Finding Nemo…Losing Islam (in the process)… Updated – Again

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh
Please find below a post sent to me yesterday evening. I would like to reiterate that the posts I put up, be they mine or those sent in to me by someone else, are individual efforts. Jazak Allah
It is in a month like that of the blessed Ramadan that Muslims all over the world spend more of their time in practicing admonitions of the Qurʾān and the Prophet (saw).  Muslims also spend much of their time in admonishing others to do good and repel and refrain from evil and sin.
The Prophet (saw) stated in a ḥadīth that in this month satan is chained and the gates of heaven are opened up. It is no wonder then, that the unlawful, backbiting, and perilous inhabitants of the(sacred) webspace are spending this month in preparing for further ‘attacks’ and ‘revelations’ of the sins of others.
Pray! tell, which ḥadīth you are acting upon in this month: and before some of you ‘reverts’ or those in the process of reverting to the Islam of’s shuyukh actually start searching for such a ḥadīth, let me save you the google searches and tell you that none would exist – because such is not the blessed practice of the Beloved Messenger of Allāh (saw).
In a month in which Allāh has given us the glad tidings of goodness and attaining nearness to Him, you are increasing in your practice of ghiba (backbiting), slander, and exposing the sins of other muslims.  This should come as a revelation in itself for people such as the elusive ‘nemo’ who is trying to find his/her path, and should set your course aright.
The fact that the people at are hell-bent on exposing ahmadi-muslims, without regard of the fact that they may be ruining quite innocent family members of the exposee in the process matters not – even in this blessed and merciful of months.  Where is the Mercy, Nemo?  Maybe you should think about what Islam is being practiced by the muslims at  I certainly don’t want to be a part of it.
On the other hand, I am a simple muslim.  I am open to people changing – unlike some at  I have much to pray for my own spiritual discipline and practice – therefore I won’t make promises of praying for you all that I may not keep – but I do say that you should all pray to Allāh to forgive your sins – and pray that Allāh never exposes your faults in the way that you all go about exposing the sins of others.
This first ‘ashara (ten days) of Ramadan was the ‘ashara of Rahma.  This next ‘ashara, according to the ḥadīth of the beloved Messenger (saw) is that of maghfira (forgiveness). Forgiveness is only truly effective when followed by iṣlāḥ (reform) – I pray that we all take stock of our sins and transgressions against others and pray that Allāh never causes any of our own sins or faults, excesses or transgressions to be exposed.  May Allāh give us the tawfiq (ability) to reform ourselves and accept our worship in this month, and make this blessed month a means for our salvation, and not for our abasement, in this life and the next.
Regarding the Qaid:
What he did, if he did it, is condemnable, and if he did this consciously, he, like anyone else, will no doubt seek forgiveness from Allāh – is not a partner of Allāh or the Messenger (saw) and thus has ABSOLUTELY NO PART TO PLAY in his process of istighfar or repentance, especially not now that they have ”exposed” him for all to see. Those who have done this, they will probably not agree with me, but do you really think you are in a better position than the person you are condemning?  Seriously, think about it. Fear Allāh.  Allāh says in the Qurʾān: Idfaʿ billatī hiya aḥsan – repel wrong with that which is best.
But the exposure of his picture and name were totally unwarranted and the sin of slander and backbiting, and exposing another’s weaknesses and mistakes is upon those who have taken any part in it.  Similarly, they are subject to Allāh’s anger for any other people of his family that were hurt or damaged by these cowardly acts of exposure.   But as I said above, it is never too late for Allāh’s forgiveness, and anyone who has an ounce of awe and fear of Allāh, and love for the Messenger (saw) and counts themselves within his (saw) Ummah, will repent and desist from such harmful diseases.
Regarding other Ahmadis who do something wrong:  
Amongst the beauties of Islam is that the sincere repentance of a believer is accepted as if he has never sinned.  It would be best for them, hereafter, to befriend such people and inform them of the problems of the paths they have taken – rather than exposing them on a website.  I really cannot see how shortsighted some people can be – especially those on forum – your actions find ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT from the sacred sources of our religion: neither in the Qurʾān, the Sunnah or the Ḥadīth. Tell, what Islam do you then herald from?
Important message:
To those who are sincerely researching the books and writings of the Promised Messiah (as), I eagerly urge you to do so, with sincerity and asking Allāh’s assistance throughout.
I openly invite anyone who has any sincere criticisms of the writings of Hadrat Masih-e-Ma’ud (as) to contact this website and contact me in writing.  I am more than willing to speak to anyone regarding these and other issues – but I will not indulge in, or entertain, suspicion, backbiting, slander, personality-attacks or other sins – our beloved Master (saw) did not permit this – it is as simple as that.  I am not an employee of the Jama’at.
Update 1
[The Art of Misinformation: Apparently, this post has got a bit of coverage across at the Cult. The user ”Nemo” posted a response and so I received an e-mail from the author of this post who asked if I would post his follow up comments here. The text in itallics is that of Nemo and the rest is from the original author who wrote the above post]
There’s a blog called “Finding Nemo…Losing Islam (in the process)” written especially for me at: where he mentions :
In a month in which Allāh has given us the glad tidings of goodness and attaining nearness to Him, you are increasing in your practice of ghiba (backbiting), slander, and exposing the sins of other muslims. This should come as a revelation in itself for people such as the elusive ‘nemo’ who is trying to find his/her path, and should set your course aright. The fact that the people at thecult are hell-bent on exposing ahmadi-muslims, without regard of the fact that they may be ruining quite innocent family members of the exposee in the process matters not – even in this blessed and merciful of months. Where is the Mercy, Nemo? Maybe you should think about what Islam is being practiced by the muslims at thecult. I certainly don’t want to be a part of it. Fistly I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I really wish that I didn’t need to become a member and put up my posts…
I feel no shame in accepting that I read your posts – if only I had.  But I was sent your posts in a copy/paste fashion by some friends who were worried about you and others in your position.  I thought that I would therefore follow it up with a post to you and those who have similar concerns about their beliefs, like you.  I think that it is absolutely fundamental for every Ahmadi-muslim – not just the likes of Nemo and myself, to examine and identify ourselves and see whether what we believe is actually sourced in the classical doctrines of the early muslims and the jama’at of the Prophet (saw) and in the perennial sacred text of the Qur’an, and the perennial sunnah of our belove Messenger (saw).
I will do my utmost never to slag off the jamaat and the promised messiah or our huzur, just incase that “get out of hell card” does exist. But I will not stop at wanting to question my belief and to some extent I appreciate the exposure this site has given on the jamaat. Its an eye opener for the jamaat to change its ways.
That is a good intention – there are ways in which the sahabah questioned the Prophet (saw) – there are ways in which Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) questioned the Prophet (saw) saying, “ya rasulAllah! are we not on the truth??” when the Prophet (saw) and the muslims were prevented and blocked by the Makkans from entering Makkah even though they had been promised that they would be able to enter Makkah in peace.  The peace accord that was drafter between the Muslims and the Makkans was humiliating for some in that the conditions were demoralising.  Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) is famously reported as having asked Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra):Are we not upon truth?  Are the makkans not upon falsehood?  is He (saw) not the Messenger of Allah? All of which were met with an affirmative response from Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra).Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) then asked the Prophet (saw) the same questions, all of which were responded in the affirmative.  And the Prophet (saw) finally said words to the effect of ‘I am the slave of Allah, and I will never cease in my obedience to Him (Allah). He will not mislead me.’

