil Nadu South Zone
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in ItarsiM.P
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Gwalior, M.P
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Salichoka, M.P
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Soro, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Sungrah, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Bhadrak, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Bhubaneswar, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Cuttack, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Keranga, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Pankal, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Dhuan sahi, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Haldipada, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in gadpada, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Muktadeyi Pur, Orissa
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Ballarshah, Maharashtra


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1889. Qadian was the first International Headquarters of the Community and the birthplace of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
  • Mubarak Mosque was the first Ahmadiyya Mosque ever built, foundation stone laid in 1883 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
  • White Minaret, foundation stone laid on March 13, 1903 by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; now serves as the symbol of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and is on the Flag of Ahmadiyyat.
  • Aqsa Mosque built in 1876 by Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, the father of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
  • Bait ud Dua “House of Prayer”, the site where the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, used to offer his prayers.
  • Darul Futooh “Place of Victories” Mosque.
  • Nasirabad “Land of the Helper of Allah” Mosque.
  • Sarae Tahir “the Tahir Inn” built as a guest house in memory of the Ahmadi Afghan martyr, Sahibzada Abdul Latif.
  • The Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) plot of land bought by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for the purpose.
  • Founding of Madrassa Ahmadiyya founded in 1906.
  • The Jamia Ahmadiyya (Missionary Training College) founded on May, 25th 1928.


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1925.
  • Jamia Ahmadiyya established in March 1982.
  • Nasir Mosque in Indonesia
  • An-Noor Mosque in Indonesia
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Guest Quarters and Mission House in Indonesia
  • Currently, there are over 200,000 Ahmadis in Indonesia with 200 missionaries, and more than 300 local branches.
  • There are currently 385 mosques, 174 mission houses and 36 schools built by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Indonesia
Israel (occupied palestine)


  • Ahmadiyya Mission House in Nagoya
  • Darul Tabligh in Tokyo


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1991.
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House and Mosque in Almaty


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1935.
  • Bait-us-Salam Mosque in Kuala Lumpur


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1935.
  • Rangoon Mosque in Myanmar
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Mawlamyaing


  • An Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque was constructed in Nepal in 2008.


  • Ahmadiyya Mission House in Manila
  • The Philippines Ahmadiyya Community currently has 6 mosques, 5 mission houses, 5 local missionaries, 1 national missionary and is organized in 9 local chapters throughout the country.



Sri Lanka

  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1915.
  • Fazal Mosque in Negombo
  • Bait-ul-Hamd Mosque in Colombo which acts as the national headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Sri Lanka
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Centre in Slave Island


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1986.
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission House in Bangkok


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 2010.



  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1957.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Agonlin.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Togouihoue.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Lalo.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Papatia.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Manigri.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Oke-Owo
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Godogossoun
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Suya.
  • Al-Mahdi mosque which is the largest mosque in Bénin, inaugurated April 27, 2008.
  • Baitul Tauheed Mosque inaugurated in 2004.
  • In 2001, over 1.2 million converts, 328 local branches established within all 328 cities within the country, 228 chiefs and kings converted and 237 Sunni converted Ahmadiyya mosques along with their Imams.
  • Bénin currently has 251 Ahmadiyya mosques, 77 mission houses and over 2 million adherents of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. As of 2002, 57 kings of various Beninous communities joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Burkina Faso

Côte d’Ivoire

  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Dagara located in the Dabakala district of the Vallée du Bandama region.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Bouaké.

The Gambia

  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Saba
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Burock, a small village located in Foli Kansala which is one of the nine districts in the Western Division of The Gambia.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Latrikunda, a locale within Serrekunda, largest city in The Gambia.
  • Baitus Salam Mosque in Talinding Kunjang.
  • First Ahmadi Governor-General of The Gambia, Al-Haj Sir Famara Mohammad Singhate.


