Sweetness of Ahmadiyya

No need for too many words… Sincerity speaks its own language.


(p.s., much better than quality street!)



11 thoughts on “Sweetness of Ahmadiyya

  1. Excellent, absolutely loved it. This guy is quite a character 🙂 all from the heart. May Allah bless him.

    Another aspect of the sweetness of Ahmadiyya -Just take a look at the type of articles that appear on this blog compared to The Cult. The mannerism with which all the Ahmadis respond compared to those guys…there’s no malice or hate for the people. If there is hate it’s only for falsehood. This is what Islam Ahmadiyya gives us. It makes us human beings…pure sweetness

  2. SubhanAllah!! That was endearing and inspirational because it came from the heart and there was nothing contrived about what the young man had to say.Thank you for sharing!!

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