But interestingly, and noteworthy for us all – especially those who seek to question the faith and claims and writings of the Promised Messiah (as) – whom we believe to be sent by the same Allah who sent the Prophet (saw), is that although Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) was not prevented from asking such protruding and intrusive questions to none other than the Messenger of Allah (saw), it is Hadrat ‘Umar’s (ra) answers to his own questioning that is most telling:

He said: (words to the effect of) “I never ceased to fast, give charity, offer prayers, and free slaves due to what I did that day and in fear of the consequences of the words that I uttered, until I began to regain some hope.”

Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) regretted his questioning of the Messenger of Allah (saw) – not because he asked the questions, but because of the way in which the questions were asked.  Surely if the questions in themselves were invalid and with ill intent, Hadrat Abu Bakr (ra), and the Prophet (saw) would have reprimanded Hadrat ‘Umar (ra) for speaking out of turn.

So ask questions, but do not sin in the process.  Do not masquerade your ‘search for truth’ by couching and accompanying it with sly personal remarks about certain people – what have any of the people who are mentioned on the Cult anything to do with your relationship with the Promised Messiah (as), the Holy Prophet (saw), and our Creator?  How does what someone has on their website, on their car bumper sticker, their financial history, or a person’s alleged or real sins, have anything to do with whether the claims of the Promised Messiah (as) are true or not?  After all, is this not what you set out to achieve.  Yet instead, you seem to have been clouded with the personal slander which people like Farhan and findings say is permissible in Islam, and the offer verses of the Qur’an and the sayings of eminent juridical authorities (such as the Imams of jurisprudence – or their students) to excuse inexcusable acts like ghiba (backbiting) and qadhf (slander).  When the Prophet (saw) says that backbiting is as if you would be eating the flesh of your brother, I do not care for all the (hiyal) legal loopholes that people try to make muslims jump through to try to validate backbiting, or by calling it frontbiting (which, by the way, flies in the face of the prophetic teachings – when the Prophet (saw) calls it ghiba – to term it anything else to satisfy one’s own bruised ego and to dilute what they are doing) is a crime, no less!

So ask questions, by all means – in fact there is not a question that I would not answer (if only someone was to ask me) as long as it was with sincerity, and without all the bells-and-whistles of sin and disobedience to the Messenger (saw) and to Allah(swt).

Admitidly, the site has very much rubbed off on me whilst swimming in these waters and yes I know I have gone against what I previosuly said “I will do my utmost never to slag off the jamaat.” Your question do I really want to be part of the islam being practiced by cult The answer is Yes and No. As findings has pointed out the ayah 4:148 “Allah does not like the public mention of evil except by one who has been wronged.” As a member of this jamaat, I have been wronged and so have all the rest of us. I’m not proud of the stuff I had to mention, but it is all part and parcel of my journey. I honestly feel very sorry for the Qaid and his wife and family, that has always been my opinion and never changed since someone leaked this. My conscious is clear of leaking such things as I was not party to any of this or the other stuff. Strangely I am content that others are doing this because I’m glad that the hypocrosy of the jamaat is being exposed, its just such a damn shame that it’s at the expense of playing with someone’s personal life. But then that’s also the jamaat for you, they also like to happy slap people. Whenever anyone starts off on a journey we don’t always follow the route we had initially intended. We encounter things on the way and make changes, as I have done by starting to speak out against the jamaat and some of its office bearers. Sometimes we find that it’s necessary to back track. This is a very real possibility too, because if I can be satisfied by the writings of the Promised Messiah I will sit quitely in this weird and very annoying cult. So please bare this in mind.
If the answer to the question is even partially yes, then I feel for you.  Because most of these people clearly do not practice a form of Islam that I have seen in the back-streets of Cairo, Syria, Jordan or elsewhere in the islamic world – least of all in Medina al-munawwara.  Just their words on their sin-inspiring forum makes me feel for their future progeny, and I am sure that whatever they are doing through this forum, they would prohibit even their own future progeny from doing, because in reality they know what they are doing is sinful – and would not want sin for their children.  If not, they need to learn their Islam again.

