The Tragedy of Indonesia

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh,

Someone on the ”Alerts” page brought this to my attention.

Jazak Allah


The tragedy of Pakistan seems to be rapidly sliding eastwards into the equally beautiful country of Indonesia. During this blessed month the good Indonesian extremist ranks have taken it upon themselves to increase their Jihad against the ”Qadianis.” Some of what has been unforlding is as follows:

February 2011 – Three Ahmadis brutally murdered in Indonesia by a pack of animals. BBC Report

WARNING: Graphic footage of the animals at work.

April 2011 – Muslims gather in Jakarta to demand that Ahmadiyya is banned in Indonesia. BBC Report

April 2008 (Jazak Allah Peaceworld) – Ahmadi mosque burnt to the ground in Indonesia. BBC Report

Report showing Muslim clerics and the local authorities in Indonesia strategising as to how best to sack an Ahmadi mosque. Also that other minority groups have been targeted with parcel bombs being sent to prominent Christians and Jews in the country.

April 2011 – Indonesian government threatened with war if Ahmadiyya is not disbanded. BBC Report

August 2011 – International outrage as the February attackers are found guilty of murdering three Ahmadis and only sentenced to three and six months imprisonment respectively. BBC Report

August 2011 – Dedan Sudjana, one of the Ahmadis defending himself during the earlier attack in February, is sentenced to 6 months imprisonment. A longer sentence that the attackers who killed the three Ahmadis. BBC Report

August 2011Groups of people injure one Ahmadi as they attacked and damaged the Ahmadi headquarters in Indonesia: The Persecution Report & Clip : Amnesty Report

These events follow on from years of persecution inflicted upon the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Indonesia. This is the blessed month of Ramadan, please pray for the people of Indonesia and particularly the Ahmadis and other minority groups who are being targeted. Please also try to spread the awareness of these crimes!

For up-to-date information on the persecution of Ahmadi Muslims click here.


4 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Indonesia

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  2. Jazak Allah brother Dien. For those who do not know brother Dien, he is an Ahmadi living in Indonesia. Please take the opportunity to ask him about any questions you have regarding the situation in Indonesia.

  3. For the August attack, the actual incident is only a small attack, not destroying the place.
    It was on one of Indonesian branch, Makassar. The attack is on midnight, which destroying windows and some office appliances. A member got a severe head injury but he’s already allowed to come home the next morning. Two man from Indonesian Law Aid Institute are also get beaten but got only bruised.

    This is the Amnesty International report, but the picture is taken from another incident.

    Please kindly remember us in your prayers.

  4. Good summary as to what has been happening over at Indonesia over the past year. Quite sad but Indonesia is ruining its reputation as a tolerant country, something which Pakistan lost decades ago.

    I should point out a tiny error here, the Ahmadi mosque wad burnt down in April 2008, not April 2011. Jazak’allah.

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