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Accra
  • Ahmadiyya Secondary Schools in KumasiAsokoreFomenaSalagaEssarkyirPotsin and Wa.
  • Nasia Mosque in northern Ghana.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Salaga
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Kokobila
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Pramso
  • Nusrat Jehan Mosque in Wa
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Techiman
  • Kumasi Central Mosque in Kumasi
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Mangoase Baitul Aleem Mosque in Abura
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Daboase
  • Asokore Hospital in Ashanti region
  • Baitul Habib Mosque in Kumasi
  • Taleem-ul-Islam School in Kumasi, first school established in Africa by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
  • Daboase Hospital in Daboase
  • Taleem-ul-Islam School in Gomoa Poston
  • Ahmadiyya Hospital in Agona Swedru
  • Ahmadiyya Secondary School in Ekumfi Essarkyir
  • Jamia Ahmadiyya (Missionary Training College) established in Ghana in March 1966.
  • IT Institute established by Humanity First, which is affiliated by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Ghana in the year 2007.
  • Bustan-e-Ahmad (Gardens of Ahmad) plot of land owned by the Community for Annual Conventions, bought in 2004.
  • Bagh-e-Ahmad (Gardens of Ahmad) plot of land owned by the Community for Annual Conventions, bought in 2008.


  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Nairobi
  • 68 Ahmadiyya Mosques throughout the country
  • Ahmadiyya Hall (three-story building) inaugurated in 2005.
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Navaisha
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Nukoro
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Banja
  • Mission House in Eldoret
  • Parklands Primary School in Nairobi


  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 1999.
  • Baitul Mahdi Mosque in Thaba-Bosiu
  • Currently 350 Ahmadis in Lesotho in 7 local branches.




Rodrigues Island

  • Mahmood Mosque, La ferme
  • Noor mosque, Port Mathurin



Sierra Leone

  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Gbonkobana
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Gbendembu
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Kailahun
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Makeni
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Bo
  • Currently, there are 573 mosques, 19 central missionaries, 131 local missionaries, 184 Ahmadiyya primary schools and 50 secondary schools in Sierra Leone

south Africa


  • Baitul Hadi Mosque in Hiatikulu, which is the first Ahmadiyya mosque in Swaziland and the only mosque in the region whereupon the mosque is located in.
  • There are presently over 250 Ahmadis in Swaziland


  • Ahmadiyya Primary School opened in 1940
  • Kitonga Ahmadiyya Mosque in Dar-es-Salaam
  • Salam Mosque in Dar-es-Salaam
  • Baitul Hamid Mosque in Dodoma
  • Fazal Mosque inaugurated in 1947 in Tabora, which is popularly known as the ‘Taj Mahal of East Africa


  • Ahmadiyya Central Mosque in Kampala which has 6 minarets and can hold up to 9,000 worshippers.
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque in Iganga
  • There are several mosques, high schools, elementary schools in Uganda and also a hospital in the town of Mbale which has a maternity ward and modern radiology technology, established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Uganda



  • Baitul Awwal Mosque in Tirana which is one of the largest mosques in Albania.
  • Darul Falah Mission House in Tirana


  • Ahmadiyya Mission House in Vienna


  • Darul Tabligh Aziz Mission House in Antwerp
  • Baitul Islam Mosque in Belgium which is the first mosque ever created in Belgium
  • Baitul Salam Mission House in Dilbeek a town just outside the capital city of Brussels
  • Baitur Raheem Mosque in Hasselt
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Faroe Islands

  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 2010.







Lower Saxony

North Rhine-Westphalia



  • Habib Mosque in Kiel.
  • Mahdi Abad Mosque in Nahe.


  • Ahmadiyya Mission House in Galway
  • Ahmadiyya Mosque in Galway, which is the first mosque in Galway.


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Centre under construction in Kosovo

The Netherlands

  • Noor Mosque in Oslo August 1, 1980
  • Baitun Nasr mosque at outskirts of Oslo Norway which is the largest mosque inScandinavia.