And before taking tafsir of the divinely revealed words of Allah from Allamah Findings, about which words Allah explicitly says “none knows of their interpretation except the rasikhuna fi’l-ilm (those deeply entrenched in knowledge)”, I would refer you to the Tafsir: al-Tanwir al-Miqbas min Tafsir Ibn Abbas in which he says that this verse means:

“(Allah loveth not the utterance of harsh speech) verbal abuse (save by one who has been wronged) in this case, he is permitted to make supplications; it is also said that this means: Allah does not love the utterance of harsh speech even from one who has been wronged. (Allah is ever Hearer) of the supplication of the person who has been wronged, (Knower) of the punishment of the transgressor. This verse was revealed about Abu Bakr who was verbally abused by a man.” (emphasis mine) 

Surely the highlighted portion of the tafsir above indicates that highest spiritual station in such circumstances is to complain to Allah about the wrongdoers.  And shows what is beloved to Allah – and what should be practiced by one who is longing for Allah’s pleasure and His love.  To pitch this verse as an allowance for backbiting brings more problems.  We do not take plumbing advice from doctors, or vice-versa, so I would caution that we do not take tafsir of Allah’s divinely revealed words from those not skilled or divinely endowed with such subtle knowledge.

I know many people who have been wronged in life – some of them take it in their stride, others cannot – and this is the human condition.  The Prophet (saw) once declared that anyone who had been wronged by him (saw) should come forth and take their revenge as He (saw) did not want to be avenged for it on the day of Judgement.  One man stepped forward and said that once the Prophet (saw) had brushed passed him and his staff/walking stick and hit him on his back.  The Prophet (saw) took this seriously, raised his (saw) blessed shirt and asked the man to take revenge, at which the man stepped forward and kissed the blessed and pure back of the Holy Prophet (saw).  SallAllahu ‘alaihe wa sallam.  Sweet revenge…!!  This is the model of revenge we find in the Prophet (saw) and his companions – blessings be upon them all.  They were those about whom Allah revealed the verse “…ashiddaa’u ‘ala’l-kuffaari ruhamaa’u baynahum…” – They are harsh towards the disbelievers, but tender amongst themselves.  Those who are not tender amongst themselves, be they Ahmadi-Muslims, non-Ahmadi-Muslims, or others, should think over this verse in Surah al-Fath, and correct their ways.

You also seem to be inferring that if someone in the jama’at does something wrong, then its ok for you to follow similar courses of action.  Whether this will wash with Allah on the day of Judgement, I cannot say – Allahu a’lam.  But from the Qur’an we have clear and brilliant guidance:  “Idfa’ billati hiya ahsan…” – ‘repel that (evil) with that which is better/good…’

You say:

because I’m glad that the hypocrosy of the jamaat is being exposed, its just such a damn shame that it’s at the expense of playing with someone’s personal life. But then that’s also the jamaat for you, they also like to happy slap people.

But Allah tells you to leave people with their vices, and you should respond not in kind, but with something better – something which is a warranted of a man/woman such as yourself who is a believer in the True Creator and a servant of the Beloved Messenger and Khatam al-Nabiyyin (saw).  Many people have wronged me in my life – both friends and others – but I know I am clear with Allah when I follow His command and instruction, and then any harm which befalls me is temporary and in the greater scheme of things, insignificant because I have obeyed Allah.

Masha’Allah – you also seem aware of this, and you are aware of the fact that we make mistakes:

Whenever anyone starts off on a journey we don’t always follow the route we had initially intended. We encounter things on the way and make changes, as I have done by starting to speak out against the jamaat and some of its office bearers. Sometimes we find that it’s necessary to back track. This is a very real possibility too, because if I can be satisfied by the writings of the Promised Messiah I will sit quitely in this weird and very annoying cult. So please bare this in mind.
I too am a sinner, so the only advice I can give you and myself is to start the journey well, and insha’Allah Allah will note your sincerity and treat you with similar kindness.  There are those who speak out against injustice – which is good – but to do so without Allah’s assistance and in disobedience to the way that He has instructed is doomed to fail and will be injurious in the long run. One Ahmadi-Muslim youth who left Ahmadiyyat and joined ‘Islam’ (as if the two are separate(!)) has recently come out and left Islam altogether.  Another older guy became a Christian.  Both of these did the same – they spoke publicly against the Jama’at and joined mainstream populist ‘Sunni Islam’, and their paths have ended up far away from Allah altogether.  I pray that you are guided and hold firmly to Islam and at the same time would be remiss in my obligations if I didn’t make you aware of the pitfalls that have befallen these other unfortunate individuals (they are unfortunate, not you.)
We the jamaat do not have a voice and this site is a haven for me to voice my frustrations. I am very lucky that cult members have accepted me despite my beliefs. And as Findings pointed out, this is front-biting, not backbiting because the people mentioned are free to read. But yeah I’m sorry for the occasional name drops, I guess that’s just my inner bitch which I’m working on! But I thank you for warning me before I took it too far. Though damage is done I’ve now edited out the very few names used in some of my posts but have left in the office bearers who I wish to make a point to. And its not slander when you tell the facts as they are. Lets say hyperthetically we weren’t discussing religion, say it were politics or theology. Then I would be the first to remove my orange and white stripey mask to reveal my dark brown face. I would openly speak up against the system through my real identity, and say I’m unsure about the very foundations laid here. But because this is the jamaat we must tred very carefully, our families will be shunned because of us and we will be fed to the lions both through jamaat action and community word of mouth, as if we had done something horribly wrong by speaking out! If that makes me a coward, so be it but that’s essentially what offers the protection we are entitled to.
Let’s be clear, they have not accepted you and probably will not until you leave Ahmadiyyat – that is the one criterion that they have always congratulated people on – after the initial welcome and congrats for coming onto the forum – or so people tell me.  They are most probably giving you the companionship that you seem to have unfortunately lacked within the Jama’at.  The front-biting / backbiting point has been mentioned above – suffice to say that the scholars of islam classify backbiting as speach or words injurious to another in their absence.  In usual backbiting, people can still find out about what was said – just because they find out (by word of mouth or by reading a website) is no different – both are backbiting if said in absence of the person at the time it is said.  Anything else is just semantics.  If they are happy doing this, then good luck to them.  Ask any muslim scholar, sunni, shi’i, wahhabi, deobandi, barelwi, anyone: as to whether the content written on an internet forum about a third person which is injurious or potentially hurtful, and the third person doesn’t know about it, except by reading it or hearing about it after it has been posted and published to another person, whether such would qualify as ghiba (backbiting).  I would be very, very surprised if it did not qualify.  I have read enough islamic legal texts, and have sat through enough fiqh classes to know the tell-tale signs of Ghiba.  I am afraid the information you are being provided is not correct.

