Conversion Story

By Joseph Seager


I was born into a Christian family. I even went to Christian school and attended church regularly. At a young age, I gave up Christianity. (Alhamdulillah) I think I was around 12 years old maybe 13. It was asked of me, Joseph, if you were born into a different religion wouldn’t you practice that religion? So, how do you know your religion is correct and everyone else is incorrect?  It made sense to me. Plus, I hated church and I didn’t enjoy their teachings.  In fact, I remember, I would just close off. Therefore, I was happy to leave it behind.
I don’t think I ever stopped believing in God. I would see nature documentaries in school, and I just new that all of this was too beautiful and complex for it to be a mistake, but I would suppress the feeling. As I moved past my teenage years and got into my mid 20’s, I started wondering why I was here. Everyone had a different opinion. It seemed unfair that I had to exist and not know the truth. I would look up at the stars and ponder on how big our universe was. I realized that I didn’t have the mental capacity to fathom it’s size, and it made me think that it was beyond me to ever comprehend God. I remember thinking that I was going to read all the Holy Books and prove that it was impossible for anyone to ever sum up the existence of God.  (I still don’t think we can fully comprehend Allah)
I started watching documentaries about different issues going on domestic and abroad. I was deeply saddened to see the state of our world. I stumbled across a documentary that was called “What we still don’t know”. It explained the preciseness of the laws of physics upon which the existence of the universe depended. All of sudden, I was sure that God existed. The feeling  was like something came crashing on top of me. I walked outside of my room and looked up into the night sky and I said, “God, I see that you exist. Where are you at? This world really sucks.”
Soon after, I moved to Austin where I met my neighbor Aziz Latif. MashAllah, He was a good neighbor. He would do nice things for all his neighbors. He helped us when our cars broke down, he shared his tasty food with us, and he offered us good sound advice when we sought it. Most importantly, he talked about the wisdom, character, and sayings of the Holy Prophet(SA) with great love. Up until that point, I didn’t know much about the Holy Prophet (SA), if anything at all. After a while, he gave me a copy of The Philosophy and Teaching of Islam. I started reading it. Next, I was given some prayers printed from The Basics of Religion. Then the strangest thing happened. When I started offering these prayers; I started getting very direct responses. This changed everything. I didn’t know we could interact with God. I started reading more, and I started studying other religions as well. My dreams changed. Sometimes, strange things would happen while I was awake.  I told my friends, but hey thought I was going crazy.
At this point I decided that when I got a chance, I was going to get to the bottom of all this. I got the chance quite quickly…. I lost everything. 🙂 Life as I knew it completely changed in just a couple of months.  One of the only things I had left with me was a Holy Quran that my neighbor had given me. I took it as a sign that it was time to read this book. I found the Quran to be a book from God which led to a lot of questions. Why the different religions? Why the different books? Could they all be right? Is one better than the others? So forth…
This lead to the reading of the books of the  Promised Messiah(AS). He spoke of all the things that I found interesting about other religions. In fact, his knowledge and understanding continued where theirs would often leave off. Even more, he talked from first hand experience. It became apparent that he had what they were missing, namely, the knowledge of the Holy Quran and love of the Holy Prophet (SA), and a recognition of their rank with God.
I started learning my prayer. There wasn’t much left when my neighbor told me that I was already living as a Muslim; I might as well start getting credit for it, and he told me about the Bay’ah.
At this point, I had been granted so many signs, but I still went to prayer and asked for one more. After, I finished my prayer I randomly opened up the Quran and started reading. It opened to Surah Muddaththir; somewhere between verse 12-27 and I had made-up my mind.
The rest is history. Alhamdillah
Thank you,
Joseph Mark Seager

2 thoughts on “Conversion Story

  1. Subhanallah – what a touching account of your journey to Islam. Your story highlights the importance we as Ahmadi Muslims should give to our duty of ‘silent tabligh’ – ensuring we are behaving in a way that not only pleases Allah, but will inspire others to seek the right path. I especially went to Surah Muddathir to read those verses too – they ring true for anyone who has been Blessed with a sign from Allah.

    Jazakallah for sharing your story with us. May Allah reward your sacrifices and continue to bestow His Guidance on you, and the rest of us too, inshallah.

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