Refutation: Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

Yet again, the title of this blog is justified by a clever bit of ”Misinformation” I came across on a couple of sites. Let us first look at the post title they used:

”Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship”

Deception…Censorship – surely this must be something earth-shattering?. And if there isn’t enough controversy already: ”this information comes from a document which is an apparent ”LEAK.” 

I am no novel writer, so back to reality. I scrolled down to see that the whole post centred around an ”unverified” document which said two things, namely:

1. If you want to write on behalf of a particular association, you should first have your note proof read by that association (that sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? The juicy part must be in the second point – right?); and

2. If you want to submit something on your own behalf, you are free to do so as you like, but the proofing service is available if you are unsure about your facts or want help with your spelling and grammar etc.

Still waiting for the juicy bit – yep, me too – but that’s all folks, there is nothing more. And then, as if the blogger is completely oblivious to the content of the letter, he concludes:

”A simple question arises: How can a group that claims to respect and promote freedom be allowed to actively curtail the freedom of speech of its own membership?”

Now let us dissect this whole ”Deception and Censorship” dichotomy for a moment. The author, as inferred from his post, seems to advocate that an individual can write on behalf of someone else without the knowledge or permission of that person or organisation. The simple question which arises in my mind is: ”Please approach Al-Azhar, Zaytuna (Tunis, or California if you like), The Saudi Fatwa Council, Daar al-Isha’at (Pakistan), Qayrawan (Fez) etc etc etc., and let me know if they agree to you writing anything you like as a representative of their organisation with no prior permission?”

But hey, what do facts and reasonableness have to do with anything when someone can just write, ”Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship” and put whatever they want below it?

Another little piece of food for thought: ”How is it that I sit here typing away, as a private and individual Ahmadi, if I am censored from doing so.” This blog is my own personal endeavour and so I begin sentences with ”I think” and ”this is my opinion.” I do fully accept though, that if I want to write something on behalf of an association, any association, I should first seek their permission. Or is that not how we do things as Muslims these days?

And Allah knows best.


10 thoughts on “Refutation: Ahmadiyya: Propaganda, Deception and Censorship

  1. Assalamoalikum

    Brilliant, handoftalha so well said and how interesting how one try,s to manipulate the reader and all in the name of Islam . I and many others see who the mistrusted people are, as we as ahmadi muslims do not lie concerning ones faith. I will remember them in my prayers. I often wonder what they are afraid of that they go to so much trouble and time , a word of advice spend you,r time in prayer and ask the almighty god to guide you, Allah knows best also I would like to congratulate you on this blog site as it is growing daily, it is much talked about within our jammat, we all talk about the latest posts we have gained much knowledge , we daily pass on this islamic blog and we will continue to do so inshallah
    you sister in islam

  2. Asalmoalykum Dear brother
    This is an excellent blog. I have briefly read some of your posts and i am deeply moved, the most i can do is pray for you that may Allah bless you and reward you. Ameen. I also have a blog though not as good as yours but i am trying my best to answer some allegation. If there is anyway i can be of help let me know brother.

  3. I don’t have a blog and so do not know how the publishing occurs on WordPress, but I have found this link for you. Hopefully that should help insha’Allah. If you need any more help, feel free to send me an email.

  4. Jazak Allah Khayr al-Jazaa’ for your kind words. I am glad that the link was on Rah-e-Huda. I often visit the forum and have taken much benefit from it. Please forgive me brother, but I am quite a novice at blogging. Would you would be kind enough to e-mail me at so that we can discuss what tags are and how I can implement them. Any assistance you can provide would be well appreciated.

  5. Assalamu Alaikum!
    I came across your blog via a link provided by a brother on the Rah-e-Huda forum. I must congratulate you on the work you do. May Allah (swt) bless you abundantly for your efforts.

    On a side note, would it be possible if you could add ‘tags’ / ‘labels’ to the posts by topic, so that they can be easily found once the numbers increase.


  6. aoa
    This is outrageous! What gives them the right to manipulate things so much. They are just like bottom shelf tabloids willing to make anything into a headline. Lets pray to God that we are protected from anymore of this madness.

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