And I think you recognise this as you have taken corrective action, as you say in your post above.  I do not intend to insult you but you clearly have the intuition and firasa (insight) to be able to tell right from wrong.

The point you make about treading carefully:  Look, I have said it before, if you have anything you feel needs to be discussed, no matter how fragile the egg-shells might be you can call me or write to me and we can speak about it.  I obviously won’t want to or need to know who you are.  Although if you are a woman, someone else will have to take the gauntlet, but I’m sure I can recommend someone that will hold similar principles.  That you’re an Ahmadi Muslim is enough to make me and any other Ahmadi Muslim care about you and the worries you have regarding belief in Allah, the Prophet (saw) or the Imam Mahdi (as).  You don’t need to reveal who you are, and I have no need to reveal who I am. But I can assure you that even if I did know who you are, I wouldn’t reveal it as that would be injurious to you and your family and would fly in the face of everything I have learnt from my faith, from the Qur’an and from the writings of the Promised Messiah (as).On a side note, Skype would allow identity to be sufficiently protected – like I say, I do not need, or want to know who you are, and neither does anyone else.  The only time people want to know who people are, is when those people are out solely to injure other people and their characters through maligning them publicly.  And I know, that if someone put personal information about me or my family on a website, I would want to know who they are.  That is natural.  But as long as it remains religious, theological, or intellectual, it is the questions that matter, not the people.


Anyway, you are right, its Ramadan, the gates to paradise are open and it’s a time for forgiveness. I do wish to concentrate on my own spirituality rather than wasting my virtual breath on this weird jamaat. But its too difficult to let go sometimes when the jamaat is letting us down. And the sect of the Holy Prophet saw is all that appeals to me right now. I was actively posting because right now religion is at the forefront of my mind, unfortunately its not something I give much thought to throughout the year. It was the Jalsa/Ramadan period and thus I had a lot of steam to let off. I was always here temporarily and I shall be concentrating on my studies after the summer break. But I will probably still be around passively, taking a back seat, possibly chucking in the odd post now and then. Lastly thanks for saying:

To those who are sincerely researching the books and writings of the Promised Messiah (as), I eagerly urge you to do so, with sincerity and asking Allāh’s assistance throughout. I openly invite anyone who has any sincere criticisms of the writings of Hadrat Masih-e-Ma’ud (as) to contact this website and contact me in writing. I am more than willing to speak to anyone regarding these and other issues.
Jazakallah for the acknowledgement – Ramadan is a time for disciplining and restriciting one’s soul (nafs) – in all respects – not just the easy ones!  The jama’at is made up of all of us – if it is letting us down, it is highly likely that we are letting it down because we constitute the jama’at and it comprises us.
I welcome that! So far the jamaat has a shady history of being selective in translating the PM’s books in English, and it just so happens most of the controversial and weird stuff are written in the books we don’t have access to in English. Of course I will have to remain balanced with your opinions and those of Hussain/Xia etc. But it shows you care and you also wish to help, and maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel, there are so many questions that need answering. This is a key issue. Brother logic – take note of the above quote
The translation issue is not an issue – since he put pen to paper, the Promised Messiah (as)’s writings have been contended, whether translated or not.  Questions are welcome – although I do not have the patience to type and enter long email discussions – if you want to skype them out, then this will be better, and all/any questions are welcome – no matter how egg-shell-y.  Although, I am not interested in quotes taken from other websites.  If the quote is on another website, read it in the original (if you can) and we will answer it.  The only other condition is that if the answer to the rebuttal is satisfactory, and one is content with it, that you make it clear that such similar accusations are thereby also answered and void.  Usually, we see that people come with a barrage of accusations, and when one is answered, they move onto the next one without acknowledging whether they are content that there is no problem with the first one, and this fashion is clearly of no benefit.


BTW Jamaat… Don’t bother wasting your time in Finding Nemo. There is no point. I am not a threat, remember though if you pee someone off completely that makes them more destructive  , so just don’t whatever you do. Prove to me that you’re not a cult. I am simply a passing visitor, and after I have left I shall return now and then to say hello to my friends on cult Do not be bothered in me being involved in leaks. Anything I discuss will always be because it is common knowledge and has been passed by word of mouth. I am involved at a local level and so it would be very silly of me to discuss things about a local amla, as I know it will easily point back to me! I do not have any tentacles in your regional or national amla’s and my local amla is so politically motivated that I don’t think I could swim that far against such a strong current. And quite frankly I couldn’t care less to go there

You were doing so well…and then….look, like I said, leave everyone else to be.  Focus on Allah, and ask Allah to assist you, and to correct the ways of anyone who has wronged you, and if you believe someone to be acting inappropriately, don’t incur Allah’s anger by slandering them publicly, or backbiting, pray that Allah reforms their ways.

I care not for ‘leaks’.  I would not like anyone to reveal what Allah has kept covered of my faults and sins – and thus would not wish it upon anyone else.  For those who have leaked something, they have Allah to answer to, and so I will not attempt an answer on His behalf.

As long as you are male, we can set up a Skype username to deal with this, inshallah.

Wassalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatAllahe ta’ala wa barakaatuhu.
[The Art of Misinformation: If Nemo or anyone else would like to take the above poster up on his offer, feel free to contact me confidentially (using a specifically created anonymous email address if need be) at and I will be happy to forward your details to him. Anything you send will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and once I have forwarded your details I will delete your e-mail]
Update 2
I was informed tonight that the Cult forum user ”Nemo” had the following comment directed at him / her tonight on the Cult forum:
@ NemoSeems like your on their radar BRO BRO. Win!

