The ”Qussas” (Story Tellers)

This post is a follow on from the earlier ”Ghibah/back-biting” post. Some will no doubt feel that some of the matters I am going to discuss here and elsewhere are so petty and pathetic that they deserve no reply. My only reason for replying is that the ”Misinformation” experts build their wider discourse upon such issues. The formula is a simple one: (1) Take something that some will perceive as true, (2) manipulate that thing, and finally (3) use it to discredit Ahmadiyya and Ahmadis. It is for this reason that I would like to label the architects of this ”Misinformation,” as well as their henchmen, the ”Qussas” or ”Story Tellers”. The ”Qussas”, in their medieval context, were people that would stand on the end of streets, in say Baghdad, Damascus or Cairo, and tell the most amazing and inviting stories. People would eagerly sit with their piping hot coffees, mesmerised by the stories told. There was a problem though – the ”Qussas” made up half of what they said, mixing the truth with what they knew would appeal to the masses!

Some of the ”Cult” posters have developed the bad habit of attacking other people’s oratory skills. The rebuttal to this is a simple one. Imam al-Suyuti has a quaint little section about Hadrat ”’Uthman (radi Allahu ‘Anhu)” called the ”Awa’il (things which one is first in)” in his book ”The History of the Khalifahs.” In that section the following is reported: ”the first (i.e., ‘Uthman) to be speechless in the Khutbah, and then he said, ‘People, the first time of mounting is hard, after today there are other days, and if I live you will have the khutbah in its proper manner.” I suppose there must have been some bitter people back then who questioned the authority of Hadrat ‘Uthman (radi Allahu ‘anhu) purely because of this. How pathetic! May we each be blessed with the fortune to share in even the smallest fraction of the excellences of Hadrat ”Dhu’n Nurayn (radi Allahu ‘anhu)”

Final, I would like to make a call out to some posters who can be found on the ”Cult,” ”Ahmedi” and similar sites. I have observed that some of you simply take issue with parts of Ahmadi theology and doctrine. You have decent ”adab” and restrict your discussions to theological and doctrinal differences without involving yourself in gossip and story-telling. I urge you to leave those sites. Set your own blogs up if you like and issue your posts there. The problem you currently have is that you appear to be reasonable people, but are associating yourself with others that clearly have little ”adab” and rely upon gossip. If you were to take a cross-reference of the gossip on the ”Cult” and show it to your Shaykhs or the Imams of your local Mosques, what advice do you think they would give you about continuing to post on that site? You know the gossip on such sites is wrong and so please do something about it – do not let the fact that I am pointing this out make you stay put. If nothing at all, at least be brave enough to admonish other posters when they indulge in gossip.

And Allah knows best.


3 thoughts on “The ”Qussas” (Story Tellers)

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  2. I really agree with everything you wrote. I am an Ahmadi and have seen some nasty stuff like this on different websites. It’s like the peopel there are picking on small things and making it look like jamaat is like that without even mentioning all of the really amazing stuff the jamaat does. Totally dishonest.

    keep it up

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