This is a post to me by an Ahmadi Muslims a few days ago.
In an article by Mr. Shahid Kamal titled ”The Ahmadiyya Chanda Fraud,” he claims that chanda is a ruthless tax and bid’ah, as well as several things which came to his mind. Instead of arguing with logic, Mr. Kamal has resorted to personal attacks against the jaamat. His website, as with similar websites, is full of mockery, abuse and lies.
As an Ahmadi Muslim, I have been encouraged since my childhood to develop a sense of sacrifice for the sake of Allah. I was told to help the poor. This develops maturity in children, which is why it encouraged in Islam. Financial Sacrifice serves as the basic foundation for infusing a spirit of sacrifice and love for the poorest sections of our society in children so that they grow up to be a helping hand for the society.
Mr. Kamal has many times in his article complained about paying chanda. Unfortunately, he resorts to emotional rants like ”that is bread from the mouths of hungry children. If these poor people aren’t the ones who are supposed to be helped as “deserving and needy”, then who are?”. One would assume from his words that Ahmadi children must be dying of hunger. As he seems to care a lot about these ”hungry children”, could he please point out where exactly they are? Since his experience is limited to England, perhaps just London, I wonder if Mr. Kamal would be kind enough to share with us where exactly these ”hungry children” are in London? If they do exist then I am sure that Ahmadis would be very ashamed that there are children dying from hunger right here in England and help them immediately.
Despite Mr. Kamal knowing full well that chanda is spent on things like building mosques, spreading the message of Islam Ahmadiyyat, helping the poor etc., he goes on to ask the curious question, ”but is it for the benefit of the membership?”. All Ahmadi Muslims know why they pay chanda. It is paid for the sake of Allah and not for our own monetary gain? Not a single Ahmadi can ever think of chanda money being spent on ourselves. So why is Mr. Kamal complaining? The reality is that any sincere servant spending in the way of Allah will ultimately be the beneficiary of Allah’s blessings.
I do not want to make this very long, but some people’s hearts have become like stones, they lean towards the world. The only thing they ever talk about is somehow gaining some worldly gain out of even religion. This is not the purpose or intention behind the payment of Chanda by Ahmadi Muslims. Ahmadi Muslims have accepted the Imam (AS) of this age; the same Imam who has established a Jamaat of righteous servants of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which is now spreading all over the globe despite all the evil designs made against it. Money is obviously needed to publish books in favour of Islam, translating the Holy Quran into different languages, etc. So the need for chanda is paramount. The question then arises that since the cultists on the Cult website are still waiting for the Imam Mahdi (AS) and Isa (AS), when they ever arrive, how would they spread their message? Will money come down from sky? Or will money grow on trees for their Imam and Messiah?
Allah knows best.
(* The Art of Misinformation: I am adding the below video which very neatly discusses the wider subject of financial sacrifice. Please also see my earlier post Al-Wasiyyat & Chanda: Are they Islamic?)

15 thoughts on “Chanda

  1. Salam to all that read this blog,

    I have to say the funniest moment on the cult info forum is when the same user realised her fellow bloggers (cannot remember their usernames but there were at least two) wished death upon all Ahmadis!!! Her reaction was priceless 🙂


  2. There’s a certain person on the cult’s blog that is either still an Ahmadi but not by faith or left the faith, or afraid to leave it publicly due to her still being in the care of her parents or whatever it is.

    But all she does is rant with personal attacks at various Ahmadis’ characters, doing something that is completely un-Islamic, to judge others.

    I once read her write “Ahmadis are so messed up.”

    Hmmm so Dr. Abdus Salam, Sir Zafrulla Khan, Obaidullah Aleem, not to mention the blessed and most intelligent Khulafa were messed up?

    I know Sunnis that have accepted al-Imam al-Mahdi wa Masih al-Mau’ood (‘alayhis-salam) just by meeting the Khulafa.

    What a pity that some Ahmadis get impressed by the fact that the majority of Muslims are Sunnis and start becoming disillusioned with al-Haqq.

    I imagine the disciple who became an apostate after Jesus (as) was put on the cross felt the same way…

  3. in my experience paying chanda and participating in waqf-e-jadid and tehrik-e-jadid etc, has only increased my wealth. every time i go out of my way to spend for the sake of Allah through Jamaat’s schemes He rewards me with multiple times the amount i spend. i get pay raises and generous bonuses at work, and usually get a handsome tax return check etc. and i have also noticed that whenever I am even a little late with my Chanda payment, i feel that Allah’s blessings from my wealth are diminishing, for example i start incurring losses and unexpected expenses etc. all i know is that more i give, the more i get. the less i give, the less i get.

  4. Walaikum Assalam,

    By the Grace of Allah, I have been editing on Wikipedia for sometime now, though these days I am a little inactive. Since you raised this, I must say that I have always remained neutral over at Wiki to the best of my ability. There needs to be a lot of work done on Ahmadiyya related pages and I am not always a very competent editor. As far as the relevance to this blog goes, I must say there are many non-Ahmadi editors online who would recognize the propagandist vandalism and remove it immediately. For the emphasis they include non-Muslims and Muslims. Speaking from my personal experience (including from that of Wikipedia), as I have seen in the West, non-Ahmadi Muslims are way different than the members of the cult. There are instances when you could see the connection between the vandalism over at Wiki and discussion over at the cult forum/blog. At times the cult has accused of Ahmadis of overpowering Wikipedia and labeled as “Ahmadi Press force” if I correctly remember. Though there exists no such thing, and informs us that all their arguments including personal attacks are based on pure suspicion, quite a characteristic of Gossip sites.