I should not have to say this again, but I will. There is no they, there is me. This blog is run by me, a individual Ahmadi Muslim and no other person has administrative access to this blog or the e-mail attached to it – no human. I am very, very privileged to be an Ahmadi Muslim and if a Jama’at offical asked me tomorrow to stop this blog I would gladly do so – they have not. I have no radar and no secret intention. As Almighty God is my witness, I set this blog up with the sole intention that it would give people like Nemo the opportunity to be presented with some kind of balanced opinion. I love all humanity, particularly my Muslim brothers and sisters – your spiritual well being is very important to me as a spiritual brother of yours. I am a worthless individual, no better than anyone else, but it is my prayer that this blog is of some benefit. Furthermore, this is not a competition or a game show where we play to win ”Who wants to be a Muslim.” Imam is a serious matter and should not be treated so trivially.  
Nemo, like us all, is searching within his/her heart for answers to difficult questions – this is a matter of Iman and a natural part of the human condition. That journey, for all of us, is what is important – nothing else. I personally take such matters more seriously than anything else. If Nemo wants to come here and permit me, or the author of this post, to try and help him / her in answering those questions, then I would be more than happy to help. It is my, indeed a shared Muslim responsibility to ensure that we help one another.
The bottom line is this, if Nemo or anyone else wants help from me then the electronic door is always open. If a random person comes here and asks questions then how would I even know that person was Nemo or any other (and many people do e-mail me – who knows, some could be people on the Cult). And if such a person did come, for me his / her coming here would be as a sign of his / her sincerity and that takes conviction. This blog, so long as I run it, will always be a safe and non-judgmental place for anyone – this is my personal promise and Almighty Allah has instructed us all to uphold our promises. This will be the last update here. Anyone wishing to discuss this further is welcome to post their comments below or contact me confidentially at
Jazak Allah and finally, please pray for me as I am a quite worthless person in need of much improvement.
Jazak Alla

18 thoughts on “Finding Nemo…Losing Islam (in the process)… Updated – Again

  1. Wow, Farhan Qureshi denounced Islam all together? what a shame! I feel so sorry for that brother. I came across his and other Farhan’s videos on you tube sometime ago, and I remember the other Farhan used him as a poster-child to prove Ahmadiyyat wrong. his basic premise was that this guy left Ahmadiyyat, so there is something definitely wrong with it. I wonder how Farhan feels about Farhan Qureshi now. now that he has left his version of Islam as well, does that mean that his version of Islam is wrong also? it’s funny, that there isn’t even a single peep out of him about Farhan Qureshi now that he has chased him away from Islam all together. Again, so sad, what a shame.

    It is as Promised Messiah (AS) has said in his Urdu poetry:

    Sidq say meri taraf aao issi mein khair hai
    Hain darinday har taraf, mein aafiyat ka hoon hissar

    Come to me with utmost sincerity, because this is the best course
    There are carnivorous animals everywhere, only I can grant you sanctuary

    Those who leave his Aafiyat ka Hissar or his sanctuary will definitely be consumed by wild animals sooner or later.

    this news has actually strengthened my faith even further in Ahmadiyyat, and may Allah enable me to stay sincere to it till my last breath. Ameen.

  2. Subhan Allah brother Tahir. You certainly are a hard man and may Almighty Allah bless you for your stern and steadfast heart. I do not disagree with what you have said in principle, but I think it was quite strong. Our opinions and reactions are often shaped by circumstances and the different environmental factors that surround us. Nemo, and others, may well have been wronged by someone who impacted them in such a bad way that it caused them to adopt a negative opinion of Ahmadiyya. I am not saying that this is the case here – and this would still not defend backbiting – but it could be the case and ”Husn al-Zan” leads me to draw this opinion until I know otherwise. Regarding the backbiting, I know you wrote your comment before my recent comment about Nemo, but Nemo has no openly apologised tor anyone she / he has wronged and in my book an apology should always be met with forgiveness – and Almighty Allah is the ultimate Judge.

    May Almighty Allah bless you and please continue sharing your thoughts here. I benefited from your comments above and it is so true when the Holy Prophet (sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that al-ikhtilaf fi ummati, rahma.

  3. A very timely message. I think that it is important to say (will write a post about this) that when anyone says that Ahmadis have almost a genetic inherent ”get out of hell free card” or are saved by virtue of their being Ahmadis, this is completely false. The Imam al-Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam) has given the most beautiful teachings of this age and that is because they are nothing more than the blessed teachings of the Holy Prophet (sal Allah ‘alayhi wa sallam). Those teachings carry with them those lessons and wisdom which, if followed with sincerity, will certainly transform any man or woman into a heavenly person. Therefore, the Ahmadi Muslim who is successful is he or she who is true to the guidance of the Imam of the age, the Hakam ‘Adl. In the above example of the tremendous adab of Hadrat Khalifat al-Masih II (radi Allah ‘anhu), we find an example of a man wholly submersed in the wisdom of the Imam of the age (‘alayhi al-salam). We are further blessed with the excellent wisdom and guidance of my beloved Hudur (ayyadahu Allah ta’ala bi-nasrihi al’aziz). We should each endeveour to encourage ourselves foremost, and then our families and loved ones, to become such Ahmadis as were demanded of us by the Imam of the Age (‘alayhi al-salam).

    On another note, I was informed tonight of the below message ”Nemo” posted on the Cult site:

    ”Last night I was reading blog man’s comments. He called for me to apologise to the people I have named. So today I have pondered, and to the people I have edited out now, I am sorry. I pray to Allah to forgive us all.

    See, I can bow down to requests and do the right thing. I wish others could do the same though – bow to requests and DO THE RIGHT THING instead of creating class divides and bending the rules for others.

    This will be my last response to the blog’s comments!
    EDIT: any of your further comments will not be entertained or read by me, contact will only be by email.”