  • Ahmadiyya Mission House




United Kingdom

  • Hadeeqa-tul Mahdi (Oakland Farm) is a large patch of land in Alton with a few large halls used for the Annual International Conventions of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community which are held in the UK as that is the place of the International Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
  • Islamabad, is a piece of land in TilfordSurrey is owned by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and is reminiscent of Rabwah (as they were both locations essentially pieces of land established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at International Headquarters)
  • Jamia Ahmadiyya (Missionary Training College) in Colliers Wood (London).
  • Baitul Mu’eed Mosque in Cambridge, UK
  • Baitur Rahman Mosque in Glasgow
  • Baitus Salam Mosque in Islamabad (Tilford)
  • Baitul Ikram Mosque in Leicester
  • Baitul Islam Mosque in Scunthorpe
Greater London
  • The first mosque built in London in 1924, Fazl Mosque is the only mosque to date with the distinction of being called ‘The London Mosque’ and serves as the National Headquarters of the UK Ahmadiyya Community.
  • The largest mosque in Western Europe, built in 2003, Baitul Futuh “House of Victories” is located south of London in Morden, Surrey and serves as the International Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at large. It was mentioned as one of the top 50 buildings in the world in the periodical “The Informer”.
  • Baitus Subhan Mosque in Croydon
  • Earlsfield Mosque in Earlsfield
  • Baitul Ahad Mosque in East London
  • Baitus Salam Mosque in Southall
  • Baitun Noor Mosque in Hounslow
  • Ahmadiyya Center in Tooting




  • Nasir Hall

Leamington Spa

  • Baitul Ehsan Mosque


  • Darul Aman Mosque


  • Baitul Shukoor Mosque


  • Baitul Aafiat Mosque


  • Baitus Samad Mosque
  • Baitut Tawhid (The old pavillion)



  • MOSQUE NAME – ????


  • MOSQUE NAME – ????

North America


Nova Scotia

  • Baitul Hafeez Mosque. Located in the town of Sydney, the building was bought in the year 2009 which currently serves as the center of the Jamaat for Eastern Canada.


  • Baitun Nur “House of Light” Mosque opened in 2008 in Calgary, which is currently the largest mosque in Canada.
  • Baitul Hadi Mosque in Edmonton currently serves the local chapter of Edmonton.
  • Jamaat Ahmadiyya Loydminister is currently working on completing a mosque which has been newly planned and will be serving the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapter of Loydminister.


  • The Ahmaddiya Centre-Mosque in Winnipeg serves the local Ahmadiyya Chapter of Wnnipeg.