  5. I agree, a very pertinent point. This indoctrination theory is an utter deception as so many young Ahmadis have a very close personal attachment to Islam as a direct result of having accepted, completely of their own volition, the Imam of the age (‘alayhi al-salam). I was at a street collection some time ago and walked down a busy city road to check up on a couple of the khuddam who were holding donation buckets. I noticed that they were stood some distance apart from each other and said to each of them that they could stand together so as to not get too lonely. Subhanallah, their reply was that they had agreed to stand apart so that they could concentrate on reciting the Durud for several hours each. One example of many examples.

    Unfortunately, many of the opponents of the Jama’at, particularly here in the UK, have adopted certain negative Western tabloid habits – i.e., they ignore the goodness in people and exert themselves in trying to spread and sensationalise any negative their eyes or ears fall upon. On a real level, I have found that such people have a very poor history of both Islamic history and law. Much of what they see as un-Islamic in Ahmadiyya was actually very prevalent in early and medieval Islam. It is a sign of the times that they have no knowledge of their past.

    May Almighty Allah bless you for your kind comments about the blog. It is a growing success, with a growing following, which is all due to the grace of Almighty Allah and not the result of any human effort.

  6. Salam bro,

    You’re doing an amazing job on Wikipedia. I don’t know if you remember, but it was I who wrote that “Ahmadiyya List of Mosques” page. May you be enabled to continue in this blessed effort to defend our Jama’at from the antagonists insha’Allah!

  7. Assalam o Alaikum,

    One of the things that members of the cult forget is that many young Ahmadi Muslims are Ahmadi Muslims by heart, not because they have been bought up in Ahmadi families. Members of the cult may believe so that with resorting to unfounded attacks, often personal, that are purely based on suspicion that they may be able divert the attention of the majority of young Ahmadis (like myself) towards their misguided interpretation (which clearly is anything but Ahmadiyya Islam).

    I must add that this blog by the Grace and Mercy of Allah has gained significant popularity, much faster than the Cult site in its last few years of existence.

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  9. Jazakallah for this post – very apt for this time of the month also, and a reminder that we should continue to make financial sacrifices in order to please Allah, inshallah.

  10. Also I don’t think the anti-Ahmadis realize that there’s a Muhasib Board within the Jama’ah, which is essentially a bunch of auditors who go to every local Jama’at and find out if the money is being spent appropriately.

    In the Majlis ash-Shura (which coincidentally is a practice that goes back to the Prophet (sa) and the Khulafa Rashideen), the budget of the Jama’at and where the money goes to for that year and the coming year is all outlined for the Shura Delegates to see.

    There is no misappropriation of money.

    This is summed up best by the Promised Messiah, al-Imam al-Mahdi (as) himself, in his book Al-Wasiyyat (The Will), where he says:

    “It is the promise of God that He shall cause this Jama’at to flourish, so it expected that the abundance of funds will be forthcoming for the propagation of Islam…

    These funds should also be used to help such orphans, poor and needy people, and new converts that do not have sufficient livelihood…

    Do not think that these things which I have said are inconceivable. No they are the Will of that Mighty One Who is the Lord of the earth and heavens…

    I am not worried about how these funds will be collected, nor do I grieve over how such a Jama’at will be raised who, inspired by their faith, shall perform such heroic feats. Rather I am worried that, after I am gone, those who will be entrusted with these funds may not, seeing their abundance, stumble and fall in love with the world.

    So I pray that such honest people may always be found by the Jama’at who can work for God alone. However, it shall be lawful that those who have no means to support themselves should be given something from these funds by way of assistance.” Pages 27-28

    So the Promised Messiah (as) is pretty clear. Chanda is not to create poor Ahmadi children, but rather to help them. Also he wasn’t worried about how the Jama’at would get all this money; it was the Will of God that this would happen. He was worried if some people would misappropriate or use the money from Chanda for their own uses, which is why he prayed against such a thing from happening, and why there exists a Muhasib (Auditing) Board.


  11. Jazak Allah. I think both points are very true. I can only speak from my own experience, but I have never once come across any intentional misappropriation of money. There is allot of goodwill and trust that exists in the Jama’at. Suspicion, as you rightly point out, is the fuel behind these kinds of allegations. Ultimately, the accounts of the Jama’at and its various subsidiary organisations are assessed, as in accordance with the law, by external accountants each year who’s findings are published. There is clear transparency. I for one am very proud that I belong to a community which devotes so much time and money to serving mankind and the propagation of Islam.

  12. [4:96-97] “Those of the believers who sit still, excepting the disabled ones, and those who strive in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their persons, are not equal. Allah has exalted in rank those who strive with their wealth and their persons above those who sit still. And to each Allah has promised good. And Allah has exalted those who strive above those who sit still, by a great reward, Namely, by degrees of excellence bestowed by Him, and by special forgiveness and mercy. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.”

    The word Jihad translates as “to strive” in these ayah. This further supports the idea that giving in Allah’s way should be a constant activity of a believer…Zakat has not been mentioned here specifically which is a separate obligation.

  13. My own experience over many years has been that those who complain the loudest tend to be those who pay the less, or if at all!!
    Secondly, they are obsessed that Chanda is being misused or misappropriated without any evidence or solid basis other than their own suspicion.

  14. Salaam. Excellent post. I sometimes wonder if ‘The Cult’ ever read the Quran which has emphasised the spending of wealth in the way of Allah immensely. In fact it is described as a trait of believers. “[2:275] Those who spend their wealth by night and day, secretly and openly, have their reward with their Lord; on them shall come no fear, nor shall they grieve.”. What are ‘The Cult’ doing fulfil this requirement of Allah, can they describe how their way is better?

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