    I am genuinely grateful to Almighty Allah that Nemo has adopted this stance. I pray that the sincerity and insight required of Nemo to say such a thing will safeguard her and her loved ones from harm and raise them all to a high spiritual station. I wish nothing less than spiritual success for Nemo and similar people to him / her. Such a move has nothing to do with anyone except for Almighty Allah who has most certainly supported Nemo’s heart to do the righteous thing. As mentioned earlier, I am very happy to discuss with Nemo, or anyone else, any questions he / she has. I am only an e-mail away.

    The person who informed me of the above message also mentioned that someone on that blog mentioned that they had not heard Ahmadis saying ”Subhanahu wa ta’ala” after the name of Almighty Allah. While I have heard some Ahmadis say this in the UK, the majority do not. Instead they say ”Allah ta’ala” which literally means Almighty Allah or Allah the High. So, Alhamdulillah, Ahmadis are very much in the habit of praising the blessed name of Almighty Allah in their every mention of Him, ‘azza wa Jal wa subhanahu wa ta’ala.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I will endeavour to take all your points on board which are things we should all aspire for.

    It should be noted however that I’m not at present debating with Nemo. Perhaps my emotions spilled out a little with the term “blood boil”, and that is something I need to work on… but obviously I would not speak in such an emotionally charged manner if discussing with him his action. Moreover-the debate being had with him is not a theological discussion as the case of the Shaykh that you have quoted; he has openly admitted to committing what is brazen-faced wrong doing.

    As for his behaviour, I think it is universally accepted that exposing private information of other individuals-including their past misdeeds-is a universally condemnable act, from whichever creed you stand upon. When an evil is openly committed and admitted whole heartedly-as Nemo has-it is not backbiting to condemn it but is a minimum requirement to speak out against the act (we all know about the hadith of the Holy Prophet(saw) in this regard with respect to the different levels of faith when seeing an evil act and how to speak out against it is only a middle level of faith).

    As for the teachings of the Promised Messiah(as) regarding his own community, the book Kishti Nuh, which you have probably read and part of which was translated into the work “Our Teaching” clearly states what characteristics put one outside of his community.

    My personal opinion upon this matter-and this may be reflective of my hard nature, and my apologies for that if that offends you-but I have no care if such people as Nemo leave the jamaat. There is a difference between not being sure about the teaching of the Promised Messiah(as) on a theological and spiritual level and if one is still seeking earnestly whether he is true-indeed, every born-ahmadi should go through such a process. That is not however Nemo’s problem with the jamaat. Nemo’s problem with the jamaat is born, as he himself has alluded, from a grievance he is nursing which was caused by other jamaat members. As a result, his ego has been damaged and he is taking it out on the jamaat as a whole and seeking to undermine it. Those in our jamaat whose characters are such that they value their egos more than the cause of the Promised messiah(as) and who participate in such low acts as cause hurt to other people-I care not if he leaves the jamaat.

    In fact, I believe that jamaat would be much better off if people like him did leave. This is in fact exactly what the Promised Messiah(as) said in “Our Teaching”-that such people who give precedence to their egos over and above their search for Allah and their journey to Allah, are like dry branches whom Allah will be pleased to cut off from the tree of Ahmadiyyat.

    Of course, THE WAY OF REPENTANCE IS ALWAYS OPEN (just in case “Nemo” is reading this) and this is a door that the Promised Messiah(as) always said is open even for the man who has committed 100 murders…so if you’re still breathing (and even if you’re not!), Allah can still and DOES still, as we know wrap one in His Mercy.

    If he doesn’t want to reform though, I am not bothered by him leaving the jamaat. Let him.

    I do hope he realises his mistake and returns to not only the fold of the Masih and Mahdi, but reforms his treatment of other people and sees the wrong in what he has done.

  5. Assalaamu ‘alaikum Brother Tahir and others,

    Look, there have been people who are weak of faith, have faced problems due to the unfortunate acts of others, and people who have serious problems understanding some of the writings of the promised messiah (as).

    The Promised Messiah (as) himself wrote his books for two types of people: (1) the general lay reader; and (2) the specialist scholar.

    Often, many people find what he wrote for the specialist scholar confusing – and that is bound to happen. For example, if a lay reader picks up the ‘our teachings’ part of Kishti-e-Nuh then he/she will most probably understand it without any issue. But if the same person picks up Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya, or Kashf al-Ghita’, or even Al-Haq Mubahitha Ludhiana/Delhi, then the specific terminology pertaining to the science of Hadith and aqidah will throw a person off, especially if they do not have understanding of such terminology.

    The other thing is that the lack of translations, although maybe not a strong allegation, is perhaps valid to some degree. But anyone who makes such an allegation should seriously consider what the early muslims outside of arabia did before the Qur’an had been translated. Did they start accusing the Prophet (saw) or the Khulafa al-Rashidin of hiding something?

    Even if books had been translated, there would still be people who accuse the Promised Messiah (as) of speaking out of turn. They should talk these things out with other Ahmadi Muslims who have a god understanding of Urdu, and of the scholarly Islamic Tradition.

    To this day, Deobandi boys up and down the UK mock and accuse Barelwi scholars and Barelwi boys mock Deobandi scholars – not based on the translations of their works, but because each of them have fundamentally misunderstood the context in which these scholars wrote a certain tract with a certain emphasis in mind, and in a certain socio-political/religious milieu, which the boys in the hoods just cannot fathom! And they curse each others’ scholars with Takfir, and the ugliest of terms. The basic reason is a lack of adab and lack of understanding of the scholarly islamic tradition.

    Those of us born as Ahmadi Muslims do not know how difficult it is for a person to leave all they used ot believe in and start afresh – it is not our own intellectual ability that enables us to understand and believe in Hadrat Masih-e-Ma’ud (as) – rather it is nothing but the pure and blessed fadl (grace) of Allah ta’ala. We should not, therefore think that we have any greatness within us – God forbid – this could be taken away from us at any moment if we are ungrateful and haughty – and we seek Allah’s protection and refuge from this. rather, we should pray that this fadl (grace) becomes widespread and permeates the hearts and souls of all and sundry, so that they too can reach the heights of knowledge of God (ma’rifa) as expected of us all by the Holy Prophet (saw).