  • Jamaat Center in Cornawall was bought by the Jamaat in 2005 and visited by Hadrat Khalifatul Massih the Fifth in 2006 in July on his Trip to Canada. The center serves as a Prayer space and auxiliary function to the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Chapter of Cornawall.
  • Bait-ul Kareem Mosque in Cambridge serves as the local mosque for the Ahmadi Muslim Community’s local chapter in the Ontarian town of Cambridge and Kitchner Waterloo. The Mosque opened in the year 2006 in July after it was bought as a church and converted to a mosque.
  • Bait-ul Islam “House of Islam (Peace and Submission)” Mosque built in 1992 is located in MapleToronto, which is the largest mosque in Ontario and acts as the National Headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Canada. When it was built in 1992, it was the largest mosque in North America. Adjacent to the Bait-ul Islam Mosque is the Peace Village, which is a housing phase of perhaps 400 houses, 95% Ahmadi Muslims, whom the Baitul Islam Mosque and Tahir Hall Complex will serve. The total Jamaat Land is about 50 acres and a new Facility is under construction by the Name of Tahir Hall and Jamia Ahmadiyya. This will also include national Jamaat offices as well. The Langhar Khana for the Jamaat Canada is also located on this property including the National Headquarter Offices for Ansarullah, Lajna Imallah and Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya.
  • Malton Prayer Centre in town of Malton in MississaugaToronto.
  • Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace in North York is a 14 story building run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and predominantly inhabbited by Ahmadis making up 98 percent of the nearly 150 families living in the building. A hall on the first floor of the building serves as the gathering center for the local chapter.
  • Bait-ul Mahdi Mosque in Durham which is a converted Mosque from a Dutch style castle was brought by a respected member of the Jamaat in 2005 and later donated to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to serve as Mosque and center for the local chapters of Oshwa and Dhurham. The property includes a 25 acres plot and has also regularly used by the Jamaat for regional sports events. The opening of the Masjid Al Mahdi took place in July 2006 during the visit of Khalifatul Masih the fifth to Canada.
  • Bait-ul Hamd (Mississauga Mosque) in MississaugaToronto, also serves as the Jamia Ahmadiyya for North America which is due to change in early 2012 as the Jamia will switch to the Headqearters in Maple Ontario. The complex has one large hall, a cafeteria, a library, several offices for local and regional chapters of the community and of Jamia Ahmadiyya North America as well. The second floors includes many class rooms as well.
  • Foundation stone laid for Brampton Mosque in Brampton in 2005. When completed, it will have a larger interior than that of Bait-ul Islam Mosque in Maple.[165]
  • Bait-ul Hanif Mosque in Toronto is the oldest mosque of the Community in it’s eastern GTA region and serves as the local mosque for the local chapter of Toronto East.
  • .Bait-ul Ehsaan Mosque in Windsor was primary school which was bought by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The building includes a Gym, several class rooms and small school field in the back lot. The Masjid serves as the local chapter of Windsor.
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Center and Plot called “Hadeeqa-e-Ahmad” in Bradford is approximately 250 acres of land which was bought by the community to serve as a Jalsa facility for future years and several other long term projects including a Moosian Graveyard. The land is located 3 kilometers north west of the small town of Bradford an hour drive north of Toronto and consists of a large detached house in the north west corner of the large plot which serves as the center for the local chapter of Bradford. A portion of the land has been given on rent to a farming company which grows corn and carrots on large areas. On the south east end of the property, there is a second house which is smaller and less used. This end of the property also consists of an orchard which the Jamaat, under instructions from Hadrat Khalifatul Masih the Fifth (aba), planted which includes apples, pears and cherries. The entire orchard has about 900 trees in total which is also maintained by the Jamaat.
  • Baitul Afiyat mosque: An old church is bought and turned to a masjid in November 2008. The property was first build in 1865 and is presently serving as a local Mosque and gathering place for The Ahmadiyya Muslim local chapter of Scarborough and Markham. The center also serves as the regional center for the community in GTA East.
  • Bait-ul Noor Mosque Hamilton serves as the Mosque for the Local Chapters of Hamilton South and Hamilton North.
  • St Catherine Jamaat Center is located just out in the eastern sub-urbs of the city in the Niagara region. The mosque converted detached house is based on a 4 acre plot which also has an apple and cherry’s orchard.


  • Al Nusrat Mosque in Montreal is located in the north center part of the Island of Montreal. Ther current Masjid was a former Banquet Hall facility and consists of three halls and a large commercial kicthen. The building currently has several shops on rent by the Jamaat which are due to change when their contracts are finished.
  • Mission House in Quebec City was bought in 2008. Several Families have moved in the area since then and Maulana Isaac Fonsica Sahib serves as the local Imam.


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Center in Regina is located in the City Center. An official mosque is under construction in the city on a bought plot the contract for which has already been singned in July 2011.
  • Darur Rahmat Mosque in Saskatoon, SK currently srves the local chapter of Saskatoon but a much larger mosque is under constrction in the south eastern sub urban area on a 5 acre plot which has alreday been brought. The foundation stone was laid early during the time of the fourth Khalifa.

