A Letter to ”Oppressor”

Dear brother ”Oppressor”
My name is Abdullah and I am greatly saddened because you seem to hate me only because I am an Ahmadi Muslim. The situation has become so dire that you  have  driven  me  from  my  home,  burnt  down  my  Mosque,  beaten  me and finally tried to kill me and my loved ones. I address this letter to you simply asking ”why”? If I have wronged you in some way please let me know so that I may seek forgiveness from Allah (swt).
Do you hate me because I testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad (sa)  is His Messenger? Or maybe because I wake up everyday to pray Fajr, and then say Zohar, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers? If this is the reason then you must really hate that I supplement my five daily prayers with countless Sunnah and voluntary Nawafil prayers. Do you find that offensive – the 1984 ordinance does? Or is it that you are slighted only when I wish peace for you and say Asalam-o-Alaikum to you or recite the Holy Quran? Maybe you saw me walking down the street giving money in charity? Or could it be you caught me helping the less fortunate and victims of disaster? What was I supposed to do? Would you be happier if I did not have any compassion for those who are suffering? Please tell me if it is wrong for me to have no attachment to wealth, for I thought I read once that Hadhrat ‘Isa (as) said:
”Place your treasure in heaven, for a man’s heart is where his treasure is”
Could it be you hate me because I accepted Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)  as the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi? I don’t quite know what to say because I only thought I was following the instructions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). Didn’t our beloved Prophet say something about offering bay’ah to the Imam Mahdi even if you have to crawl over the glaciers? Please let me know if I heard this wrong?
I sincerely hope the above has brought you closer to loving me as I love you. You must understand that I really, really, really love Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). I  am  incapable  of  removing  that  love from  my  heart. If  your heart  still  doesn’t permit  you  to  love  me  then  let me pose a different question. Next time you see me or my loved ones and try to hurt or kill us please remember what Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra) said to the Makkan who tried to strangle the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa):
“Would you kill a man only because he says: Allah is my Lord?”
Did you ever consider that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) said that a Muslim is one from whose hand and tongue others are safe?  Did you ever look at your actions in that light? Did you ever read in the book Musnad Ahmad that the Holy Prophet (sa) had also said:
“Seek the guidance of thy conscience! Seek the guidance of thy conscience! Seek the guidance of thy conscience! The virtuous deed is one whereby the heart and soul feels restful and the heart contented, and the sinful act is one which irritates the soul and which contracts the heart even though the other people endorse it as lawful?” 
Did you ever feel the pinch of your conscience in your heart? How did you put your conscience to sleep? If you find the religion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)
too difficult to follow then at least try this simple religion of Abraham Lincoln, that is:
“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.”
Find some peace for yourself by giving peace to others!
Salam, Abdullah (Another human)

3 thoughts on “A Letter to ”Oppressor”

  1. very well said. this is what my mind wonders all the time as well. why do they hate us so much. we have not done anything physical to heart them in any way. our only crime is that we have accepted the Promised Messiah and the Mahdi, and they are still waiting for him. that’s it. we love Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad just as much as they do, maybe even more, yet why so much hate…why…i continue to ask this question…

  2. I pray that may Allah soon bring an end to all of the injustices being carried out against Ahmadis in the Muslim countries (Ameen) and may they realize our love for Islam and Prophet Muhammad (saw) – and our brothers and sisters here in Western countries, may they realize that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is indeed a Messenger of Allah on whose hands Allah has decreed Islam to become dominant over all other ideologies.

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