    Before giving an example of proper ettiquette when debating on islamic issues and points of belief and faith, it should be understood that to accept something which does no make sense (apparently or initially) takes a long time, intellectual effort (sometimes) and immense relince upon Allah ta’ala. He is the source of all True knowledge and it is thus from Him that we should ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. But in fact this is impossible until one accepts their own ignorance (in terms of not really knowing anything) and lowliness in relation to Allah’s unlimited and immense knowledge adn wisdom. Only then will Allah ta’ala, with prayers and submission to him in humility, fill a person with intellect, insight and wisdom.

    A person ocne went to a Shaykh, asing him to teach him islamic knowledge. When he introduced himself in the presence of the Shaykh, the student told him of all the people he had studied with and all the various forms of ijaza (permissions/degrees of proficiency) he had obtained from some of the most learned Shuyukh of his time, and then said I would like to now learn from you also. Hearing the long curriculum vitae, the Shaykh asked one of his students to bring him a jug of water and a glass. He asked the new student if he wanted to drink, to which the student replied ‘yes’ and thanked him. The Shaykh continued to pour water into the glass until it reached the top and then continued pouring so that the water overspilled and ran all around. The Student exclaimed to the Shaykh to stop because the glass was overfillign and the water was being lost elsewhere.
    At this, the Shaykh responded that the example of this glass is like you – from what you have told me you have so much knowledge in you already, so if I were to teach you then that knowledge would be lost, because you are overspilling, just like the water!!

    Hadrat Khalifatul Masih al-Thani (ra) was very particular about Islamic adab, and he narrates in one of his speeches, that there was a debate that he had with a scholar in India, at the end of which both he and the other scholar could reach no amicable settlement. Even then, they remained amicable and respected each others’ difference of opinions because both were scholarly in disposition and had true islamic adab (ettiquette). Unknown to Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra), two of his students went bac to the scholar’s house and asked to be let in. They debated with the scholar giving him many evidences from islamic sources, and the scholar, who said nothing in return thanked them and they went on their way. When they reached Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) and told him proudly of their victory over this scholar and how he couldn’t say a word after their exposition of the proofs, he was extremely disheartened and disappointed, and he retorted to them angrily that they had no right to do so. He said that the reason the scholar remained quiet in front of you is because he did not want to debase his spiritual rank by arguing with you two – he is a scholar and you two are just students and it does not befit students to argue with the scholars – students ar there to learn from the scholars – they may disagree, but with ettiquette and extreme humility.
    At this they both realised their mistake and Hudur (ra) instructed them to go back to the scholar and apologise for their disrespect.

    On reaching the scholar’s house, they knocked on his door and asked to be let in. At this point the scholar, already disinterested because of their demeanour, said, that it was best that they did not disturb him at this time. Teh two students then complained to him that if he didn’t let them in and apologise for their disrespectful behaviour, Hadrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) would not accept them back and would not forgive them for the way in which they argued with the shaykh.

    At this the Shaykh replied to his students to let the two students in, saying that ‘this is exactly the kind of adab (ettiquette) I expected from the students of MIrza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad.

    In this is a story for Ahmadi Muslims as well as for other muslims about adab generally.

    We should be with others like the description in the Qur’an: “…ashiddaa’u ‘ala’l-kuffari ruhamaa’u baynahum…” – ‘…hard against the disbelievers, tender amongst themselves…’

    Assalamu ‘alaikum

  6. I can certainly arrange for a trusted and non-judgmental Ahmadi lady to assist any lady with questions she has. I must stress, however, that while ordinary questions can certainly be answered, anything which is of a fiqhi (legal) nature and seeks the Jama’at’s position should really be answered by a suitably qualified person in the Jama’at, such as the Mufti Silsila. Don’t see that as a stumbling block, though. Any such question can still be sent here and I, or the other person in terms of ladies, can forward your question to a qualified person and then relay back to you what the answer is. Still send your e-mails to and make sure that you put (Lady or something similar) in the title of the e-mail and I will ask an Ahmadi lady to look at it.

    If anyone is super, super shy – then you can simply set up a new anonymous gmail account which takes all of 2 mins and then send the message that way.

  7. Assalamoalaikum,

    Regarding your offer to email you with questions, I wonder if there is a Lajna member you know of who females would feel more comfortable communicating with?


  8. Jazak Allah.

    To my knowledge, there are (were) two Farhans active in opposing Islam Ahmadiyya. One is a Sunni, perhaps of Wahhabi / Salafi orientation, who I believe is a modorater on the Cult website (he is certainly a regular blog entry writer there). About four years ago he and another person called Farhan, an ex-Ahmadi, both from the USA, began making joint and individual videos against Islam Ahmadiyya. Unfortunately, the Farhan who was an ex-Ahmadi reached the point where he even denounced Islam here.

    May Almighty Allah always keep Tawheed strong in our hearts and guide Farhan to once again accept the Imam al-Mahdi (‘alayhi al-salam).

    Jazak Allah

  9. I am 100% with you and agree with the above fully. Ghibah is a terrible act, but unfortunately it is something that is so prevalent in Pakistani culture especially, that it is truly shocking.

    As a separate point, about four years ago I used to post a lot on the ahmadiyya facebook page and the main antagonist was a man named Farhan. We covered all the basic theological points-especially that of Khatme Nabuwwat and he wouldn’t accept our understanding of chapter 4 verse 70-I can’t remember what ridiculous argument he pulled out…but anyway, having heard that there is a chap called Farhan as a main antagonist on the Cult website (I don’t go on the website and read it-I always have a feeling of impending doom that any moment I’m going to read a vile comment) makes me wonder if it is the same person!

    Anywho, thanks for the great work-I am getting addicted to reading and posting on here. I do love it 🙂

  10. Brother Tahir.
    Nemo, as with other people in his/her situation, is searching for answers. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the bad blood / influences at the Cult or due to some previous bad experience, he / she has adopted a method which is not Islamic and lowers the standing of Nemo, who I am sure is at heart a decent person from an honourable family. Whether Nemo wants to remain an Ahmadi or accept mainstream Sunni Islam is his / her choice and I respect that. My only message to people in Nemo’s position is that when someone is seeking to locate a righteous bearing in life, he cannot hope to find it unless righteousness is present in their every step.