British Columbia

  • Foundation stone laid in 2005 for Ahmadiyya Mosque in Vancouver which is located in Delta. The same place serves the Vancouver Ahmadiyya Muslim Local Chapters Masjid: Baitu Dua.

United States of America



  • Baitul Aman Mosque.
  • The Hartford Mosque in Hartford.

District of Columbia


  • Bait-ul-Naseer Mosque in Miami.
  • Baitul Aafiat Mosque in Orlando.



  • Al-Sadiq Mosque in Chicago which is the first mosque built in the USA by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community due to the missionary pioneering efforts of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq; thus the mosque was named after him ‘Sadiq’ (meaning ‘honest/truthful in all respects’ in Arabic).
  • Van Buren Mosque in Chicago.
  • Masjid Bait-ul-Jamey Mosque in Glen Ellyn.
  • Zion Mission House and Mosque in Zion.






  • Sadiq Mosque in St. Louis which is currently under construction.

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina







  • Bait-ul-Qadir Mosque in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Qamar Mosque (established November 28, 2010) 300 North Eagle Street Oshkosh.

South America


French Antilles

  • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established itself here in 2002.
  • Guadeloupe Mission House in Guadeloupe


  • Baitul Awal in Guatemala, inaugurated on July 3, 1989 in celebration of the centenary of the creation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in 1889


  • Baitul Noor


  • Nasir Mosque which is one of the largest mosques in Suriname, established in 1971.
  • Nasar Mosque established in 1984.

Trinidad & Tobago

  • Baitul A’ala Mosque in Caratel
  • Rahim Mosque in McBean
  • Baitul Aziz Mosque in the northern region of Valencia



  • Baitul Huda Mosque, which acts as the National Headquarters of the Australian Ahmadiyya Community. It is one of the largest mosques in Australia and one of the first to ever be built there.
  • Khilafat Centennial Hall, adjacent to the Baitul Huda Mosque.
  • Hassan Musa Library, within Baitul Huda Mosque, named after the first Ahmadi convert from Australia, Sufi Hassan Musa Khan, who was also a companion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


  • Baitul Masroor Mosque.


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Centre in Melbourne one of the largest Ahmadiyya community mosque in the world; it is a totally pillarless building, still under construction and scheduled to be complete in early 2011. The building was purchased in 2006.

Fiji Islands

Viti Levu

  • Rizwan Mosque in Sugar City, Latouka.
  • Aqsa Mosque in Nadi.
  • Mahmud Mosque in Maro

Vanua Levu

  • Aiwane Mustafa Lajna (Women’s) Hall in Samabula
  • Fazl-e-Umar Mosque in Samabula which is the largest mosque in the South Pacific. It can hold thousands of worshippers and includes a library, community hall and other facilities.

New Zealand


Calgary, Canada


Haifa, Israel (Occupied Palestine)


Tamale, Ghana


Sarajevo, Bosnia




Oslo, Norway


13 thoughts on “Islam: Ahmadi Mosques

  1. The 2 Mosques in East London are both named the same Bait-ul Ahad. The first is Bait-ul Ahad Waltham Forest, and the 2nd is Bait-ul Ahad Newham.

  2. Salams to all,
    Its absolutely brilliant mashallah……and we see that promise fulfilled everyday and will carry on being fulfilled ….guys please pray for us, we are in the process of acquiring a space for our jamaat in west sussex.

  3. Asalamoalykum
    The name of the second Mosque in Huddersfield is Baitut Tawheed. Its known as The Pavillion and is a very historical sporting venue in Huddersfield. Many rugby, football and cricket teams have played matches on the venue.

  4. Absolutely, I spoke to the someone from Nigeria a few years ago and he reckoned that there were about 200 Ahmadi Mosques in Nigeria. We need the readers here to add names of places they know which are not listed so that we can build the list up.

  5. The list mainly mentions western mosques, most mosques of the jamaat are in Asia or Africa, with over 9000 in Africa.

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