“Reflections of the Prophet” (saw)

Assalamu ‘Alaikum Warahmat Allah Wabarakatuh,
Alhamdulillah, I have the pleasure of presenting a new poem to you all, but this time with a twist! The below poem was sent into me and is a collaboration between a brother in the USA and MCAcidFlow (I feel like a record agent – where’s my 10%!). This beautiful poem was written by brother Jonathon M. A. Ghaffar and performed by MCAcidFlow.
Jazak Allah
Written By
       Jonathan M.A. Ghaffar
Performed by
In the land of Ibraheem before the Elephant or Abu Jahl
a prayer was cried to the Maker of Prophets
Allah the Beneficent, Most Magnificent of all
In the shade of the Ka’aba father and son did beseech
the Most High in Whose Hands all things are in reach
“O Allah!  Raise from among our future selves –
 those submissive to Thee – Your Chosen One
 to purify, to teach the Book and make us see
 to guide us true with wisdom nigh
 and raise us up towards You on High.”
And so it came to pass like all things decreed
that Aaminah was blessed with salvation’s seed:
Muhammad Mustafa – may peace be upon him
God’s Light for the world – our protection from sin
Not even in youth, being orphaned and tried,
was his love for the truth ever marred or denied
While his friends all sought pleasures too many to number
God’s Hand pressed His Shepherd away from sin into slumber
Who could have foreseen from such a humble beginning
the Prophet of God under fire – yet still winning
at Badr, out-numbered, sand clenched in his fist
in defiance he yelled through the dawn’s early mist
“I am Muhammad!  God’s Prophet and the son of Abdullah!”
as he threw forth his sand ‘twas not his hand but Allah’s
And so through such trials and numberless tears
was the Deen of Islam sent in 23 years
From Jibra’eel to Muhammad – the man for all peoples
came the faith pre-ordained to bring down all church steeples
  and put shame to the lie that God was of three
or that Jesus could die being hanged on the tree
For a great man declared for the whole world to hear
“Jesus died at 120 – he’s entombed in Kashmir.”
In the fourteenth century after Islam’s first Adhan
when the Light of Muhammad was jeered at and spat on
There arose from the East in the land they called Punjab
among Hindus and Sikhs a man born for the mehrab
A Persian foretold as Muhammad’s reflection
to bring all men to Allah from every direction
From the Light of Allah in the form of Muhammad
to the night of Islam before the coming of Ahmad
when the full moon once dark burned bright in the soul
    of a lover of God crying out to be whole
In the silence and weeping of prayers after midnight
did Allah raise Ahmad as the Defender of His Light
to champion and spearhead the rebirth of Islam
his pen was the sword, his demeanor tho’ was calm
He was hailed as a Lion, as Islam’s messiah
but when God made him Mahdi, he became a pariah
Denounced and defamed by some who once called him ‘friend’
history tells of the ruin that would soon be their end
For the seed of the Mirza was planted in true soil
destined for blessings like a bright flame in pure oil
As khaddims our example is Muhammad – we all know
in Ahmad our proof that God’s Light can still glow
The Straight Path to Him is ever before us
our clarion call to salvation sonorous
So strive hard, my brothers, in the Way of Allah
the religion of Peace and the Prophet’s Sunnah
Make steadfast your hands to the onslaught of arrows
Hold true to your pledge when your path in life narrows
And give up what is dear of your worldly gain
for the loss of the next life is the only real pain
And don’t shirk from the call of Hazur and say “See yah!”
Stand up and serve proudly – you’re Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya!
The End

7 thoughts on ““Reflections of the Prophet” (saw)

  1. Brilliant! I also came across another Ahmadi brother Micaah Tahir who writes and recites poetry. He came to my attention during the USA Real Talk. I am from the UK Jamaat and maybe i’ve missed something but I am new to hearing poetry like this in this age. It is refreshing!

    I thought I would share this with everyone:


    It would be nice to have a poetry section on the blogg. I would love to read/listen to more poetry. It is inspiring!

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