    Backbiting is forbidden. ”Front-biting,” a term coined by members at the Cult, is not an Islamic term and finds no justification in Islamic law. The Prophet (Sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) very clearly established what backbiting and slander are in an accepted Hadith. To backbite is to say something without the knowledge of that person (i.e., not in his / her presence) which IS true and would likely distress that person (this is the religious and lexicon meaning of ghibah – google it). Whereas, slander is to say something either in front of someone or in their absence which is NOT true. Furthermore, not only has such an act been classed as a sin, but the Qur’an and Prophetic reports inform us that it is a Major sin, one of the kaba’ir. The Prophet (Sal Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said that Ghibah is a greater sin than the act of adultery as the Adulterer repents and Almighty Allah forgives him, whereas the person who commits Ghibah is not forgiven by Almighty Allah until all his / her victims have forgiven him. The case of those on the Cult may be even worse if Almighty Allah adjudges that their comments are malicious, in which case such comments become what is known as Namimah in Fiqh. Namimah is malicious backbiting and an act which makes the fearful Muslim heart shake with fear. Even thinking about such an act moves the Muslim to a state in which he / she can almost feel the heat from the flames of hell.

    This is why I have such patience with individuals such as Nemo. I must face my Lord and Nemo is, regardless of past comments on the Cult, a Muslim brother / sister of mine and is therefore important to me as an Ahmadi Muslim. I want to face my Lord having a clear conscience that I tried my best to help this person and people similar to her / him.

    Sincerely, If I was Nemo – this is the truth and not some underhand comment – I would post on the Cult and also personally by e-mail an apology to all the people she / he has tried to name and shame over the past few weeks. To do such a thing would require Nemo, and others, to fight and suppress his / her ego, but is much needed. The bottom line is that we will each face Almighty Allah one day and we HAVE TO try are utmost to stick to the laws set out by Almighty Allah and to rectify any occasion during which we broke those rules. In this case, and given the clear rules set out regarding Ghibah (just google it!), I would not want to take the risk of facing Almighty Allah with several acts over my head which are more severe than Adultery – who would? As a bare minimum, doing the right thing here could literally be a person’s ”get out of hell free card.” Pray, may Almighty Allah protect us all from backbiting, gossip and slander. If we know of any family member who partakes in backbiting, please admonish them over this and ensure that if they persist you always remove yourselves from their company when they backbite – lest you be drawn into the sin yourself!

    Jazak Allah – keep posting, I enjoy your comments.

  11. @theartofmisinformation

    you have a degree of patience that I simply do not. That such people as “Nemo” even exist within our jamaat makes my blood boil. Every point s/he has raised is palpably absurd. The objection that many books of the Promised Messiah(as) haven’t been translated into English is so foolish and short-sighted that I am genuinely shocked. So many books have been translated. Additionally, ALL the books have ALWAYS been available in Urdu. Just because s/he cannot read Urdu does not mean the jamaat is hiding the Promised Messiah(as)’s books. If the jamaat was doing that, they wouldn’t have published the ENTIRE set of his works (Ruhani Khaza’in) while the jamaat was still based in Pakistan–an URDU speaking country.

  12. Let me also add that while I am deeply touched by your thanks, it is our beloved Lord, the One Who loves you so dearly, Who put in your heart the necessary firasah (insight) and yaqeen (sincerity) which led you to find your way. Again, please do drop me an e-mail if only to say Salam if you are comfortable with that.

  13. Ameen. If you ever feel that you need to talk, please do feel free to contact me whenever at: I have no interest in knowing who people are, unless that is their wish, and am very happy to discuss matters anonymously. I am no better than you, or anyone else, but perhaps our Lord might put some blessings in each of our words that will benefit us both. Whatever the case, please keep reading and sharing your thoughts. It was a pleasure to read your comment.

  14. Asalam o alaikum,

    Great post.. I’m really impressed with the website, and everything written in here represents everything I do cherish about this jamaat.
    I have to confess to havin gone on the website in the past, as I recently also went through a journey of my own. The hatred and bile that the site pushed through it’s bloggers filled me with such depression I was at one point thinking about throwing in the towel on the whole of organised religion. May Allah bless you, for at least saving my soul.
    This character mentioned has posted on occasion and although originally seemed to be genuine quickly decided that he/she would act as some sort of sidekick to another poster (the clue being in the name.. Wow.. The power of Subtlety).. All the same, there seems to be little towards theological arguments. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what they are arguing anymore.
    I’m so glad that there are brothers and sisters out there that are articulating so well what so many of us are thinking, may Allah grant you His mercy and glad tidings, not just for Ahmadiyyat but also Islam, and forgive us all our sins, Inshallah.


  15. Many thanks for your message. To be honest with you brother, I do not read the cult website. I did, and as mentioned in the ”about” page to this blog, this blog was originally set up to counter the cult, the Ahmedi forum, al-hafeez, etc. It has since outgrown those websites and has a much wider scope.

    I no longer write anything about the cult directly as I no longer read their blog. The last two posts were e-mailed to me by a couple of people and so I posted them as I saw nothing objectionable in them. In fact, I liked that they were in essence saying that people do commit sin, sin is never something one can shout and wave their arms in the air in joy about, but that the Mercy of the Almighty is greater than His Wrath and one who truly repents is forgiven as though they committed no sin at all. Most importantly, that this whole process is between man and his Lord and one who seeks to jump into the middle are committing sin in doing so.

  16. AoA,

    Great Post brother. The other side only mentioned this blog the other day on their forum, but for some reason have deleted the post altogether, how strange! However they are now saying they haven’t even been keep tracking of this blog lately.

    You do not need to post this on the blog. Just my observations. Keep up the good work, jazakallah.


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