Refutation: Cult Aqeeda?

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh 
A brother who presented himself to me in an e-mail as ”Ibne Khalid”, sent to me a timely, insightful, and well written post which he kindly asked me to publish on this blog.
May Almighty Allah bless him and the growing regular commentators visiting this blog – the daily visits continue to grow at a very humbling rate! Again, may Almighty Allah bless you all.
Jazak Allah 

Post by Ibne Khalid


Assalamu alaikum 

I am a Muslim who has accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as the Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah as all Muslims have been commanded by our holy master Rasoolullah (saw). Though I was born into an Ahmadi Muslim family, I only started studying Islam at the age of 14, and by the time I was 15 I was fully convinced of the truthfulness of the Jama’at after studying their beliefs and comparing them to the alternative.
I have noticed that each and every accusation the opponents of the Jama’at make may easily also be made against Islam as a whole, so ultimately if any one of ‘The Cult’ themselves really thought about it and applied the same logic and narrow mindedness to their own Imaan in Islam, I fear they could easily lose their Imaan in Allah and Islam altogether (may Allah protect us).Anyway, what I really want to talk about are the beliefs of ‘The Cult’. Whenever a discussion takes place on beliefs, it almost always centres around the beliefs of Jama’at Ahmadiyya, but I would be interested in knowing what are the beliefs of ‘The Cult’ rather than knowing what they don’t believe. I know that they are calling us away from belief in Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as the Promised Messiah, which is fine, however in my opinion it is not sufficient to say that they are calling us to Islam, because the question then arises what interpretation of Islam do I need to follow to not be branded a Kafir? If I become a Shia will they still consider me a Muslim? What if I become a Sufi or Deobandi or Brelwi etc? There has to be at least one group out there that they call Muslims or at least not call Kafir? So which group of ‘Muslims’ are we being called to by ‘The Cult’?
If they say that you don’t need to join any group, but just leave the Jama’at, then they are forgetting the clear message of Rasoolullah (saw) when he said “those who die without recognising the Imam will die an ignorant death” (I couldn’t find the exact reference but it’s a well known Hadith). We the members of the Jama’at Ahmadiyya (rightly or wrongly) have recognised somebody as the Imam of the Age, so at least we may say that we have attempted to follow what Rasoolullah (saw) instructed us. So I’m assuming that to be called away from this belief, ‘The Cult’ have found the ‘true’ Imam of the Age to whom they are calling us to, so I would like to know who that is. ‘The Cult’ may laugh off this question if they wish, but they should know that I for one and millions of others will not abandon our Bai’at unless a better guide than Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) and his Khulafa is brought forward for this day and age.
If what they say is true, that by following Jama’at Ahmadiyya I am participating in Kufr, then I don’t want to end up ‘jumping from the fire into the frying pan’ so to speak. Therefore this question is vital. If I want to avoid an ignorant death then I must join a group that practices Islam in the correct way. Therefore, if ‘The Cult’ are on the right path, I need an answer to my question at least so I can analyse how their Aqeeda is superior to the one I currently hold…I think that’s a fair request don’t you think? So perhaps ‘The Cult’ can give us a list of which groups practice an acceptable interpretation of Islam?. If however, they can’t answer this then that means they themselves don’t know what they are calling us to, so how can they know for certain that they are calling us to Islam?
Wassalam, Ibne Khalid

4 thoughts on “Refutation: Cult Aqeeda?

  1. Very nice article. Enjoyed it very much as I have also visited some ‘anti-Ahmadiyya webpages’ for tabligh purposes. This is the best answer for them. Please keep writing.

  2. More than happy to oblige.

    Thus far, there have been only two comments which I deleted. One appeared to be from a non-Ahmadi and the second from someone who appeared to be an Ahmadi. The first one was full of filthy language and the second was posted under an offensive username although, admittedly, there was nothing objectionable with the body of the post. Other than that there have been very few posts from non-Ahmadis. Shahid Kamal made a polite and generic comment right at the beginning which I think is on the ”ABOUT” or ”CONTACT” page. Having said that, the standard wordpress dashboard shows that there is a healthy flow of people from the Cult who read the blog. They might not be commenting, but they certainly are reading – or some of them at least.

    This seems an opportune time to re-clarify three points; Firstly, the assumption of certain members of the Cult that this blog might be some kind of intelligence gathering forum is completely false and is representative of the environment of suspicion that those individuals live in. I run this blog by myself and have the technical expertise of a non-specialist (i.e., not very much). An Ahmadi from Pakistan very kindly sent me a few e-mails regarding google optimisation and some other basic stuff about how to increase awareness. It really does not get more technical than that. Secondly, the assumption of Mr. Kamal that the Cult members quadruple the hits on this blog is a false one. Admittedly, at the very start the Cult members did account for a large share of the readership, but now amount to roughly 10-15% of the visitors. Almighty Allah has blessed this site with a good following. Some people, such as yourself, post here and others just read as they feel their comments might draw further attention to the Cult. A position I completely respect. Lastly, I again reiterate that this blog is my own personal initiative. I decide what to post, when to post it and for my crimes have to proof read everything myself. Thankfully, there are many Ahmadi Muslims across the world, charged with a deep love for Islam, such as yourself, who send me very beautiful posts and poetry they have authored or sourced.

    May Almighty Allah bless you all for your support. Please pray that this blog serves a purpose and that the information posted is accurate.

  3. I must admit surprise at the lack of comments from the Culties on this blog. I would have thought they would relish responding to our posts…perhaps they’re only comfortable where they can block posts that shed light on the reality of things. Perhaps our dear editor can enlighten us if he knows anything on this.

  4. Exactly, this is my question too. Right on spot.

    For the sake of argument if I was ever to leave Islam Ahmadiyya (God forbid!), where would I go? Brelvi? Wahabbi? Shia? Deobandi? Where do the members of the cult think that I should go?

    Often as I have seen there answer is along the lines “Just follow the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (sa)”, but is that not what every sect claims to do? So why are there sectarian conflicts? Moreover, members of the cult say along the lines “the differences between the sects are minor and not significant to make a difference, so it doesn’t matter” really? Then again why the conflicts? Look at the state of the Muslim world, even today, if the Muslims are united, why would there need to be revolutions? The Muslim world over the last century has been at its lowest form of unity in the last 1500 years. There are some who claim again over at the cult, that during the blessed pilgrimage, they meet people of various races and languages and that is unity. I personally do not doubt that but where is the unity in the real social world? My question remains unanswered, where should I go?

    Its common sense, if you have a job, and you are being encouraged to leave it, surely there must be a better job in place that you are being invited to. But over at the cult online community anything will do as long as it appears to malign the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

    As my dear Ahmadi friend above explained I see no greater unity in the Muslim world, as it is in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Unity requires one leader, once you lose it, you lose unity. This is the concept of a “Jama’at”. It requires a leader, a spiritual leader under whose requests and command the whole Jama’at follows. For this reason I thank my Gracious and Merciful Lord, for granting me this gift, of being a member of a true Jama’at. May Allah guide everyone to what is best. Ameen. Wassalam.

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