The Aisha Academy

”The Pursuit of Knowledge is a duty upon every male and female Muslim” (Hadith)

Alhamdulillah, as I was browsing some websites I came across something truly fantastic. The name alone is intriguing: The ”Aisha Academy.” A three year programme of study for for ladies wishing to become specialists in Islamic Studies. At the end of their studies, successeful students would qualify with a ”Mubashirah Degree.”

This is a fantastic step forward by the Canadian Jama’at and I pray that this opportunity will be made available in all countries as and when they are able to implement such a system.

The Aisha Academy




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Rights of Women in Islam


Rights of Women in Islam


15 thoughts on “The Aisha Academy

  1. AOA
    Masha’Allah This istitution will help many young girls. I had a question about the mubashira degree. It is told that it is an equivalent to the bachelor of humanities. I was wondering if that means that it would work as a humanities degree to get into law school or any further studies one may want complete for career or is it merely for learning about islam?

  2. Assalam-o-alaikum w.w.,

    I am from germany. I heard about the aisha academy and i always had the big desire to increase my knowledge about islam and religions. Inshallah next year I want to apply for it after finishing my studies here. I want to give an idea: Those Lajnas who will start this course on aisha academy in canada. Please let us know about your experiences that u will be having there. I’m really interested to hear about it and i’m sure there are lots of Lajnas who are interested in it too. May god bless the endevaours of Ahmadiyya Jamaat all over the world. ameen.

  3. Alhamdulillah, Almighty Allah has blessed the sisters and mothers of Islam with many responsibilities. It is not always possible to dedicate three years or even three weeks continuous. Perhaps some kind of ”openuniversity” course could be arranged which required ladies to watch podcasts, live lectures, and then attend a final exam and maybe a week of intensive training a year as part of the course. There are always ways to get a good education in this media age. Face to face learning will always be the best way for me, but there are others ways available.

    Just a thought.

    My advice would be for anyone who is interested (ladies or mothers / fathers / husbands for their daughters and wives) should write to our beloved Hudur (ayyadahu Allah ta’ala bi-nasrihi al-‘aziz) and express both your ideas and that you would commit to such an initiative if it starts. If it is appropriate and feasible, I am sure that such a course would be set up.

  4. we find many lajna both in their 20s 30s and 40s who would be interested. The younger generation indeed have been entrusted to bring up the next generation as a sister pointed out, at the same time the slight more ‘mature’ lajna are also contributing in their families, communities and in their worldly affairs and such a course would be so beneficial in their spiritual journey and in their worldly affairs too.

    May this academy be blessed in every aspect and produce individuals, who are a delight in the eyes of our Creator and the world, ameen.

  5. Dear sisters and brother 🙂
    I think short term courses would prove to be very beneficial for sisters who cannot attend the 3 year study. However, I think that the short term courses should be offered to Ladies in all ages, as

  6. Hadhrat Maryam (ra)! What a blessed woman! What an inspirational model for us! A whole chapter in the Holy Quran named after her! Allah (swt) tuly loved her!

    Information is readily available regarding Hadhrat Aisha (ra) and Hadhrat Khadija (ra). I wish people gave more credence to Hadhrat Maryam (ra) from an Islamic context. Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra) writes: “Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents those righteous servants of God who, having closed all avenues of sin and having made peace with God, are blessed with Divine inspiration.” Subhanallah! I pray I could be even an ounce like her!

    I’d also love to read more information on the life of Pharoah’s wife, as Allah (swt) gives us her example too (66:12). Anyone know where I can read any jamaat information on either of them?

    Oh I really wish they start this academy here. We have been entrusted with the task of bringing up the next generation – we need these kinds of institutions!

  7. AOA!

    Only today I saw the ad. in the Gazette and wow its already up on this blog too! Good job! I am so happy at the establishment of this institute here in Canada. MashaAllah. May Allah Almighty fill this initiative with lots and lots of Barakah and success. Ameen.

    I badly wish Aisha Academy begins to offer short-term courses as well InshaAllah in the near future. For girls like myself who are enrolled in university programs, it would be fantastic if we could benefit from this institute as well. Praying and hoping for the best. InshaAllah.


  8. Assalaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Ta’ala Wa Barakatuhu

    SubhanAllah, just a few days ago I was thinking about there being some sort of institute for the Ahmadi sisters, and MashAllah the Canada Jama’ah have, InshAllah, set up a very useful programme allowing for us sisters to participate in. I agree with the sister’s comment – InshALlah I hoep that the UK jama’ah will also set up such an institute allowing us women to advance our understanding of our beautiful religion even more, Ameeeen, Allahumma Ameen. InshAllah I pray that the ‘Aisha Academy proves to be a big success in Canada and one day also in the Uk – maybe we can have a Khadijah or Maryam Academy! 🙂

  9. Jazak Allah to each of you. I am overjoyed to find out that there are a number of Ahmadi sisters who follow the blog. There are a number of you who now comment here and there. Please do keep posting and feel free to let me know if their are any general subject areas which you feel could be covered and would appeal to a respected lady reader.

    Please do find some way to pursue your very noble and righteous ambitions to seek the goodly knowledge of Islam. Even if that means you do so by simply reading books at home and making use of the valuable media resources at alislam.

    Lastly, feel free to contribute towards the blog.

    Jazak Allah

  10. Aoa
    Alhamdulillah, just a week ago my mother said I should take up Islamic studies to satisfy and strengthen this inner need and desire of shifting myself to a comprehension of true Islam.
    Yes, wish I was Canadian too right now.
    My deepest prayers for the person behind this website, may the Almighty protect you and fulfill all

  11. I totally agree with you and I feel the same. I’ve only just come across this blog today and I am enjoying it thoroughly! May Allah bless the editors and admin of this blog Ameen. You guys are doing a great job in propagating true and real Islam!


  12. I have never wanted to live in Canada more so than I do today. Please, please, PLEASE start this here!!!

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